Elizabeth I

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Longman, 2000 - Всего страниц: 209

In the Tudor age it was hard enough to be a king and doubly so to be a Queen. Elizabeth I survived!

  • Examines Elizabeth in terms of her power rather than her politics.
  • Traces her relationships with the statesman of her time.
  • Explores Elizabeth's relations with the Church, nobility, the royal Court, Parliament and the military.
As Elizabeth I, second edition, demonstrates, in the Tudor age it was hard enough to be a king: it was doubly hard to be a queen. Throughout her long reign, Elizabeth's target was survival, and she survived! Elizabeth I, second edition, tells us how. The reign of Elizabeth I was one of the most important periods of expansion and growth in British history, the so called 'Golden Age'. This celebrated and influential study of Elizabeth reconsiders how she achieved this and the ways in which she exercised her power. Elizabeth I second edition, looks at her role in government and the nation and examines Elizabeth in terms of her power rather than her policies, explores her relations with the statesmen of her time and shows how she interacted with the key institutions of sixteenth-century political life. Published in the very popular Profiles in Power series, this is not a biography, though inevitably it contains much biographical material, it instead analyzes the major features, achievements and failures of Elizabeth's career.

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