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PAGE Weep ye no more, sad fountains..

Dowland. 765 When winter winds are piercing chill. Longfellow. 106 Wee Willie Winkie rins thro' the town.. W. Miller. 115 When you are dead some day, my dear. Ropes. 730 We have been friends together Mrs. Norton. 171 Where are the swallows fled.

A, A. Procter. 103 We heard it calling, clear and low.

Locker. 16 Where lies the land to which the ship would go. Clough. 648 Welcome, maids of honor.... Herrick. 29: Where shall we make her grave.

Hemans. 553 Welcome, welcome, do I sing.. Broune. 261 Where sinless rivers weep.

Rossetti. 562 Well ! if the bard was weather-wise....S.T. Coleridge. 726 Where the remote Bermudas ride

Marrd. 814 We parted in silence, we parted by night.... Crawford. 300 Whether is better, the gift or the donor!.. Emerson. 711 Were I but his own wife.. Downing. 272 Which I wish to remark

B. Harte. 482 We sat by the fisher's cottage

Heine. 641 While on the cliff with calm delight she kneels. Leonidas. 120 We sat within the farmhouse old Longfellow. 168 While thee I seek, protecting power.

Williams. R30 We stood upon the ragged rocks.

Glazier. 169 While the moon, with sudden gleam . Anonymous. 102 We talked with open heart, and tongue.... Wordsworth. 716 Whilst, around her lone ark sweeping. Simonides. 141 We the fairies, blíthe and antic . Randolph. 579 Whither 'midst falling dew..

Bryant. 42 We watched her breathing thro' the night Hood. 541 Who best can paint th enamelled robe. Thurlone. 695 We were crowded in the cabin.. Fields. 146 Who fears to speak of Ninety-eight.

Ingram. 413 We were not many, we who stood. Hoffman. 392 Who gave thee, O Beauty

Emerson. 708 We wreathed about our darling's head. Mrs. Lowell. 150 Who is Sylvia what is she.

Shakespeare. 675 What constitutes a state ?

.Jones. 418 Whom first we love, you know, we seldom wed. Lytton. 323 What dire offence from amorous causes springs ... Pope. 433 Who would true valor see..

Bunyan. 430 What is your substance whereof you are.. Shakespeare. 165 Why didst thou promise such a beauteous..Shakespeare. 165 What might be done if men were wise.. Mackay. 182 Why do ye weep, sweet babes ?.

Herrick. 29 What needs my Shakespeare for his honored. Milton. 678 Why so pale and wan, fond lover

Suckling. 285 What pleasures have great princes....

.Byrd. 702 Why thus longing, thus for ever sighing Sewall. 740 What shall I do with all the days and hours.... Kemble. 281 Why weep ye by the tide, ladye..

Scott. 238 What's hallowed ground! Has earth a clod.. Campbell. 755 Why would'st thon leave me, o gentle child Hemans. 142 What stands upon the highland !.

Jones. 99 Widow machree, it's no wonder you frown Loter. 200 What's this vain world to me!. Nairne. 826 Willow, in thy breezy moan.

Hemane. 52 What voice, what harp, are those we hear Goethe. 694 Will you hear a Spanish lady

Anonymous. 209 When all thy mercies, O my God.. Addison. 843 Willy's rare, and Willy's fair..

Anonymous, 491 When banners are waving...

Anonymous. 373 Wisdom and spirit of the universe... Wordsworth. 109 When cats run home, and light is come. Tennyson. 101 Witch-elms, that counterchange the floor... Tennyson. 166 When chapman billies leave the street. Burns. 457 With deep affection.

Prout. 664 When, cruel fair one, I am slain.

Stanley. 257 With due condescension, I'd call your. Anonymous. 470 When Delia on the plain appears Lyttelton. 249 With fingers weary and worn..

Hood. 588 When descends on the Atlantic..

.Longfellow. 69 With how sad steps, O Moon, thou climb'st. Sidney. 215 Whene'er with haggard eyes I view.. Canning. 462 With one black shadow at its feet.. Tennyson. 302 When first thou camest, gentle, shy, and fond - Norton. 123 With one consent let all the earth.. Tate and Brady. 812 When first thy eies unveil, give thy soul leave.. Vaughan. 789 With sacrifice, before the rising morn..... Wordsworth. 329 When Freedom from her mountain height. Drake. 391 With silent awe I hail the sacred morn. Leyden. 9 When gathering clouds around I view..

Grant. 810 With trembling fingers did we weave. Tennyson, 166 When I beneath the cold, red earth Motheruel. 560 Word was brought to the Danish king

Norton. 517 When I consider ho my light is spent. Milton. 12

Wouldst thou heare what man can say !. .Jonson. 554 When I do count the clock that tells. . Shakespeare. 163 Wouldst thou view the lion's den!

Pringle. 58 When in disgrace with fortune... . Shakespeare. 164 Would you be young again !.

Nairne. 183 When in the

chronicle of wasted time. . Shakespeare. 243 Would you hear of an old-fashioned sea-fight. Whitman. 404 When Israel, of the Lord beloved. Scott. 814 Wreathe the bowl.......

7. Moore. 172 When I survey the bright ...

Habington. 761 When Love, with unconfined wings.

Lovelace. 255 Ye banks, and braes, and streams around. Burns. 896 When maidens such as Hester die.. 0. Lamb. 541 Ye distant spires, ye antique towers.

T. Gray. 137 When Music, heavenly maid, was young. Collins. 671 Ye genii of the nation....

Thackeray. 474 When o'er the mountain steeps. R. T. Cooke. 50 Ye gentlemen of England..

Parker, 407 When on the breath of autumn breeze. M. Howitt. 83: Ye golden lamps of heaven, farewell. Doddridge. 812 When rising from the bed of death.. Addison. 828 Ye have been fresh and green.

Herrick. 81 When shall we three meet again! Anonymous. 163 Ye heavy-hearted mariners...

Channing. 181 When Sol did cast no light, being darkened. Anonymous. 216 Ye learned sisters, which have oftentimes. Spenser. 834 When the angels all are singing.

Breton. 821 Ye living lamps, by whose dear light. Marcell. 252 When the baby died, we said. ..Perry. 158 Ye mariners of England

Campbell. 403 When the British warrior queen.

Cowper. 355 Ye midnight shades, o'er nature spread.. Vallett. 546 When the corn-fields and meadows.. Anonymous. 126 Ye nymphs of Solyma, begin the song.

Pope. 797 When the grass shall cover me..

Anonymous. 324 Yes ! hope may with my strong desire M. Angelo. 215 When the hounds of spring are on winter's. Swinburne. 4 Yes, I do love thee well, my child..

T. Miller. 131 When the hours of day are numbered. Longfellow. 1772 Yet once more, O ye laurels, and once more.. Milton. 542 When the humid shadows hover.

Kinney. 62 You know we French stormed Ratisbon. R. Brouning. 400 When the merry lark doth gild.. Cornwal. 108 You may give over plough, boys..

Dobel. 532 When the sheep are in the fauld. Barnard. 316 You meaner beauties of the night..

Wotton, 22 When thou art near me. Lady Scott. 258 You must wake and call me early

Tennyson. 529 When to any saint I pray.

Parsons. 177 You needn't be trying to comfort me.. Pandegrint. 116 When to the sessions of sweet silent. Shakespeare. 164 Young Ben he was a nice young man

Hood. 466 When we two parted

Byron. 300 Young Rory O'More courted Kathleen bawn Lorer. 288 When whispering strains with creeping wind... Strode. 669 | You 're my friend....

.R. Browning. 441

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