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a All things are full of Labour, Man cannot utter it. And sore is the Travel which God hath. given to the Sons of Man, to be exercis'd therewith.

6 The whole Creation groaneth and travelleth in Pain together until now; and we our selves groan within our felves, waiting for the Redemption of our Body: For we are not yet come to the Rest, and to the Inheritance which the Lord our God giveth us.


c Who knoweth what is good for Man in this Life, all the Days of his vain Life which he fpendeth as a Shadow.

& Surely every Man walketh in 2 vain shew; furely they are disquieted in vain. .

e Men of low degree are Vanity, and Men of high degree are a Lye. Verily, every Man, at his best State, is altogether Vanity.

i The Thoughts of Men are Vanity.

8 Our Conversation, received by Tradition from our Fathers, is vain.

b And what Profit hath a Map of all his Labour which he taketh, and of the Vexation of his Heart, wherein he hath labour'd under the Sun? .

i He laboureth in vain, he spendeth his Strength for nought..

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a And, how dieth the Wiseman? as the Fool: For, there is no Remembrance of the Wise Man more than of the Fool, for ever.

b If a Man beget an hundred Children, and live many Years, and his Labour is in Wisdom, and in Knowledge, and in Equity; who knoweth, whether the Man that Thall be after him, unto whom he thall leave all bis Labour, which he hath taken, Ihall be a Wise Man, or a Fool? yet shall he have rule over all the Labour, wherein he hath laboured, and wherein he hath Thewied himself Wise under the Sun: This is also Va

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a Riches are not for ever; neither doth the Crown endure to every Generation.

b. When Goods increase, they are increased that eat them; and, what good is there to the Owners thereof, saving the beholding of them. with their Eyes ?

c Sometimes, Riches are kept, for the Owner's thereof to their hurt : For, those Riches perish by evil Travel; and he begetteth a Son, and there is nothing in his Hand. All his Days, a}so, he eateth in Darkness, and, he hath much Sorrow and Wrath in his Sickness.,

& There is an Evil common aniong Men; namely, a Man to whom God giveth Riches, Wealth, and Honour; so that he wanteth nothing for his Soul, of all that he defireth; yet, God giveth him not power to eat thereof; but, a Stranger eateth it. This is Vanity, and it is an evil Disease.". sinis

e There is one, who hath neither Child, nor Brother: yet is there no end of all his Labour ; neither is his Eye satisfied with Riches; neither faith he for whom do I labour, and bereave my Soul of Good? This is also Vanity; yea, it is a fore Travel

if There be Just Men, unto whom it happeneth, according to the work of the Wicked: Again, there be wicked Men, to whom it happeneth, according to the work of the Righteous. This also is Vanity. . 8 Sometimes likewise, it so happens that Servants are seen upon Horses, and Princes walking as Servants upon the Earth.

* Prov. 27. 24. Eccl. s. 11. Eccl. s. 13, 14, 17. d Eccl. 6. 1, 2. Eccl. 4. 8. Eccl. 8. 14. & Eccl. 10. 7.

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' a For, this is an Evil, among all things that are done under the Sun, that there is one Event unto all; and no Man knoweth either Love or Hatred, by all that is before them.

o The Eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the Ear filled with hearing. All the Labour of Man is for the Mouth; and yet, the Appetite is not filled. He that loveth Silver, is not satisfied with Silver; nor he that loveth abundance, with Increase: For, that which is wanting cannot be numbred.

c The Wandring of the Defire: This is also Vanity and Vexation of Spirit.

d Favour is deceitful, and Beauty is vain.

e In the multitude of Dreams, and many word, there are also divers Vanities.

f Seeing then, there be many things that ine crease Vanity, what is Man the better?

& Man, whose Breath is in his Nostrils, wherein is he to be accounted of? As he came forth of his Mother's Womb, naked shall he return, to go as he came; and shall take nothing of his Labour, which he may carry away, in his Hand; in all points, as he came so Iball he go: And what profit hath he, that bath laboured for the Wind?

b He heapeth up Riches, and knoweth not who shall gather thein ; his Sons come to Honour, and he knoweth it not; and they are brought low, But he perceiveth it not of them.

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