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manent good has been effected by the measures thus pursued : they have the satisfaction of stating, that a considerable proportion of the youths to whom assistance has thus been rendered, have since conducted themselves meritoriously, and given strong reason to believe, that they have entirely abandoned their former vicious courses, and will eventually prove honest and valuable members of society. The Committee have met with obstacles and some disappointments, as might naturally be expected in a novel and difficult undertaking, when their exertions were to be employed amongst the ignorant and vicious : but they can truly state, that the result has equalled their most san. guine hopes, and stimulated them to continue, with increased activity, their endeavours to rescue from crime and misery the numerous youthful offenders who still infest the metropolis. Convinced that their efforts, however strenuous, could never effectually repress the evil, they have maturely considered and arranged a proposition for a Reformatory for Boys ; * and, having procured a plan which has un. dergone the strictest examination, they have laid the whole before Lord Sidmouth. They are confident that a measure of this description is absolutely necessary, and they feel pleasure in announcing to the public, that the Noble Secretary of State is impressed with che propriety of adopting some steps to attain this end, and they enter. tain, therefore, well-grounded hopes that its commencement will take place at no distant period.' pp. 20—21. · Nor have the useful exertions of the Committee been confined to this country. In a distant empire, through the medium of one of their members, they have been able to promote the reformation of prison discipline on an extended scale, with a degree of success exceeding their most distinguished expectations.

Mr. Venning, a Member of the Committee, has laid before the Government of Russia a Memorial upon Prison Discipline, pointing out the defects which were generally prevalent, and the measures best calculated to remove them. The greatest attention was paid to this representation. Mr. Venning was furnished with a passport into all the prisons of Petersburgh, and requested to make a Report on their condition. Prince Galitzin, upon every occasion, manifested sincere interest in the success of the undertaking, and afforded the most cordial assistance. The Emperor not only patronized these exertions by his authority, but set a noble example to all his subjects, by personally inspecting some of the prisons. A Report was sent in by Mr. Venning, containing a detailed account of the different places of contine

* The Committee have been diligently engaged in considering the plans of the best constructed Prisons, both in this Kingdom and in foreign countries; and the plan of the Reformatory which they have felt it their duty to recommend, will be found to combine in an eminent degree those most important requisites--the power of complete and constant inspection, classification, and facilities for carrying on various branches of labour. This Prison is intended for the confinement of six hundred boys. Every class has a distinct dining room, workshop, and airing ground. Each prisoner has a separate dormitory. ment he had so visited, accompanied with suggestions of various improvements which appeared most necessary. This Report was immediately taken into consideration, and his Imperial Majesty issued orders for the prompt introduction of the reforms which the present state of the prisons rendered practicable. Under the same authority, Mr. Venning then proceeded to Moscow, where similar measures were adopted. Thus has this great work commenced in Russia, under the happiest auspices, and no reasonable doubt can be entertained of the inestimable advantages resulting from it. The new prisons to be erected in that country, will have the advantage of all our latest improvements, the Emperor being desirous of adopting whatever is really beneficial. To promote this end, the Committee are about to forward some of the best and most complete plans, which the ingenuity of experienced architects, assisted by the advice of persons practically acquainted with gaols, can furnish' pp. 28, 29.


'We must refer, for a further explanation of the objects of this Society, to the Report itself, in which the Committee invite the communications and local cooperation of all whom they may succeed in interesting. The collecting and diffusing of information, is the great means to which they look, as facilitating the accomplishment of the ends they have in view. They disclaim any intention to excite clamour by exaggerating the abuses which have been found to prevail, seeking only to speak the truth in • plain language, yet with that energy which becomes men • deeply impressed with the importance of the subject and the necessity of prompt exertion.'

His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, who has given his personal attention to the subject, and himself visited some of the London gaols, has become the Patron of this Society. It is a satisfactory circumstance too, that on one of the last days of the Session of the dissolved Parliament, a motion for the production of returns of information froin the several prisons throughout the country, was made by the Marquis of Lansdown, and seconded by the Secretary of State for the Home Department.


*** Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige

the Conductors of the ECLECTIC Review, by sending Information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if consistent with its Plan.

Mr. William Temple Franklin has just completed the third and last volume in quarto, of the Memoirs of the Life and Writings of bis Grand. , fa ther, Dr. Franklin. This concluding volume will contain a vast number of Original Papers, on Political, Philosophical, and Miscellaneous subjects.

Some curious Letters froin Madame Bertrand, at St. Helena, addressed to a female friend in France, are preparing for publication in French and English.

Mr. Bristed, a Counsellor of New York, has just ready for publication in London, America and her Resources, or a View of the Agricultural, Com. mercial, Manu'acturing, Financial, Po. litical, Literary, Moral, and Religious Capacity and Character of the American People.

A distinguisbed Chiropodist has in the press, The Art of preserving the Peet, or Practical Observations on the prevention and Cure of Corns, Bunnions, Callosities, Chilblains, &c, in one small volume.

