CRC World Dictionary of Plant Nmaes: Common Names, Scientific Names, Eponyms, Synonyms, and Etymology

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CRC Press, 17 нояб. 1999 г. - Всего страниц: 696
The 'CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names', a four volume set, is the most comprehensive work of its kind available today. The reader will find its coverage absorbing and useful. Umberto Quattrocchi, was awarded the prestigious Hanbury Botanical Garden Award for his studies on flowers and gardens.

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A comprehensive reference for all involved with plants and gardens, whether they are growing, studying, or writing about them. Читать весь отзыв


Greek male armhole and phoros bearing carrying
Malleola J J Smith Schlechter Orchidaceae
anus The plant names published by C S Rafinesque etc Greek mallos wool a lock of wool and phyton plant
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