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Till Thou my unbelief remove,
And show me all Thy glorious love.

Sole Origin - all life, all beauty Thine;

Thy word created all, and doth create;
Thy splendor fills all space with rays divine;
Thou art, and wert, and shalt be! Glorious!

Light-giving, life-sustaining potentate!

A hidden God indeed Thou art

Thy absence I this moment feel;
Yet must I own it from my heart-

Concealed, Thou art a Saviour still;
And though Thy face I cannot see,
I know Thine eye is fixed on me.

My Saviour Thou, not yet revealed;

Yet will I Thee my Saviour call, Adore Thy hand - from sin withheld —

Thy hand shall save me from my fall: Now, Lord, throughout my darkness shine, And show Thyself for ever mine.


Thy chains the unmeasured universe surround

Upheld by Thee, by Thee inspired with breath!
Thou the beginning with the end hast bound,

And beautifully mingled life and death!
As sparks mount upwards from the fiery blaze,
So suns are born, so worlds spring forth from

And as the spangles in the sunny rays

Shine round the silver snow, the pageantry
Of heaven's bright army glitters in Thy praise.

A million torches lighted by Thy hand

Wander unwearied through the blue abyss — God.

They own Thy power, accomplish Thy command,

All gay with life, all eloquent with bliss. O THOU eternal One! whose presence bright What shall we call them Piles of crystal light

All space doth occupy, all motion guide - A glorious company of golden streams Unchanged through time's all-devastating flight! Lamps of celestial ether burning bright

Thou only God - there is no God beside! Suns lighting systems with their joyous beams!
Being above all beings! Mighty One,

But Thou to these art as the noon to night.
Whom none can comprehend and none explore !
Who fill'st existence with Thyself alone - Yes! as a drop of water in the sea,
Embracing all, supporting, ruling o'er, -

All this magnificence in Thee is lost:-
Being whom we call God, and know no more! What are ten thousand worlds compared to Theet

And what am I then – Heaven's unnumbered In its sublime research, philosophy

May measure out the ocean-deep - may count Though multiplied by myriads, and arrayed
The sands or the sun's rays — but, God! for Thee In all the glory of sublimest thought,

There is no weight nor measure; none can mount Is but an atom in the balance, weighed
Up to Thy mysteries ; Reason's brightest spark, Against Thy greatness - is a cipher brought

Though kindled by Thy light, in vain would try Against infinity! What am I then Naught!
To trace Thy counsels, infinite and dark;
And thought is lost ere thought can soar so Naught! But the effluence of Thy light divine,

Pervading worlds, hath reached my bosom too ; Even like past moments in eternity.

Yes! in my spirit doth Thy spirit shine,

As shines the sunbeam in a drop of dew. Thou from primeval nothingness didst call Naught! but I live, and on hope's pinions fly

First chaos, then existence - Lord! in Thee Eager towards Thy presence - for in Thee Eternity had its foundation; all

I live, and breathe, and dwell, aspiring high, Sprung forth from Thee -- of light, joy, har Even to the throne of Thy divinity, mony,

I am, 0 God! and surely Thou must be !

[blocks in formation]



A baby was sleeping..
Lorer. 116 Arethusa arose.

.Shelley. 24
A barking sound the shepherd hears. Wordsworth. 81 Around the tomb, O bard divine.

Antipater. 678
Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase !)...

.......Hunt. 642
Around this lovely valley rise.

Trowbridge. 43
Accept, thou shrine of my dead saint.

.King. 547
Arrayed, a half angelic sight..

C. Lamb. 114
A chieftain, to the Highlands bound. Campbell. 518 A safe stronghold our God is still

... Luther. 841
Across the narrow beach we flit.
Tharter. 71 As a twig trembles, which a bird.

... Lowell. 150
A cypress-bough and a rose-wreath sweet.. Beddoes, 552 As by the shore at break of day..

Moore, 383
Ae fond kiss, and then we sever.
Burns. 265 A sensitive plant in a garden grew.

Shelley. 87
Afar in the desert I love to ride.
. Pringle. 59 As ships, bécalmed at eve, that lay.

Clough. 169
A fig for St. Denis of France..

Maginn. 472 As I gaed down by yon house-en Anonymous. 496
Again I sit within the mansion.

B. Taylor. 554 A sight in camp in the daybreak gray and dim. Whitman. 397
A good sword and a trusty hand,
Hawker. 383 A simple child...

