The universal anthology: a collection of the best literature, ancient, medieval and modern, with biographical and explanatory notes

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Richard Garnett, Léon Vallée, Alois Brandl
The Clarke company, limited, 1899

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Стр. xxi - Home of fadeless splendour, Of flowers that fear no thorn, Where they shall dwell as children Who here as exiles mourn; 'Midst power that knows no limit, Where wisdom has no bound, The beatific vision Shall glad the saints around.
Стр. 237 - Ambrosio listened with delight : never had he heard a voice more harmonious ; and he wondered how such heavenly sounds could be produced by any but angels. But though he indulged the sense of hearing, a single look convinced him that he must not trust to that of sight. The songstress sat at a little distance from his bed. The attitude in which she bent over her harp was easy and graceful : her cowl had fallen backwarder than usual : two coral lips were 'visible, ripe, fresh, and melting, and a chin,...
Стр. 113 - Or be he beggar ; be Islam or heathenesse his creed ; A few days in earth's inn a guest is he, then must he speed : Something to render gay that time is surely wisdom's need. " Our coming to this world is one ; man must reflect, survey; Care must one...
Стр. 113 - Events the workings of the Lord Most High make manifest; Being the mirror is in which the Absolute's exprest ; He who this mystery perceives in every state is blest ; The exit of each one who enters earth decreed doth rest. " Our coming to this world is one ; man must reflect, survey; Care must one banish, and look out for calm and quiet aye.
Стр. 146 - Up sprang Paul, like one possess'd by madness ; To the upper floor he hasten'd wildly; There his sister on her mats was sleeping, And the golden knife beneath her pillow. Swift he seized the golden knife, — and drew it — Drew it, panting, from its silver scabbard ; — It was damp with blood— 'twas red and gory!
Стр. 182 - Interim ex fatalibus libris sacrificia aliquot extraordinaria facta ; inter quae Gallus et Galla, Graecus et Graeca in foro bovario sub terram vivi demissi sunt in locum saxo 25 consaeptum, jam ante hostiis humanis, minime Romano sacro, inhutum.
Стр. 159 - MASTER Paul was angry: in his ire Threw his hat, Like a log, into the blazing fire — What of that? Talked about his wife till he was hoarse: " Curse her — I'll apply for a divorce ! No ! I'll chase her out of doors instead ; " — And he did exactly what he said. Master Paul got cooler after that — Very cool! " What a fool to throw away my hat — What a fool! What a fool to drive her from the door! Now I shall be poorer than before; For she kept the house, and earned her bread ; " And it was...
Стр. 113 - Beg defined, Who has the secret of the same within this verse enshrined : " Our coming to this world is one ; man must reflect, survey ; Care must one banish, and look out for calm and quiet aye.
Стр. 109 - ... not to know ; Thus pretending, she who doth the soul despite feigns not to know. Though I fail naught in her service, she doth me as alien treat ; Know not I why yonder Darling, earth's Delight, feigns not to know. If I dare to speak my eager longing those her lips to kiss, Friendship she disclaims, in sooth with cruel slight feigns not to know. That she whets her glance's arrow and therewith doth pierce the heart, E'en her bow-like eyebrow, yonder Ban of might feigns not to know. Well the loved...
Стр. 166 - The size and weight of the oar was so great that, except at the end where it was tapered to a manageable size, it was necessary to work it by handles fixed to the side. The slave to whom the end was allotted was always the strongest of the oarsmen ; he was captain of the oar, and directed the movements of the others. He was called the strokesman...

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