A Dictionary of English Etymology, Том 3,Выпуск 2

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Trübner, 1865 - Всего страниц: 205

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Стр. 486 - Now, Petulant, all's over, all's well. Gad, my head begins to whim it about — why dost thou not speak ? thou art both as drunk and as mute as a fish.
Стр. 383 - And those fowre garrisons issuing foorthe, at such convenient times as they shall have intelligence or espiall upon the enemye, will so drive him from one side to another and tennis him amongst them, that he shall finde nowhere safe to keepe his creete, or hide himselfe, but flying from the fire shall fall into the water, and out of one...
Стр. 480 - Vidimus frequenter in Anglia per lunationes homines in lupos mutari; quod hominum genus Gerulphos Galli nominant, Angli vero were-vulf dicunt.
Стр. 547 - Called coco by the Portuguese in India on account of the monkey-like face at the base of the nut, from coco, a bugbear, an ugly mask to frighten children ; see De Barros, Asia, Dec.
Стр. 424 - Second, that he do on no default Ever presume to sit above the salt; Third, that he never change his trencher twice ; Fourth, that he use all common courtesies, Sit bare at meals, and one half rise and wait...
Стр. 540 - S. iv. 167).— This, I take it, is the same as bum-boat, of which Wedgwood says : — "A boat in which provisions are brought for sale alongside a ship. Du. bum-boat, a very wide boat used by fishers in S. Holland and Flanders, also for taking a pilot to a ship. Roding, ' Marine Diet.' Probably for owl-boot, a boat fitted with a bun, or receptacle for keeping fish alive.
Стр. 546 - I shall wear? For now, I will wear this! and now, I will wear that! Now, I will wear, I cannot tell what! All new fashions be pleasant to me! I will have them! whether I thrive, or thee. Now, I am a Frisker! All men doth on me look!
Стр. 497 - So long I shott, that al was spent ; Tho pumie stones I hastly hent And threwe ; but nought availed : He was so wimble and so wight, From bough to bough he lepped light, And oft the pumies latched...
Стр. 438 - France, when the flask is nearly full they add a little oil to prevent evaporation, so that to oil the flask is equivalent to filling it to the brim. In Provence, oliar signifies to annoint with oil, and also to fill up a cask.
Стр. 454 - Beryne clepid a maryner, and bad him STY on loft, And weyte aftir our four shippis aftir us doith dryue ; For it is but grace of God, yf they be alyue. A maryner anoon wyth that, right as Beryn bad, STYED into the top castell, and brought hym tydings glad.

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