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Subdue my passions, touch my heart,

And all my fears control :
5 And may I taste thy richer grace

In that decisive hour,
When Christ to judgment shall descend,

And time shall be no more.

219. 61. L. M. Prayer of the dejected Penitent. Ps. cxxx. 1 FROM depths of sadness and distress,

From gloomy mazes of despair,
Thy throne of mercy we address ;

Þeign, O our God! to hear our prayer :
O let thine ear indulge our grief,

For thine indulgence is relief!
2 Shouldst thou, O God! minutely scan

Our faults, and as severely chide ;
No mortal seed of sinful man

Could such a scrutiny abide ;
But mercy shines in all thy ways,

Bright theme of universal praise !
3 With longing eyes we seek the Lord,

Before his throne our souls altend :
Firmly on his eternal word

Our faith is fixed, our hopes depend ::
On wings of love our souls shall rise,

In contemplation to the skies.
4 Ye contrite minds ! on God rely ;

In season he will grace impart,
Will send redemption from on high,

And soothe the penitential heart :
For mercy shines in all his ways,
Bright theme of universal praise !.


S. M.
Peace to the returning Penitent..
FATHER !-how sweet the voice,

That speaks of life and peace ;
That bids the penitent revive,

And all his anguish cease. 2

No balm on earth beside

Can cheer the contrite heart;
No flattering dreams of earthly bliss,

Such pure delight impart. 3

Still merciful and kind,
That merey, Lord ! reveal :
The broken heart 'tis thou canst bind,

The wounded spirit heal. 4 J.et me, with wilful mind,

No more thy laws offend :
Then shall I know nor guilt nor fear,

If thou be still my friend.

221. C. M.

Mercy to the Penitent. 1 O THOU,

the wretched's sure retreat,
Who dost our cares control,
And with the cheerful smile of peace,

Revive the fainting soul ! 2 Did ever thy propitious ear

The humble plea disdain !
Or when did plaintive misery sigh,

Or supplicate in vain ? 3 Oppressed with grief and shame, dissolvedi

In penitential tears,
Thy goodness calms our anxious doubts,

And dissipates our fears.

4 New life from thy refreshing grace

Our sinking hearts receive : Thy gentlest, best-loved attribute,

To pity and forgive.
5 From that blest source, propitious hope

Appears serenely bright,
And sheds her soft and cheering beam

O'er sorrow's dismal night.
6 Our hearts adore thy mercy, Lord,

And bless the friendly ray, Which ushers in the smiling morn

Of everlasting day.


C. M. Encouraging Assurance of the divine Presence.

Isa. xli. 10.
1 AND art thou with us, gracious Lord !

'To dissipate our fear!
Dost thou proclaim thyself our God,

Our God for ever near ? 2 Doth thy right hand which formed the earth,

And bears up all the skies,
Stretch from on high its friendly aid,

When dangers round us rise ?
3 And wilt thou lead our weary souls

To that delightful scene,
Where rivers of salvation flow

Through pastures ever green ?
4 On thy support our souls shall lean,

And banish every care;
The gloomy vale of death will smile,

If God be with us there.

While we his gracious succour prove,

'Midst all our various ways, The darkest shades through which we pass,

Shall echo with his praise.


C. M.
The Influence of habitual Piety.
BLEST is the man who fears the Lord !

His well-established mind,
In every varying scene of life,

Shall true composure find. :: Oft through the deep and stormy sea,

The heavenly foolsteps lie; But on a glorious world beyond,

His faith can fix its eye.
3 Though dark his present prospects be,

And sorrows round him dwell,
Yet hope can whisper to his soul,

That all shall issue well.
| Full in the presence of his God,

Through every scene he goes ;
And fearing him, no other fear

His steadfast bosom knows.
5 No dangers can his soul alarm ;

No gloomy views affright;
For faith assures his humble heart,

Whatever is, is right.

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224. L. M.
A good Conscience the best Support.
1 WHILE some in folly's pleasures roll,

And court the joys that hurt the soul;
Be mine that silent, calm repast,
A peaceful conscience to the last ;-

2 That tree which bears immortal fruit,

Without a canker at the root ;
That friend, who never fails the just,

When other friends betray their trust. 3 With this companion, in the shade

My soul no more shall be dismayed ;
Bút fearless meet the midnight gloom,

And the pale monarch of the tomb.
4 'Though heaven afflict, shall I repine ?

The noblest comforts still are mine;
Comforts which over death prevail,

And journey with me through the vale. 5 Amidst the various scenes of ills,

Each stroke some kind design fulfils :
And shall I murmur at my God,

When love supreme directs the rod ?
:6 His hand will smooth each rugged way,

And lead me to the realms of day;
To milder skies and brighter plains,
Where everlasting pleasure reigns.

225. C. M,

God, the Christian's Refuge. 1 When storms hang o'er the Christian's head,

He seeks his covenant-God :
And under his refreshing shade,

Finds a secure abode.
2 When foes and fears of every name

Assail his inward peace,
Those foes his God will put to shame,

And cause those fears to cease.

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