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The first Nine of them


Before the KING in LENT.

Of Superstition, Of contending for the Faith. Of Judging one Another. Of the true Use of the World. Of the Love of Pleasure. St. Paul's Discourse to Felix. Of Consistency in Religion, No continuing City here. Chrift's Yoke

Easy. Of Persecution. Of Zeal not according to

Knowledge. The Impoflibility of serving

God and Mammon.

The Ambition of Christ's

Disciples reproved. The different Characters of

John Baptist and Jesus Christ. The Extremes of Riches and

Poverty. The Good Samaritan. Ofour Duty under Amictions, The Christian Race. The Best Christians unprofi.

table Servants. The Nature of Christ's Bles


By BENJAMIN, Lord Bishop of Winchester.

LONDON, Printed for John and Paul KNAPTON, at the

Crown in Ludgate-Street. MDCCLV.

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