& Translation of the Memoirs of Lucien Buonaparte, and of the equally curious Agecdotes of the Court and Family of Napoleon, are just ready for publication).

Captain Colownin the narrative of whose captivity in Japan, bas excited so much interest, is preparing for public cation his Recollections of Japan : they will comprize a particular account of the Religion, Language, Government, Laws and Manners of the People with Observations on the Geography, Climate, Population and productious of the country.

In a few days will be published, in octavo, The Edinburgh Review for the year 1755. This rare book is correctly reprinted, with the Names of the Writers of the more important Criticisins. It contains the first pubLisbed Essays of Dr. Robertson and

Di. Adam Smith, and the only known printed Compositions of Lord Chancellor Rosslin.

Speedily will be pablished An Account of the Kingdom of Nepal. By Francis Hamilton (formerly Buchapan) M.D. Fellow of the Royal Societies of London and Edinburgh, and of the Societies of Antiquaries, and of the Linnean and Asiatic Societies. lo 4to, with maps and illustrative engravings,

In the course of the present month will appear, New Tales of my Land. lord, collected and arranged by Jedediah Cleish botham, Schoolmaster and Parish Clerk of Gandercleugh. In 4 vols. 12mo.

In tbe press, A description of the Islands of Jara, Bali, and Celebes; with an Account, Civil, Political, Commercial, and Historical, of the Principal Nations and Tribes of the Indian Archipelago. By John Crawfurd, Esq. late Resident at the Court of the Sultan of Java. In 3 vols. 8vo, with illus. trative maps and engravings.

In the press, A Statistical and Historical Account of the United States of America, from the Period of the First Establishments to the present Day. On a New Plan. By W. D. Warden, formerly Consul General of the United States at Paris. lo 3 vols. 8vo. with maps.

Speedily will appear, The Elements of Geology. By Robert Jameson, Regius Professor of Natural History, Lec. turer on Mineralogy, and Keeper of the Museum in the University of Edinburgh. In 8vo. with illustrative Plates.

Also, by the same Author, A Manual of Mineralogy, in 12mo.

In the press, Reports of Cases tried in the Jury Court, from the Institution of the Court, in 1815, to the Sittings at Edinburgh ending in March 1818. By Joseph Murray, Esq. Advocate. In 8vo.

The Bishop of St. David's has in the press, the Grand Schism, or the Roman

Catholics of Great Britain and Ireland Warning Voice; a Sacred Poem, in, shown to be Separatists from the Church Two Cantos ; addressed to Inádel of England.

Writers of Poetry. By the Hon. aud Mr. Richard Lawrence is preparing Rev. Edward John Turnour, A.M. ForForty Etchings from specimens in the merly of St. Mary Hall, Oxford. Author Elgin collection; to be accompanied of Serinons on the Union of Truth, Reawith critical remarks on those Grecian son, and Revelation, in the Doctrine relics.

of the Established Church. Sir R. C. Hoare has in the press, a In the press, and speedily will be supplemental quarto voluine to the published, Monumental Pillars ; or, A Rev. J. C. Eustace's Classical Tour Collection of Remarkable Instances of through Italy; enlarged by a Tour the Judgment, Providence, and Grace round Sicily, &c.

of Gorli accompanied with suitable Mr. Brande is preparing for public reflections. By the Rev. F. Young, of cation, a Manual of Chymistry; in Margate, Author of Ariel, the Wreath, which the principal facts will be ar. &c. ranged in the order they are discussed Mr. F. Baily, of Gray's Inn, has just in bis Lectures.

printed An interesting Memoir, on the The Rev. Dr. John Fleming is print annular eclipse of the Sun, which will ing in two octavo volumes, a General happen on September 7, 1820. It is View of the Structure, Functions, and not published for sale ; but the author Classification of Animals, with plates announces that he will be happy to and illustrations.

furnish such persons as may send their The Rev. I. Cobbin will soon publish cards for that purpose, with any num. Scripture Parables, in verse, with ex ber of copies they may require. planations and reflections, drawn chiefly Mr. Harris, of Walworth, will in a from Dr. Doddridge's Exposition.

few days publish the Algebraist's As Robert Huish, Esq. author of a Trea sistant, written upon the plan of Walktise on Bees, has in the press. Verezzi, ingham's Arithmetic, and intended to a romance of former days. Iu 4 vols. follow that useful work in the course of

Dr. Bostock has in the press, an instruction. Account of the History and Present In the press, and speedily will be State of Galvanisn.

published, A Spelling, Pronouncing, Sir T. C. Morgan is printing, in an and Explanatory Theological DicCoctavo volume, Sketches of the Philo tionary of the New Testament. In one ut sophy of Life.

volume, 12.no. In which all the words An improved edition of Dr. Wither of the four leading Parts of Speech, in - ing's Systematic Arrangement of British the New Testament, are arranged under Plants, will soon appear.

their respective beads, and the expla* Dr. Carey has in the press an im- nations given in as simple, clear, and * proved edition of his larger work on concise a manner as possible. * Latin Prosody and Versification.

