Sketches of the History of Christian Art, Том 2

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Стр. 229 - gainst his father's will, " His stripling choice : and he did make her his, " Before the spiritual court, by nuptial bonds, " And in his father's sight : from day to day " Then loved her more devoutly.
Стр. 46 - Victorious William to more decent rules Subdued our Saxon fathers, taught to speak The proper dialect; with horn and voice To cheer the busy hound, whose well-known cry His listening peers approve with joint acclaim. From him successive huntsmen learn'd to join, In bloody social leagues, the multitude Dispersed, to size, to sort their various tribes, To rear, feed, hunt, and discipline the pack.
Стр. 102 - Shakspeare ; they stand alone and unapproachable, each on his distinct pinnacle of the temple of Christian song; and yet neither of them can boast such extent and durability of influence, for whatever of highest excellence has been achieved in sculpture and painting, not in Italy only, but throughout Europe, has been in obedience to the impulse he primarily gave, and in following up the principle which he first struck out.
Стр. 102 - Niccola's peculiar praise is this,—that, in practice at least, if not in theory, he first established the principle that the study of nature, corrected by the ideal of the antique, and animated by the spirit of Christianity, personal and social, can alone lead to excellence in art, each of the three elements of human nature — Matter, Mind and Spirit — being thus brought into union and co-operation in the service of God, in due relative harmony and subordination.
Стр. 174 - L' abbiamo, il nostro poeta ! " was the universal cry, and for days afterwards the Bargello was thronged with a continuous succession of pilgrim visitors. The portrait, though stiff, is amply satisfactory to the admirers of Dante. He stands there full of dignity, in the beauty of his manhood, a pomegranate in his hand, and wearing the graceful falling cap of the...
Стр. 34 - Attesoché la somma prudenza di un popolo d'origine grande, sia di procedere negli affari suoi di modo, che dalle operazioni esteriori si riconosca non meno il savio che magnanimo suo operare, si ordina ad Arnolfo, capo maestro del nostro Comune, che faccia il modello o disegno della rinnovazione di S.
Стр. 34 - ... intraprendere le cose del Comune, se il concetto non è di farle corrispondenti ad un cuore che vien fatto grandissimo, perché composto dell'animo di più cittadini uniti insieme in un sol volere...
Стр. 68 - Me Guido de Senis diebus depinxit amenis, Quem Christus lenis nullis velit agere penis," —"diebus amenis" being an allusion to the concession, that year, by the Emperor Frederick II.
Стр. 202 - Specimens of the early Florentine School." 1. When St. Francis was still in his father's house, and in bondage to the •world, a half-witted simpleton, meeting him in the market-place of Assisi, took off his own garment, and spread it on the ground for him to walk over, prophesying that he was worthy of all honour, as one destined to greatness, and to the veneration of the faithful throughout the universe.1 2.
Стр. 213 - Drawing nigh to Bevagno, he came to a certain place where birds of different kinds were gathered together ; whom seeing, the man of God ran hastily to the spot, and, saluting them as if they had been his fellows in reason (while they all turned and bent their heads in attentive expectation), he admonished them, saying, ' Brother birds, greatly are ye bound to praise the Creator, who clotheth you with feathers, and giveth you wings to fly with, and a purer air to breathe, and who careth for you, who...

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