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“ How shall we escape, if we neglect so great

salvation ?"

WE, who are living in a Christian country, are in a very different condition from any other men in the world; for we have had salvation placed before us. Now, the salvation

* The substance of this Sermon was borrowed from one by the Rev. H. Melville, on the same text.

which God has offered to us is not a thing to trifle with. It is not a mere speculation, that we are to talk about. It is not a matter which concerns the head only, and on which we are to show our learning, or our want of learning. It is not a plaything, that we may take up, and put down, as we please. No, my dear brethren, it is something very solemn and important; it is something that concerns our eternal welfare. God has made a most gracious offer to every man, woman, and child ; namely, to save him from eternal death, and to give him everlasting life. wonder is, that men are not more interested, and anxious, about this offer. One would have supposed, that their whole thoughts would be taken up with it. Instead of that, for the most part it just lies unheeded at

The great their feet. Some trample upon it, and despise it. Some take it up for a moment, and then throw it aside again. Some pass it by, as if it did not concern them. And some (alas how few !) prize it as their choicest pearl, seize upon it, and accept it with the utmost thankfulness.

Now, it is because I feel what an unspeakably solemn thing it is to have this offer made to us, that I have chosen the words before us, as a question, which I would wish to put to each one of you this day; “How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation ?"

We all know that man has sinned, and by his sin has forfeited God's favour, and shut himself out of heaven. This then is his conditionruined beyond all power to recover himself! Such being the case, could

any scheme have been planned, greater and more glorious, for the rescue of a lost world, than that which the gospel of Christ lays open to us?

In order to see the greatness of this salvation, let us seriously consider these four things.

1st. Who has procured it for us ? God could have employed a Moses, or an Abraham, to be our Deliverer. It would have been an easy thing for him to have sent down an angel from heaven. He could have clothed him with our flesh, and made him take our nature upon him. He might have said, “This is my beloved Messenger, in whom I am well pleased.” “ This is the Lamb, which I have provided.” Behold

Deliverer!” This angel might have remained for a season upon earth. He might have



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become 56 a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” He might have

given his back to the smiters." He might have been “led like a lamb to the slaughter.” He might have shed his blood for sin. But what value would there have been in that blood ? Could it have atoned for a world's sins ? Could it have paid off the debt of years? Could it have bought up all that man had lost by his transgression ? No, brethren, no. It needed more to redeem even a single soul than this. There must be something more valuable than a man or an angel could pay. Thus it was, then, that God “spared not his own Son, but freely delivered him up for us all.” Christ, the second person in the holy Trinity, the eternal Son of God, was moved with compassion for the ruin, which sin had brought upon this

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