TOXICOLOGY OF THE EYE: Effects on the Eyes and Visual System from Chemicals, Drugs, Metals and Minerals, Plants, Toxins and Venoms; also Systemic Side Effects from Eye Medications (4th Ed.), Том 1

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Charles C Thomas Publisher, 1 янв. 1993 г. - Всего страниц: 1626

 The purpose of this book is to present a synopsis of what is known about substances that have toxic properties injurious to the eyes, disturbing to vision, or affecting eyes in other unwanted ways. The coverage is truly comprehensive, encompassing local and systemic, acute and chronic, human and veterinary toxicology of the eye. The text summarizes mechanisms of injury, treatments, and other relevant knowledge for more than 3000 alphabetized substances - essentially all those on which public information is available. Also described are systemic side effects of ophthalmologic drugs, treatment of chemical burns of the eyes, and testing methods and species specificity for toxic effects on the eyes. Facilitating access to this prodigious amount of information is a large index that cross-references substances and effects, including numerous synonyms. This monumental work is a truly definitive text and a highly useful reference book that should be available to every ophthalmologist, emergency room, and medical library.


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