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This is a curious and rare book and is the first edition – It was res Curworld

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"author, "old Qnz anecdotes more or less. "Cannot be recommended " of that notorious debauchee "Index" respect sater Librorum Prohibitorum, pr. 3452– Elsewhere, in the same monumental work at pr. pr. 211-2, in dealing with John Wilkes's Essay on Woman, Praxe gives the following it "The Earl of notoriorly Bush, afterwards Queensberry, "or old Q, " whose life flasted in this century, and who certainly, as earl or duke, young man or greybeard,


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Praxe quotes the following

of heme from Thackeray's "Four Georges" ""The legends about old queensberry are aw fall. In Selwyn contemporary chronicles, the observer Bunking human nature follow him, the wrinkled,

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