Hints for Pedestrians, by Medicus. New Ed. by G. C. Watson

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General Books, 2013 - Всего страниц: 50
Questo libro di storia potrebbe contenere numerosi refusi e parti di testo mancanti. Solitamente gli acquirenti hanno la possibilita di scaricare gratuitamente una copia scansionata del libro originale (senza refusi) direttamente dall'editore. Il libro e Non illustrato. 1862 edition. Estratto: ...a se them. Any number of these may be carried like the leaves of a book; and when wanted may be turned up, and by the adherence of the moistened gum paper can be made into a box at a moment's notice. Quills make convenient boxes for minute specimens. They should be dressed, and may either be corked with a plug of wood; or, for greater security, a small quill may be pushed mouthforward into a larger one, as into a sheath."--GalTon's Art of Travel. Q dentary mode of life does not debilitate, and the nerves more especially suffer by it." "Generally speaking," says Ackermann, "a sedentary life is the source of all those diseases which physicians term cachectic, the number of which is considerable. Among them are jaundice, atrophy, worms, dropsy, &c. &c." For these exercise is the best remedy. "It strengthens the vessels," says Tissot, " preserves the fluids in a healthy state, quickens the appetite, facilitates the excretions, invigorates the spirits, and excites pleasing sensations throughout the whole nervous system." The same author quotes the philosophic Plato's eulogies of gymnastic exercises. And Rousseau must have thought much in the same manner, when he wrote: --" The grand secret of education is to contrive that the exercise of the body and that of the mind may always serve as relaxations to each other."t Monsieur Huguenin's little book is well worthy of attentive perusal, and people would do well to follow out practically the recommendations contained therein. The author of these "Hints" can, from personal experience, testify to the mental and corporeal benefits to be derived from a course of gymnastics. The vigour and tone imparted to the mind are surprising...

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