Wordsworth. 145
A good that never satisfies the mind. Drummond. 707 As it fell upon a day

Barnfield. 38
A grace though melancholy, manly too.... .H. Taylor. 544 As I was walking by my lane..

. Anonymous. 575
Ah, little ranting Johnny

Hunt. 118 Ask me no more: the moon may draw the sea. Tennyson. 300
Ah ! love, impute it not to me a sin,

Blunt. 247 As o'er his furrowed fields, which lie. Whittier. 757
Ah, lovely appearance of death.
Wesley. 828 As slow our ship her foamy track..

T. Moore. 179
Ah me! full sorely is my heart forlorn. Shenstone. 133 A steed! a steed of matchlesse speed Motherwell. 366
Ah me i this is a sad and silent city..

Bethune. 777 As through the land at eve we went.. Tennyson. 160
Ah ! my heart is weary waiting.
Mac Carthy. 8 A street there is in Paris famous

Thackeray. 176
Ah, my Perilla ! dost thou grieve to see. Herrick. 732 A sweet disorder in the dress.

Herrick. 674
A host of angels flying:

Smits. 149 A thousand miles from land are we. B. Cornwall. 67
Ah, sweet Kitty Neal, rise up from your...J. F. Waller. 271 At midnight, in his guarded tent..

Halleck. 412
Ah, sweet, thou little knowest how
Hood. 277 At Paris it was, at the opera there.

Lytton. 327
Ah, then, how sweetly closed those crowded days. Alston. 141 At the close of the day, when the hamlet is still. Beattie. 763
Ah, yes — the fight! Well, messmates, well. Anonymous. 405 At the gate of old Granada, when all its.... Anonymous. 509
A lake and a fairy boat..
Hood. 596 Autumn's sighing

Read. 93
Alas, that moon should ever beam

Hood. 596 Avenge, O Lord, thy slaughtered saints. Milton. 742
All in the Downs the fleet was moored.
Gay. 215 Awake, thou wintry earth.

Blackburn. 801
All June I bound the rose in sheaves... R. Browning. 294 Away ! let naught to love displeasing. Anonymous. 333
All the world over, I wonder, in lands that I never. Lyall. 780 A weary lot is thine, fair maid.

Scott. 803
All thoughts, all passions, all delights.. Coleridge. 224 A weary weed, tossed to and fro:

Fenner. 69
All through the golden weather.
Rodd. 293 A wee bird came to our ha' door.

Glen. 380
All ye woods, and trees, and bowers... Beaumont & Fl. 51 A wet sheet and a flowing sea

Cunningham. 67.
Alow and aloof....

Read. 104 Ay, this is freedom--these pure skies. Bryant. 85
Although I enter not.

Thackeray. 275
Amazing, beauteous change.

Doddridge. 836 Balder, the white sun-god, has departed. Anonymous. 638
Amid the chapel's checkered gloom.. Anonymous. 315 Balow, my babe, ly stil and sleipe.. Anonymous. 140
A mist was driving down the British Channel. Longfellow. 557 Bards of passion and of mirth.

Keats. 694
Among the beautiful pictures. ,

Cary. 151

Beautiful Evelyn Hope is dead.. R. Browning. 325
Among the myrtles as I walkt..
Herrick. 252 Beautiful ! Sir, you may say so

B. Harte. 60
An ancient story I'll tell you anon Anonymous. 426 Beauty clear and fair... Beaumont and Fletcher. 251
And are ye sure the news is true...

Adam, 265 Before I sigh my last gasp, let me breathe. Donne. 775
And doth not a meeting like this make amends. T. Moore. 174 Before the beginning of years...

Swinburne. 639
And hast thou sought thy heavenly home, Moir. 156 Before the starry threshold of Jove's court. Milton. 599
And is this --Yarrow - This the stream. Wordsworth. 75 Behold her, single in the field..

Wordsworth. 676
And the first gray of morning filled the east. M. Arnold. 498 Behold the young, the rosy Spring ..

Anacreon. 6
And thou hast walked about how strange.... II. Smith. 639 Behold this ruin | 'Twas å skull.

Anonymous. 976
And where have you been, my Mary. M. Howitt. 583 Ben Battle was a soldier bold.

Hood. 465
An empty sky, a world of heather.

Ingelow. 298 Ben Bobstay, a tar of the jolly old sort. Anonymous: 470
Announced by all the trumpets of the sky. Emerson. 107 Beneath this stony roof reclined..

