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* I saw a something in the sky

- No bigger than my fist; • At first, it seem'd a little speck

* And then it seem'd a mist: • It mov’d, and mov'd, and took at last

A certain shape I wist..

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- With throat unslack'd, with black lips bak',

• Agape they heard me call: • Gramercy! they for joy did grin • And all at once their breath drew in

• As they were drinking all.

- She doth not tack from side to side

• Hither to work us weal, • Withouten wind, withouten tide ..She steddies with upright keel.

· The western wave was all a flame;

“The day was well nigh done! - Almost upon the western wave

• Rested the broad bright sun; • When that strange shape drove suddenly

Betwixt us and the sun.

. And strait the sun was fleck'd with bars,

(Heaven's mother send us grace) • As if thro' a dungeon grate he peer'd

• With broad and burning face.

« Alas! (thought I, and my heart beat loud)

• How fast she neres and neres ! 6. Are those her sails that glance in the sun

Like restless Gossameres ?

• Are those her naked ribs, which fleck’d.

• The sun that did behind them peer? * And are those two all, all the crew,

That woman and her fleshless Pheere?

His bones were black with many å crack, .

* All black and bare, I ween; Jet-black and bare, save where with rust • Of mouldy damps and charnel crust

* They're patch'd with purple and green.

Her lips are red, her looks are free,

Her locks are yellow as gold: "Her skin is as white as leprosy, And she is far liker Death than he, "Her flesh makes the still air cold.

« The naked hulk alongside came

And the twain were playing dice; . “ 'The game is done! I've won, I've won!**

• Quoth she, and whistled thrice.

A gust of wind sterte up behind

And whistled thro' his bones; * Thro' the holes of his eyes and the hole of

his mouth
• Half-whistles and half-groans.

- With never a whisper in the sea

• Off darts the Spectre-ship; While clombe above the Eastern bar • The horned moon, with one bright star

Alinost atween the tips.

« One after one by the horned moon,

• Listen, O stranger! to me, • Each turn'd his face with a ghastly pang

. And curs'd me with his ee.

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• Four times fifty living men,

• With never a sigh or groan, • With heavy thump, a lifeless lump

• They dropp'd down one by one,

• Their souls did from their bodies fly,

· They fled to bliss or woe: . And every soul it pass'd me by,

· Like the whiz of my Cross-bow."

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“ I fear thee, ancyent Marinere!

“ I fear thy skinny hand;
And thou art long, and lank, and brown
“ As is the ribbod sea-sand..

** I fear thee affl thy glittering eye

“ And thy skinny hand so brown_-" • Fear not, fear not, thou wedding-guest!

"This body dropt not down.

• Alone, alone, all all alone!

• Alone on the wide wide sea; . • Ard Christ would take no pity on

My soul in agony.

"The many men so beautiful,

• And they all dead did lie!
* And a million million slimy things

Liv’d.on-and so did I.

"I look'd upon the rotting sea,

And drew my eyes away; ! • I look'd upon the eldritch deck,

* And there the dead men lay.

• I look'd to Heaven, and try'd to pray;

But or ever a prayer had gusht, ? A wicked whisper came and made

“My heart as dry as dust,

• I clos'd my lids and kept them close,

• Till the balls like pulses beat; het. For the sky and the sea, and the sea and the

Lay like a load on my weary eye,
. And the dead were at my foet.

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