The wife of Fitzalice, and the Caledonian siren, Объемы 4-5

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Стр. 36 - Till, by degrees, the floating mirror shines, Reflects each flower that on the border grows, And a new heaven in its fair bosom shows.
Стр. 290 - Houghton, 2d edition, 3 vols. 0 18 0 Barozzi, or the Venetian Sorceress, a Romance, by Mrs. Smith, Author of the Caledonian Bandit, ,\e.
Стр. 83 - O'erhangs thy soul, thy ev'ry look proclaims. Why then refuse it words ? The heart, that bleeds From any stroke of fate or human wrongs, Loves to disclose itself, that list'ning pity May drop a healing tear upon the wound.
Стр. 132 - Could I forget What I have been, I might the better bear What I am destined to : I am not the first That have been wretched : but to think how much I have been happier ! Wild hurrying thoughts Start every way from my distracted soul, To find out hope, anil only meet despair.
Стр. 260 - Tis to bind, By soft affection's ties, on human hearts, The thought of death, which reason, too supine, Or misemploy'd, so rarely fastens there. Nor reason, nor affection, no, nor both Combin'd, can break the witchcrafts of the world. Behold, th...
Стр. 243 - And yet, alas ! the real ills of life Claim the full vigour of a mind prepared, Prepared for patient, long, laborious strife, Its guide experience, and truth its guard.
Стр. 62 - Seems not a blank to me, a loss of all Those fond sensations, those enchanting dreams, Which cheat a toiling world from day to day, And form the whole of happiness they know. It is to me perfection, glory, triumph. Nay, fondly would I chuse it, tho...
Стр. 290 - Donald Monteith, the Handsomest Man of the Age, by Selina Davenport, Author of the Sons of the Viscount and the Daughters of the Earl, and the Hypocrite, 5 vols 1 50 Romantic Facts, or Which is his Wife? 4 vols 1 00 Emmeline, or the Orphan of the Castle, by Charlotte Smith, new edition, 4 vo!s ISO GOOD.
Стр. 267 - Nor fear nor wish th' approach of night. And when Disease assaults the heart, When Sickness triumphs over Art , Reflections on a life well past, Shall prove a cordial to the last ; This med'cine shall the soul sustain, And soften or suspend her pain ; Shall break Death's fell tyrannic pow'r, And calm the troubled dying hour. " Blest rules of cool prudential age ! I listen'd, and rcver'd the sage.
Стр. 151 - Sublimest virtue and desire of fame, Where justice gives the laurel; in his eye The inextinguishable spark, which fires The souls of patriots; while his brow supports Undaunted valour, and contempt of death.

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