The Author of the History of Dis:. A new odition of Seneca's Morals, in senting Cbnrches, having received ap

to octavo volume, with a portrait, will plications from different quarters, to teppear early in July.

undertake a ffth volume of that work, In a few days will be published, The to comprise the remainder of London, Reclose of the Pyrenees, a poem : in takes this method of announcing to the ** scribed to H. R. H. the Prince of Saxe public that he is willing so to do, pro• Cobourg.

vided a sufficient number of subscribers • Materials for Thinking, by William sball be obtained to indemnify him Burden; having been for some time from loss. Those persons, therefore, out of print, a new edition with many who are desirous of encouraging it are alterations and corrections, will shortly requested to transmit their names to appear, ornamented with a portrait of Messrs. Button, and Sons, Paternosterthe lainented Author.

Row, where communications will be A small voluine will soon appear, received. As soon as 500 are subentitled Nugæ Modernæ, or Morning scribed for, the work will be put to Thoughts, and Midnight Musings, by press, and completed within six months. Mr. Park, Editor of Nugæ Antiquæ, It is intended that the volume shall &c. &c.

ņot exceed fourteen shillings in price, In a few days will be published, The and no more will be printed than are

actually subscribed for. · Persons taking In the press, and will speedily be pubseven copies, will be intitled to an eighth, lished a second Edition of Dr. W. gratis.

Ph lip's Experimental Inquiry into the In a few days will be published, a Laws of the Vital Functions, and the new and correted edition of President Nature and Treatment of loternal Edwards's Life of Brainerd, handsomely Diseases. printed in 8vo.

The Rev. Dr. Winter has been reThe Rev. Mr. Suow has in the press quested to publish the Sermon preached a Reply to a Letter written by the May 19, 1818, at the Annual Meeting Rev. John Simons, purporting to be of Ministers, educated at Homerton on the Subject of certain Errors of the Academy, which will appear in the Antinomian kind, which have lately course of the month. sprung up in the West of England.



The Elements of Civil Architecture, according to Vitruvius and other Ancients, and the most approved practice of Modern Authors, especially Palladio. By Henry Aldrich, D.D. formerly Dean of Christ Church. Translated by the Rev. Philip Smith, LL.B. Fellow of New College. A New Edition, with 55 Engravings from the Works of Bramante, Raffaelli, J. Romano, Palladio, &c. 8vo. 18s.

Plans, Elevations, and Sections, of Buildings, Public and Private, execated in various parts of England, &c. including the plans and Details of the new Custom-house, London, with Descriptions. By David Laing, F.S. A. Architect and Surveyor to the Board of Customs. Imp. folio, 51, 5s. boards.

BIOGRAPHY. Memoirs of the Life and Character of Mrs. Sarah Savage, Eldest Daughter of the Rer. Philip Henry, A.M. And an Appendix, by I. B. Williams. With a Preface, by the Rev. William Jay. 12mo. 5s.

An Account of the Life, Writings and Character of the late Dr. Alex. Monro, Secundus, delivered as the Harveian Oration at Edinburgh for 1818. By Andrew Duncan, Sen. M.D. and P.F.R. &c. Price 1s. 6d.

HISTORY. A Universal History, in twenty-four books. Translated from the German of Jubin Von Muller. This work is not a mere Compendium of Universal History, but contains a Philosophical Inquiry' into the Moral and more especially the Political Causes which

have given Rise to the most important Revolutions in the History of the Human Race. 3 vols. 8vo. 1l. 16s. bds.

A View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages. By Heury Hallam, Esq. 2 vols. 4to, S. 3s.

A General History of Malvern ; intended to comprise all the Advantages of a Guide, with the more important Details of Chemical, Mineralogical, aud Statistical Information. By Joba Chambers, Esq. Crown 8vo. Is. bds.; demy 8vo. with Five Plates, 15s. boards.

MEDICAL. Statements relative to the present prevalence of Epidemic Fever among the poorer classes of Glasgow. By Richard Millar, M.D. 2s,

Practical Observations on continued fever. By Robert Graham, M.D. Regius Professor of Botany in the Univer. sity of Glasgow. 3s.

MINERALOGY. A New Descriptive Catalogue of Minerals; following, in general, the Sys. tem of Werner ; with Plate, and Ex. planation of Hydraulic Blow-pipe and Lapidaries' Apparatus. By J. Mawe, 149, Strand. 12mo. 3s.

MISCELLANEOUS. The Brownie of Bodsbeck, and other Tales, in Prose. By the Ettrick Shepherd, Autbor of the Queen's Wake. 2 vols. 12ino, 14s.

The Amusing Companion ; containing Philosophical Amusements and entertaining Recreations for Young Persons, selected from various Authors. By William Pybus. 12mo. Is. 6d. sewed.

Double Entry by Single, a New Method of Book-keeping i applicable

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