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together fit he should govern his own world, and bow the rebellious nations to his fway. The prefent degenerate ftate of Christendom is too difgraceful to his government, to be permitted to continue beyond the predicted period. He will, therefore, arife and plead his own cause, and all the wickedness of men, and the convulfions and diftrefs of nations, fhall wind up to his eternal credit. The LORD is King, be the people never fo impatient; he fitte:b between the Cherubim, be the earth never fo unquiet. His Gofpel is no other than the plan devifed by infinite wisdom for the melioration of mankind. The immortal feed is fown; the principle of life has vegetated; the little leaven is diffusing itself far and wide. Much has been done; much is doing; much fhall be done. Millions of reasohable creatures have already found eternal reft in confequence of the REDEEMER's dying love: multitudes of fouls at this moment are happy in their own bofoms under a fenfe of the divine favour; and innumerable, myriads of men fhall arife, believing in his name, trufting in his me

existence, far furpaffing human skill. Let the most perfect anatomift,
that ever exifted, make his observations upon the human frame; let him
examine with the greateft poffible attention the toute enfemble of the ftruc-
ture; then let him proceed to the feveral parts, of which the microcofm
is compofed; firft, the powers of the mind; the understanding, the will,
the memory, the confcience, and the various affections: next the five
fenfes; the touch, the tafte, the smell, the hearing, and the fight: after,
wards let him proceed to the feveral fluids of the body; and then to the
300 bones, the 40 different forts of glands, the 466 mufcles, the 40
pair of nerves, the fibres, the membranes, the arteries, the veins, the
lymphæducts, the excretory veffels, the tendons, the ligaments, the carti-
lages; and let him explore the whole and every part with the greatest de-
gree of accuracy, knowledge, and judgment, that ever centered in man;
and then let him honeftly fay, whether he could fuggeft the smallest im-
provement in any one refpect. If he were an Atheist before fuch invesi-
gation, like the celebrated GALEN he would be converted to the belief
of the DIVINE EXISTENCE, would compofe an hymn in praise of the
CREATOR of the world, and fing with the great Progenitor of mankind:
"These are thy glorious works, PARENT of good;
"Almighty, thine this univerfal frame,

"Thus wondrous fair; THYSELF how wondrous then!
Unfpeakable! who fitt'ft above these heav'ns,

To us invifible, or dimly seen

In these thy lowest works; yet these declare

Thy goodness beyond thought, and pow'r divine."


diation, and rejoicing in his falvation, maugre all the oppofition of fallen Chriftians and apoftate fpirits. Wife and gracious is the DIVINE BEING in all his ways, and I rejoice that he is the GOVERNOUR among the people. To his fervice I avowedly devote my feeble powers, as long as he fhall vouchfafe me the exercife of them; nor will I cease to speak the honours of his MAJESTY, while the breath continues to actuate this mortal frame. And,

"When even at laft the folemn hour fhall come,
"And wing my myftic flight to future worlds,
"I cheerful will obey; there, with new powers,
"Will rifing wonders fing: I cannot go
"Where UNIVERSAL LOVE not fmiles around,
Suftaining all yon orbs, and all their fons,

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"From feeming Evil ftill educing Good,

"And Better thence again, and Better ftill,
"In infinite progreffion.-But I lofe


"Come then, expreffive filence, mufe His praise."




HE Reformation contended for in these papers is a peaceable reform, begun and carried on by the wifdom of the three branches of the Conftution, as far as the Conftitution is concerned; and by the Bishops, and Clergy of every denomination, fo far as the moral and religious conduct of the people is concerned. The abfolute neceffity of fuch a reformation is founded on the prophetic declarations of DANIEL before repeatedly mentioned. The nature of the reformation I conceive to be neceffary to our lafting prefervation as a kingdom, is, that whatever militates against the genuine spirit of CHRIST's religion in the Establishment fhould be removed; and that all orders of clerical characters, especially, fhould fet themselves, with the utmost zeal and determination, first to reform themfelves, and then to stop the torrent of iniquity, which threatens to involve the country in the most complete deftruction. The Diffenters and Methodists are moving heaven and earth to promote the cause of religion in their respective ways. If the 18,000 Clergymen in the Establishment would exert themselves for the good of fouls with equal zeal and fervour, the Established Church would not only be the fafer, as an Establishment, but the divine protection would be more effectually engaged on our behalf. Righteous nations never fall. Unfortunately, however, abundance


Among other unfavourable figns of the times, the vast number of bankruptcies in this kingdom is none of the leaft, I fuppofe we average fix or seven hundred every year, befide all the compofition-bufineffes, which are ftill more numerous. But what I here chiefly refer to, as a proof of depraved morals, is, that, of all the inftances of defraud, intentional or otherwife, practifed upon the public, an inftance of after-payment is rarely recorded; and, whenever fuch an inftance occurs, it is always fpoken of with astonishment, as a thing that could not be expected. "If a man goes upon the high road, or breaks into your house,


of our Order of men are the greatest enemies the country and religion have got. We promote the intereft of Satan more effectually by our indolence, worldly-mindedness, lukewarmnefs, and mifconduct, than all the wicked and immoral characters in the kindom put together. Only think! Eighteen thousand men, led on by fix and twenty Bishops, all filled with faith and the HOLY GHOST, with an ardent love to JESUS CHRIST, and with a judicious, but warm and affectionate zeal for the falvation of fouls, paid by the State, and fent out into every corner of the land to preach the everlafting Gofpel! What a glorious confideration! How fhould we make the ungodly and profane skulk into corners, and hide their impious heads! But, alas! bow is the gold become dim! how is the most fine gold changed! for from the prophets of Jerufalem is profaneness gone forth into all the land. Diffenters are encreafing, Methadifts are multiplying, Wickedness is fpreading, our Churches are emptying, Infidelity is pervading all orders of fociety, and the daughter of Zion is like to be left as a cottage in a vineyard, as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, as a befieged city. We may look at the neighbouring nations, and learn, at their expence, what our own fate will affuredly ere long be. Who is fo blind? who is fo ignorant? who is so selfish and secure? who is fo unread in history? who is fo unacquainted with the prophecies, as not to fee, that the falvation of Europe is fufpended on its wisdom, in correcting what is amifs in its morals, and unevangelical in its ecclefiaftical conftitutions?

and robs you of a few pounds, he is infamous; and if he can be caught, and arrainged, and the the thing is proved, he atones for his offence at the expence of his life. But a man, in a way of trade, fhall cheat you of hundreds and thousands, fhall pay you ten, five, or even only two fhillings in the pound, and he is a good fellow, a man of honour. He begins again, keeps it up, cuts a dash, cracks again, and all is well. He never dreams, that, upon every principle of juftice, honour, and confcience, he is as much a debtor for all his deficiencies, as though the law had never acquitted him. What an accumulation of guilt is upon this land on these accounts? Of the many thoufands in this country, who fall fhort in their payments, how few, how extremely few do we meet with, or hear of, who, afterwards, like the most worthy REYNER, call their creditors together, and pay them, what, indeed, is juftly due, but what they never could demand?


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