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5 O may these thoughts possess my breast,
Where'er I rove, where'er I rest;
Nor let my weaker passions dare
Consent to sin, for God is there.

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1 IN all my vast concerns with thee,
In vain my soul would try
To shun thy presence, Lord, or flee
The notice of thine eye.

2 Thine all-surrounding sight surveys
My rising and my rest;

My public walks, my private ways,
And secrets of my breast.

3 My thoughts lie open to the Lord,
Before they 're formed within ;
And ere my lips pronounce the word,
He knows the sense I mean.

4 O wondrous knowledge, deep and high!
Where can a creature hide?
Within thy circling arms I lie,
Beset on every side.

5 So let thy grace surround me still,
And like a bulwark prove,

To guard my soul from every ill,
Secured by sovereign love.

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C. M.

Wisdom of God in his Works.


Ps. 111.

1 SONGS of immortal praise belong
To my almighty God;

He has my heart, and he my tongue,
To spread his name abroad.

2 How great the works his hand hath wroug
How glorious in our sight!
Good men in every age have sought
His wonders with delight.

3 How most exact is nature's frame !
How wise the Eternal Mind!
His counsels never change the scheme
That his first thoughts designed.

4 Nature and time, and earth and skies,
Thy heavenly skill proclaim;
What shall we do to make us wise,
But learn to read thy name?

5 To fear thy power, to trust thy grace,
Is our divinest skill;

And he's the wisest of our race,

That best obeys thy will.

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Ps. 103.

Goodness of God to Soul and Body.

1 BLESS, O my soul, the living God,

Call home thy thoughts that rove abroad;
Let all the powers within me join

In work and worship so divine.

2 Bless, O my soul, the God of grace;
His favours claim thy highest praise;
Why should the wonders he hath wrought
Be lost in silence and forgot?

3 The vices of the mind he heals,
And cures the pains that nature feels,
Redeems the soul from death, and saves
Our wasting life from threatening graves.
4 Our youth decayed, his power repairs;
His mercy crowns our growing years;
He satisfies our mouth with good,

And fills our hopes with heavenly food.

5 He sees the oppressor and the oppressed,
And often gives the sufferers rest;
But will his justice more display

In the last great rewarding day.


C. M.


Ps. 103.

Mercy of God to the Frailty of Man.

1 LORD, we adore thy wondrous name,
And make that name our trust,

Which raised at first this curious frame
From mean and lifeless dust.

2 Awhile these frail machines endure,
The fabric of a day;

Then know their vital powers no more,
But moulder back to clay.

3 Yet, Lord, whate'er is felt or feared,
This thought is our repose,

That he, by whom this frame was reared,
Its various weakness knows.

4 Thou view'st us with a pitying eye,
While struggling with our load;
In pains and dangers thou art nigh,
Our Father, and our God.

5 Gently supported by thy love,
We tend to realms of peace;
Where every pain shall far remove,
And every frailty cease.

114. S. M.

Abounding Compassion of God.


1 My soul, repeat his praise,
Whose mercies are so great;
Whose anger is so slow to rise,
So ready to abate.

Ps. 103.

2 High as the heavens are raised
Above the ground we tread,
So far the riches of his grace
Our highest thoughts exceed.

3 His power subdues our sins,
And his forgiving love,
Far as the east is from the west,
Doth all our guilt remove.

4 The pity of the Lord

To those that fear his name,
Is such as tender parents feel;
He knows our feeble frame.

5 Our days are as the grass,
Or like the morning flower;

If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field,
It withers in an hour.

6 But thy compassions, Lord,
To endless years endure;
And children's children ever find

Thy words of promise sure.


S. M.

Praising God for Mercies.


Ps. 103.

10 BLESS the Lord, my soul !

Let all within me join,

And aid my tongue to bless his name,
Whose favours are divine.

2 O bless the Lord, my soul,
Nor let his mercies lie
Forgotten in unthankfulness,
And without praises die.

3 "Tis he forgives thy sins,
"T is he relieves thy pain,
"Tis he that heals thy sicknesses,
And makes thee young again.

4 He crowns thy life with love,

When ransomed from the grave:
He that redeemed my soul from death
Hath sovereign power to save.

5 He fills the poor with good;
He gives the sufferers rest:
The Lord hath judgments for the proud,
And justice for the oppressed.

6 His wondrous works and ways
He made by Moses known;


sent the world his truth and grace By his beloved Son.

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