Angels Inspire Me

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - Всего страниц: 68

"Angels Inspire Me" was written to inspire other people who love angel stories, and to motivate people to learn and grow spiritually.

A letter to the president of the United States was written because I was concerned about our country's future.

"Angels Inspire Me" tells readers about angels and what their duties are. There are good and bad angels on earth and in heaven. I researched Bible Prophecy and wrote concerning End Time events. God is the only one who knows the future, and when Jesus is coming back in the rapture. God's love lifted me, and I was inspired by His creations, angels.

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Об авторе (2006)

I, Patricia Parziale, went to school to learn how to write. I graduated from college, receiving my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in teaching. I wrote essays in school. I completed my course I took at the Institute of Children 's Literature. I was inspired by Jesus and His angels and began writing my book, "Angels Inspire Me." I began studying the King James Bible, writing verses from the Bible to back up my story. I researched the chapter of the Bible, Revelations. I enrolled in a course at the Long Ridge Writer's Group. I enjoy writing angel stories. Diane Rice, a librarian, taught me at the Village Library Microsoft word on the computer at the library.

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