Warton. 48
An old song made by an aged old pate.. Anonymous. 431 Be patient, oh, be patient !.

Anonymous. 748
A poor wayfaring man of grief, J. Montgomery. 804 Beside a massive gateway built up in years... Bryant. 734


Between the dark and the daylight.. Longfellow. 144 Deep in the wave is a coral grove.

Perciral. 71
Beyond the smiling and the weeping.
Bonar. 831 Der noble Ritter Hugo...

.Leland. 483
Bird of the wilderness..

..Hogg. 12 Die down, O dismal day! and let me live..David Gray. 108
Blest as the immortal gods is he.

.Sappho. 261 Dip down upon the northern shore.. Tennyson.
Blow, blow, thou winter wind...

Shakespeare, 105 Dost thou look back on what hath been. Tennyson. 166
Bobolink that in the meadow.
Hill. 15 Down in the wide, gray river.

R. T. Cooke. 565
Bonny Kilmeny gaed up the glen.

Hogg. 579 Down lay in a nook my lady's brach. H. Taylor. 726
Brave singer of the coming time.

Holmes. 181 Down the dimpled greensward dancing. ..Darley. 132
Break, break, break...

Tennyson. 566 Drink to me only with thine eyes.. Philostratus. 249
Brightest and best of the sons of the morning. Heber. 797 | Drop, drop, slow tears..

P. Fletcher. 812
Bring me wine, but wine which never grew.... Emerson. 719
Brother, thou art gone before us..

Milman. 827 Each sorrowful mourner, be silent... Prudentius. 830
Burly, dozing humble-bee.....

Emerson. 55 Earth has not anything to show more fair.. Wordsworth.
Busk ye, busk ye, my bonnie, bonnie bride... Hamilton. 489 Earth, of man the bounteous mother.. ...Sterling. 82
Busy, curious, thirsty fly.

Oldys. 55 Earth, with her ten thousand flowers. Anonymous. 847
By myself walking:

.C. Lamb. 463 Eight bells ! eight bells ! their clear tone tells...Butler. 762
By the flow of the inland river.
Finch. 398 Eternal source of every joy...

Doddridge. 792
By the rude bridge that arched the flood. Emerson. 388 Eternal spirit of the chainless mind.

Byron. 512
Ever let the fancy roam.

Keats. 103
Cables entangling her...
Hood. 467 Every wedding, says the proverb....

Parsons. 282
Can I see another's woe.

Blake. 846
Captain, or colonel, or knight in arms. Milton. 372 Faintly as tolls the evening chime,

Moore. 673
Ca' the yowes to the knowes.
Burns. 264 Fair daffodils ! we weep to see...

Herrick. 30
Cheeks as soft as July peaches.
Bennett. 113 Fair pledges of a fruitful tree.

.Herrick. 30
Children are what mothers are.
Landor. 120 Fairshon swore a feud....

Aytoun. 456
Christmas is here..
Thackeray. 182 Fair stood the wind for France,

Drayton. 363
Clang, clang ! the massive anvils ring. Anonymous. 644 Farewell ! but whenever you welcome the hour. T. Moore. 175
Close his eyes ; his work is done..
Boker. 558 Farewell rewards and fairies.

Corbett. 593
Cold in the earth, and the deep snow piled above. Brontë. 310 Farewell! thou art too dear

Shakespeare. 243
Come away, come away, death.
. Shakespeare. 257 Farewell, thon busy world.

Collon. 49
Come back, come back together..

Landon. 127 Farewell to Lochaber! and farewell, my Jean.. Ramsay. 576
Come, dear children, let us away.

.M. Arnold. 320 Farewell, ye dungeons dark and strong. Burns. 497
Come down, ye graybeard mariners. Hutchinson. 648 Father, by thy love and power.... . Anonymous. 783
Come, follow, follow me..

Anonymous. 577
Father of all, in every age.....

.Pope. 847
Come from my first, ay, come !.

Praed. 693 Father, thy wonders do not singly stand. Very. 792
Come, golden evening, in the west. J. Montgomery. 98 Fear no more the heat o' the sun. . Shakespeare. 550
Come in the evening, or come in the morning ....Daris. 272 Fill the bumper fair !...

T. Moore. 173
Come into the garden, Mand

Tennyson. 273 First catch your clams - along the ebbing edges. Craffut. 462
Come listen to me, you gallants so free. Anonymous. 204 First time he kissed me, he but only. Mrs. Browning. 246
Come live with me, and be my love.

