Report of the Select Committee on Transportation-routes to the Seaboard, Часть 2

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Стр. 661 - These are always, in a great degree, practical monopolies ; and a government which concedes such monopoly unreservedly to a private company, does much the same thing as if it allowed an individual or an association to levy any tax they chose, for their own benefit, on all the malt produced in the country, or on all the cotton imported into it.
Стр. 660 - Railways heretofore constructed or that may hereafter be constructed in* this State are hereby declared public highways, and shall be free to all persons for the transportation of their persons and property thereon, under such regulations as may be prescribed by law.
Стр. 278 - Q. How long have you been engaged in that business? — A. About 10 years.
Стр. 566 - ... from incumbrance, with a view to such legislation as will render the same free to commerce at the earliest practicable period, subject only to such tolls as may be necessary for the superintendence and repair thereof, which shall not, after the passage of this act, exceed five cents per ton.
Стр. 250 - Commission finds that a through rate charged from a point without the state to a point within the state, or from a point within the state to a point without the state...
Стр. 250 - That the said Railroad Commissioners are hereby authorized and required to make for each of the railroad corporations doing business in this State, as soon as practicable, a schedule of just and reasonable rates of charges for the transportation of passengers and freights and cars on each of said railroads...
Стр. 661 - I have already more than once adverted to the case of the gas and water companieSj among which, though perfect freedom is allowed to competition, none really takes place, and practically they are found to be even more irresponsible, and unapproachable by individual complaints, than the government.
Стр. 230 - ... lands heretofore granted by Congress to the State of Wisconsin to aid in the construction of said water communication, which amount shall be deducted from the actual value thereof as found hy said arbitrators.
Стр. 661 - ... and their other local taxes. In the case of these particular services, the reasons preponderate in favour of their being performed, like the paving and cleansing of the streets, not certainly by the general government of the state, but by the municipal authorities of the town, and the expense defrayed, as even now it in fact is, by a local rate. But in the many analogous...
Стр. 566 - Treasury to carry this provision into effect is hereby appropriated : Provided, That after the United States shall assume control of said canal, the tolls thereon on vessels propelled by steam shall be reduced to twenty-five cents per ton, and on all other vessels in proportion.

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