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3 Whate'er we do, where'er we turn,

Thy ceaseless bounty flows ; Oppressed with wo, when nature faints,

Thine arm is our repose. 4 To thee we look, thou Power Supreme,

O still our wants supply !
Safe in thy presence may we live,

And in thy favour die.

171. S. M.

Seeking God. Ps. Ixiii. 1 My God, permit my tongue

This joy, to call thee mine :
And let my earnest cries prevail

To taste thy love divine.
2 For life, without thy love,

No relish can afford :
No joy can be compared with this,

To serve and please thee, Lord. 3 In wakeful hours of night

I call my God to mind;
I think how wise thy counsels are,

And all thy dealings kind.
Since thou hast been my help,

To thee my spirit flies;
And on thy watchful providence

My cheerful hope relies. 5 The shadow of thy wings

My soul in safety keeps ;
I follow where my Father leads,

And he supports my steps.

172. C. M.
Trust in God in Prosperity and Adversity
1 The Lord,-how tender is his love !

His justice, how august !
Hence, all her fears my soul derives,

There, anchors all her trust..
2 He showers the manna from above,

To feed the barren waste;
Or points with death, the fiery hail,

And famine waits the blast. 3 Crowns, realms, and worlds,-his wrath in

Are dust beneath his tread :
He blights the fair, unplumes the proud,

And shakes the learned head. 4 He bids distress forget to groan,

The sick from anguish cease :
In dungeons spreads bis healing wingi,

And softly whispers peace.
5 Thy vengeance rides the rushing wind,

Or tips the bolt with flame :
Thy goodness breathes in every breeze,

And warms in every beam.
6 For me, O Lord ! whatever lot

The hours commissioned bring,
Do all my withering blessings die,

Or fairer clusters spring ;
70! grant that still with grateful heart,

My years resigned may run ; 'Tis thine to give or to resume,

And may thy will be done.

173. C. M. Submission under afflictive Providences. Job i. 21. 1 PEACE,—'t is the Lord Jehovah's hand

Which blasts our joys in death,
Changes the visage once so dear,

And gathers back the breath : 2 'Tis He, the Potentate supreme

Of all the worlds above,
Whose steady counsels wisely rule,

Nor from their purpose move.
3 The dear delights we here enjoy,

And call our own in vain,
Are but short favours lent us pow,

To be repaid again.
4 The God who lifts our comforts high,

Or sinks them to the grave,
He gives, and,

-blessed be his name, He takes but what he gave. 5 Peace then, our restless passions, peace,

Let each rebellious sigh
Be silent at his sovereign will,

And every murmur die.
6 If smiling mercy crown our lives,

Its praises shall be spread ;
Nor will we call unjust, the hand

That strikes our comforts dead..

174. C. M.
Serenity and Trust implored. Ps. xci.
1 WHEN present sufferings pain our hearts,

Or future terrors rise,
And light and hope almost depart

From these dejected eyes :

2 Thy powerful word supports our hopes,

Rich cordial of the mind !
And bears our fainting spirits up,

And bids us wait resigned.
3 And oh! whate'er of earthly bliss

Thy providence denies, Accepted at thy throne of grace,

Let this petition rise :
4 Give us a calm, a thankful heart,

From every murmur free :
The blessings of thy grace impart,

And make us live to thee.
5 Let the blest hope that we are thine,

Our path of life attend ;
Thy presence through our journey shine,

And crown our journey's end.


L. M. Trust in God in all Circumstances. 1 FATHER! I thank thee ; may no thougbt

E’er deem thy chastisements severe;
But may this heart, by sorrow taught,

Calm each wild wish, each idle fear. 2 Thy mercy bids all nature bloom,

Thy sun shines bright, and man is gay ;
Thine equal mercy spreads the gloom,

That darkens o'er his little day.
3 Full many a throb of grief and pain

Is earth's pale wanderer doomed to know,
Yet not one prayer is breathed in vain,
Or does one tear unbeeded flow.

4 Thy various messengers employ ;

Thy purposes of love fulfil;
And 'mid the wreck of human joy,
Let kneeling faith adore thy will.

176. L. M.

“ God is Love." 1 WHEN darkness long has veiled my mind,

And smiling day once more appears ;
Then, my Creator ! then I find

The folly of my doubts and fears. · 2 Straight I upbraid my wandering heart,

And blush that I should ever be
Thus prone to act so base a part,

Or harbour one hard thought of thee. 30! let me then at length be taught,

What I am still so slow to learn
That God is love, and changes not,

Nor knows the shadow of a turn. 4 Sweet truth, and easy to repeat !

But when my faith is sharply tried,
I find myself a learner yet,

Unskilful, weak, and apt to slide.
5 But, O my God! one look from thee,

Subdues the disobedient will,
Drives doubt and discontent away,
And thy rebellious child is still.

177. C. M. Submission to the divine Disposal. 1 0 LORD! my best desires fulfil,

And help me to resign
Life, health, and comfort to thy will,

And make thy pleasure mine.

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