A Mariner's Miscellany

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Sheridan House, 2005 - Всего страниц: 289
The period from the late eighteenth century to the first part of the nineteenth century was characterised by change: rapid industrial change, the agricultural revolution, political, economic and social reform. Yet there was also continuity, which led to tensions between improvement and resistance, modernity and tradition, rich and poor. Revolution, Radicalism and Reform provides a foundation for the study of the political, economic and social developments of the period. Topics covered include: Pitt and Liverpool, the French wars, the age of Peel, economy and industrialisation, poverty and Chartism. Revolution, Radicalism and Reform is part of the Cambridge Perspectives in History series. The book matches the requirements of the OCR examination specifications. It is suitable for all Advanced Subsidiary (AS) students, as well as students and undergraduates needing an introduction to the period. The book also contains a document study section on the condition of England at that time.

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