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198. L. M.

Patience. James i. 4.
1 PATIENCE, O 't is a grace divine,

Sent from the God of peace and love,
That leads upon its Father's arm,

As through the wilds of life we rove. 2 By patience, we serenely bear

The troubles of our mortal state,
And wait contented our discharge,

Nor think our glory comes too late. 3 O for this grace to aid us on,

And arm with fortitude the breast,
Till, life's tumultuous voyage o'er,

We reach the shores of endless reste 4 Faith into vision shall resign,

Hope shall in full fruition die,
And patience in possession end,
In the bright worlds of bliss on high.

199. S. M. Worldly Anxiety reproved. Matt. vi. 34. 1

Why do I thus perplex
My life, a breath of air,
With fears of distant ills, and vex

My heart with fruitless care ? 2 Can thought and toil increase

My days' appointed sum ?
Why waste I then my time, my peace,

To hoard for days to come ? 3 Will He, whose bounty gave

My life, its food deny
Who formed my nature, prone to crave,

Its cravings not supply?

4 They neither sow nor toil,

The tribes that wing the air,
Yet live on his paternal smile,

Whose bounty all things share.
Then let to-morrow's cares

Until to-morrow stay :
The trouble, which to-day prepares,

Suffices for to-day.
6 To him, these low desires,

This sordid gain I leave,
Who to no higher grod aspires,

Than what this world can give : 7

To nobler work applied,

My soul shall upward climb;
And trust my Father to provide

The needful things of time.

my humble

200. L. M. Steadfastness and Watchfulness implored. 1 0 'Thou! my Father and my Friend,

On whom I cast my constant care,
On whom for all things I depend :-
To thee I breathe

pra yer. 2 Endue me with a holy fear;

The secrets of my beart reveal ;
Sin and its spares are always near,

Thee may I always nearer feel, 3 O that to thee, my constant mind

May with a steady flane aspire;
Pride in its earliest motions find,
And check the rise of wrong desire.

4 O that my watchful soul may fly

The first-perceived approach of sin;
Look up to thee when danger 's nigh,

And feel thy fear control within ! 5 Search, gracious God! my inmost heari ;

From guilt and error set me free;
Thy light and truth and peace impart,
And guide me safe to heaven and thee.

201. L. M.

Inward Purity and Serenity.
1 O Gop! 10 whose all-searchine sight

The darkness stineth as the light,
Search, prove my heart; it looks to thee;

O burst ihese bonds and set it free. 2 Wash out its stains, refine iis dross,

Bind my affections to the cross ;
Hallow each thought ; cleanse all within

From the polluting power of sin. 3 While through this darksome wild I stray,

My strength proportion 10 my day ;
Let joys and sorrows gently low,

Nor rise too high, nor sink too low.
4 My restless passions, Lord! restrain,

And in my soul unrivalled reign ;
Then with whatever loads oppressed,

Centred in thee my soul shall rest. 5 O when shall


still-wavering mind
This sweetest self-possession find !
Fountain of joy ! I long to see
In thee my peace, my heaven in thee.

202. L. M.

1 Lo! what confusion rends the mind,

When by its own fierce tempests tost;
When reason is to rage resigned,

And in the whirl of passion lost ! 2 Happy the meek! whose gentle breast,

Clear as the summer's evening ray,
Calm as the regions of the blest,

Enjoys on earih celestial day. 3 His heart no broken friendships sting,

No jars his peaceful tent invade ;
Secure beneath th' Almighty wing,

And, foe to none, of none afraid.
4 Spirit of grace, all meek and mild !

Inspire our breasts, our souls possess ;
Repel each passion rude and wild,
And bless us, as we aim to bless.

203. S. M. " Blessed are the Meek." Mat. v. 5. 1

“ Blest are the meek,” IIe said,

Wbose doctrine is divine ;
The humble-minded, earth possess,

And bright in heaven will shine. 2

While here on earth they stay,

Calm peace with them shall dwell; And cheerful hope and heavenly joy,

Beyond what tongue can tell. 3 The God of peace is theirs ;

They own his gracious sway;
And, yielding all their wills to him,

His sovereign laws obey.

4 No angry passions move,

No envy fires the breast; The prospect of eternal peace

Bids every trouble rest.
5 O gracious Father! grant

That we this influence feel,
That all we hope, or wish, may be

Subjected to thy will.
6 Thus Christ our Lord to own,

Thus, thee in truth obey, Ensures us peace and joy on earth,

And leads to endless day.


L. M.

Personal Virtues,
1 AWAKE, my soul, shake off the dream,

And know thy real excellence ;
Too long I 've yielded to the stream,

Borne down by appetite and sense.
2 Awake, my thought, rouse every power,

Thy native dignity display :
Lei lust and passion reign no more,

No longer own their lawless sway. 3 Thy temper meek and humble be,

Content and pleased with every state ;
From dire revenge and envy free,

And wild ambition to be great. 4 Confine thy roving appetites :

From this vain world withdraw thine eyes ;
And raise them to those pure delights,
Which none can taste below the skies.

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