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Sa *5. te wo tuntee རྗེ, , ཁ ག ངེ ཨ– ? ཟླ་ པ་ མཆོག་ མ ཙ ཐཆེས་

འོས་ See me ne ser

Set the best sbe s.
See see

1.- e Eve-in
See me

See mc=he say

ends Senzadore S22ste sete che de Rap Su or the sead: see aavedbe Se e re be liste? 5-21 vassos descat.

She ceile e Seast speechee sarage scoard-u

$93 Ser 31, ero's Sned sciez. O shed xter.

** Saberes edeze erdies cits

here the

Such were the most wieder
Set otward rien
She = tasas bac
across the grass

to Serne jors are o'a 12-sation n'est Sepreis a' cd se des i

BERR: ar/F 340
She says. The cock cras - dari

Sweet and sweet
Transmise per i ÅA 14: Sweet Adun: jos olhe per
Sbe skrek sea, and ber sesi nad

¿ E Laut 215 Sweet, be separadas tres
Sbees = a fashiocable parole. Suara :: Sweet bard: thai szg sanayide carxon
Se se od breas high and the man THN
Se ss a beauty, Se the sight Byrne 44 Sweet day, somel scam, so brachte
She was a potom of deügb:

Sweeter and sweeter Sses the cast age

* ". Emryse cas Sweetest seriour, if my sal She is the debt eape of the nighi TB, * 3n Swee: Highland Gr, a reny shower Sbrid au d acquaintance be furgot

609 Sweet is the peasure Ssbut the door, good Juba!

601 Saeery breathing verral air


Sweet saram, that wipis rarough yonier gade Sect Dyosh, with cuma sese! 7:2x per

327 Sisce factica ebbs, and rogues grew out: fash.ca Swir walk over the westem are Senty

Dsr 735 Sword op my lett side gecaming (Trarsiasion of Sisce our foes to inrade us .

Charles T. Rrucks) Since there's no be.pe, - come ler es kisse ard Take back into thy bosom, earth parte .

V. Drasi 150 Take one example to our purpose cuite iwi i ne po So-gog through the forests.

5. G Sere :44 Take, (), take those ips away Sa sweet thrushes, ferth ar I sing! T. 7. St. 11351 320

Sewery a *** Foto dopo
Sr Marmaduke was a hearty knight Goa CAPRI :55 Take the open air

S:dow, sad soul, ard count Barry Cormac 28 Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean
Suskeins ard three, sex skeins and three Aday Card
Six years had passed, and forty ere the six

Tell me not in mournful numbers Ime uva mer

Goo. Cha 226 Tell me not, sweet, I am unkinde
Seek coat, eyes of fire
བའི **་ ༡ 1, 6 Tell me where is faner bred

Sieep breathes at last from out thee Lig! Ham 15 Tell me, re winged winds
Sleepco: and dream of Heaven awhile ! Rogers 47 Thank Heaven! the crisis
Seep! - The ghostly winds are biowing

Thanks untraced to lips unknown

Barry Corntua? 172 That cach who seems a separate whole frauts*** Sical thy flowing tide.

Sentky 612 That Heaven's beloved die early So a'i day fong the noise of battle rolled Tennyson 407 That I love thee, charming maid So fa en so lost! the light withdrawn II hirtier

13 Sur y noo away her breath Barry Corntent? 179 That which her slender waist confined 11. Suidier, rest! thy warfare o'er


374 That you have wreed me doth appear in tlies So many worlds, so much to do , Tem*78** 183

Sed lasman
Somebody 's courting somebody Anonymous The abbess was of noble blood .
Some of their chiefs were princes of the land

The angel of the tlowers, one day ( Translation)

Ar... der 308
Some of your hurts you have cured R. H. Emerson 025 The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the toid
Some say that kissing 's a sin
Anonymous 79

Sometimes I catch sweet glimpses of His face

The autumn is old

H. Bonar 276 The barge she sat in, like a burnished throne
Some years ago, ere time and taste W', M. Praed 500

Skundesart 898
So nigh is grandeur to our dust R. W. Emerson 025 The bell strikes one ; we take no note of time
So the truth 's out. I'll grasp it like a snake


616 Vis Vri'ack 165 The bird let loose in eastern skies Tem Sound the loud timbrel o'er Egypt's dark sea

The biessed damozel leaned out D G Rossetti

T. Noore 283 The blessed morn has come again Xalpe Hort Source immaterial of material naught R. H. Newell 775 The bov stood on the burning deck

Mrs. Homans #NY
Speak, 0 man, less recent! Fragmentary fossil! The breaking waves dashed high

Mrs. H. Mund 4t
F. B. Harte 731
The brilliant black eye

T. Vry


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