The Course of Time: A Poem. With a Memoir of the Author, an Introductory Notice, a Copious Index, and an Analysis Prefixed to Each Book

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M'Elrath & Bangs, 1831 - Всего страниц: 236

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Стр. 89 - ... arms, abhorred ; his passions died, Died all but dreary solitary Pride ; And all his sympathies in being died. As some ill-guided bark, well built and tall, Which angry Tides cast out on desert shore, And then retiring, left it there to rot And moulder in the winds and rains of heaven ; So he, cut from the sympathies of life, And cast ashore from Pleasure's boisterous surge, A wandering, weary, worn, and wretched thing, Scorched, and desolate, and blasted soul, A gloomy wilderness of dying thought,...
Стр. 88 - As some fierce comet of tremendous size, To which the stars did reverence as it passed ; So he through learning and through fancy took His flight sublime ; and on the loftiest top Of Fame's dread mountain sat ; not soiled and worn. As if he from the earth had labored up ; But as some bird of heavenly plumage fair He looked, which down from higher regions came And perched it there, to see what lay beneath.
Стр. 110 - With many tears, and closed without a cloud. They set as sets the morning star, which goes • Not down behind the darkened west, nor hides Obscured among the tempests of the sky, But melts away into the light of heaven.
Стр. 87 - It scarce deserved his verse. With nature's self He seemed an old acquaintance, free to jest At will with all her glorious majesty. He laid his hand upon the "ocean's mane...
Стр. 97 - All rarest odours, all divinest sounds, All thoughts, all feelings dearest to the soul ; And brought the holy mixture home, and filled The heart with all superlatives of bliss. But who would that expound which words transcends Must talk in vain. Behold a meeting scene Of early love, and thence infer its worth.
Стр. 87 - And oped new fountains in the human heart. Where Fancy halted, weary in her flight, In other men, his, fresh as morning, rose, And soared untrodden heights, and seemed at home Where angels bashful looked. Others...
Стр. 89 - Proof this, beyond all lingering of doubt, That not with natural or mental wealth, Was God delighted, or his peace secured ; That not in natural or mental wealth, Was human happiness or grandeur found. Attempt how monstrous, and how surely vain! With things of earthly sort, with aught but God, With aught but moral excellence, truth, and love, To satisfy and fill the immortal soul ! Attempt, vain inconceivably ! attempt, To satisfy- the Ocean with a drop, To marry Immortality to Death, And with the...
Стр. 95 - And went with Meekness, Charity, and Love. Where'er a tear was dried, a wounded heart Bound up, a bruised spirit with the dew Of sympathy anointed, or a pang Of honest suffering soothed, or injury Repeated oft, as oft by love forgiven ; Where'er an evil passion was subdued, Or Virtue's feeble embers fanned ; where'er A sin was heartily abjured, and left ; Where'er a pious act was done, or breathed A pious prayer, or wished a pious wish'; There was a high and holy place, a spot Of sacred light, a...
Стр. 93 - Hence, from out the self-same fount, One nectar drank, another draughts of gall. Hence, from the self-same quarter of the sky, One saw ten thousand angels look and smile ; Another saw as many demons frown. One discord heard, where harmony inclined Another's ear. The sweet was in the taste, The beauty in the eye, and in the ear The melody...
Стр. 98 - ... outspread, sat heavenly Thought, Conversing with itself. Vesper looked forth, From out her western hermitage, and smiled ; And up the east, unclouded rode the moon With all her stars, gazing on earth intense, As if she saw some wonder walking there.

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