Marlowe. 258 Five years have passed five summers..... Wordsworth. 78
Come, lovely and soothing Death. W. Whitman. 786 Flung to the heedless winds..

Luther. 819
Come, my way, my truth, my life.
.Herbert. 804 | Fly not yet - 'tis just the hour.

..Moore. 285
Come, o Thou traveller unknown.
Wesley, 803 Fly to the desert, fly with me

Moore. 269
Come, said Jesus' sacred voice...
Barbauld. 807 Fold thy little hands in prayer

Wilmott. 148
Come, see the Dolphin's anchor forged.. Ferguson. 645 Friend of all who seek thy favor

Wesley. 809
Come, send round the wine, and leave points. .T. Moore. 175 From all that dwell below the skies.

Watts. 843
Come sleep, O sleep ! the certain knot of peace Sidney. 244 From his brimstone bed at break of day. Coleridge. 460
Come then, tell me, sage divine.

dkenside. 419 From my lips in their defilement.. Damascenus. 802
Come to these scenes of peace
Boules. 44 From Oberon, in fairy land..

. Anonymous. 576
Come unto these yellow sands

. Shakespeare. 595 From Stirling Castle we had seen.. Wordsworth. 74
Comrades, leave me here a little, while as yet. Tennyson. 303 From you have I been absent in the spring. Shakespeare. 243
Contemplate all this work of time..

Tennyson. 744 Full many a glorious morning have I seen. Shakespeare. 164
Corporal Green ! the orderly cried.

Shepherd, 394
Could I command, with voice or pen....J. Montgomery. 823 Gamarra is a dainty steed....

B. Cornwall. 61
Could ye come back to me, Douglas, Douglas Craik. 329 Gane were but the winter cauld.

Cunningham. 548
Courage, he said, and pointed toward the land. Tennyson. 631 Gather ye rose-buds as ye may

Herrick, 333
Crabbed age and yonth
Shakespeare. 284 Genteel in personage.

Anonymous. 284
Creator spirit, by whose aid..

St. Ambrose. 838 Gentlefolks, in my time, I've made many Dibdin. 456
Creep into thy narrow bed.
M. Arnold. 419 Gin a body meet a body

Anonymous. 288
Cromwell, our chief of men, who thro' a cloud... Milton. 372 God is a name my soul adores.

Watte. 844
Cyriac, this three years day these eyes, tho' clear. Milton. 373 God is the refuge of his saints.

Watts. 841

God makes sech nights, all white an' still Lowell. 290
Dark as the clouds of even...
Boker. 396 God moves in a mysterious way

Cooper. 844
Dark fell the night, the watch was set. Sterling. 356 God prosper long our noble king.. . Anonymous. 359
Darkness is thinning; shadows are retreating.St. Gregory. 789 God save our gracious king

Anonymous. 384
Darlings of the forest I..
R. T. Cooke. 31 God sende his teachers unto every age.

Lowel. 612
Daughter to that good Earl, once President. Muton. 742 God shield ye, heralds of the spring

Day, in melting purple dying..
Brooks. 282 God, who the universe doth hold

Davison. 840
Day-stars ! that ope your eyes with morn. H. Smith. 37 Goe, soul, the bodie's guest.

.Raleigh. 703
Dead I one of them shot by the sea. Mrs. Browning. 563 Go, lovely rose !

Waller. 34
Dear child, whom sleep can hardly tame ..Sterling. 122 Go now! and with some daring drug.

Crashau. 719
Dear Chloe, while the busy crowd
Cotton. 341 Good-bye, good-bye to Summer !.

Allingham. 80
Dear common flower, that grow'st beside the way. Lowell. 33 Good bye. proud world ! I'm going home. Emerson. 717
Dearest, do not delay me..... Beaumont and Fletcher. 251 Good-morrow to thy sable beak

Baillie, 21
Dear Fanny, nine long years ago.
Hood. 126 Good muse, rock me asleep..

Wordsworth. 707
Dear friend and fellow-student. Mrs. Browning. 226 Good people all, of every sort.

Goldsmith. 432
Dear friend, far off, my lost desire
Tennyson. 167 Good people all, with one accord.

Goldsmith. 455
Dear mother, dear mother, the church is cold, Blake. 133 Go, sit by the summer sea..

. Anonymous. 286
Dear sister, while the wise and sage.
Whittier. 677 Go to dark Gethsemane...

..J. Montgomery. 800

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