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O happy soul that lives on high

Watts. 226
O here, if ever, God of love

E.Taylor. 312
O how delightful is the road Jn.Taylor. 152
O how sball words with equal warmth Addison. 58
O let us with a grateful mind

Cotton. 197
O Lord! how excellent thy name Watts. 97
O Lord ! my best desires fulfil

Cowper. 177
O Lord of earth, and seas, and skies Browne. 102
O Lord! to earth's contracted span

Pope. 77
O praise ye the Lord

Tate. 49
o Source of uncreated ligbt

Dryden. 15
O that the Lord would guide my way

Watts. 246
O the abundance of thine house

Cotton. 364
Othere's a better world on high W.Bost. Col. 283
o Thou ! before whose gracious Rippon's Col. 359
o Thou! from whom all blessings Salisbury Col. 320
0 Thou, my earliest, latest hope

Watts. 179
0 Thou, my Father and my Friend Exeter Col. 200
O Thou, the wretched's sure retreat Carter. 221
o Thou, through all thy works adored Enfield. 36
0 Thou! whose all-discerning eye

Watts. 14
0 Thou! whose mercy hears

Steele. 217
O ye, who seek Jehovah's face Jn.Taylor. 324
Our country is Emmanuel's ground Barbauld. 260
Our life advancing to its close

Merrick. 345
Parent of all. Omnipotent

Walker. 192
Parent of good! we rest on thee Merrick. 178
Patience, Ö 'tis a grace divine Rippon's Col. 198
Peace, 'tis the Lord Jehovah's band Watts. 173
Perpetual Source of light and grace Doddridge. 215
Pity, dread Sovereign,

and forgive Watts. 216
Pity thine erring world, O God

Watts. *9
Praise, everlasting praise be paid Watts. 240
Praise to God, immortal praise Barbauld. 52
Praise to God, the great Creator Jn.Taylor. 128
Praise to his grace,who loud proclaims Doddridge. 117
Praise to thee, thou great Creator Fawcett. *1
Praise to the grace divine

Watts. 3
Praise to the Lord of boundless might Doddridge. 116
Providence profusely kind

Steele. 266
Raise your triumphant songs

Watts 126

Remark, my soul, the narrow bounds Doddridge. 343
Return, my roving heart, return Doddridge. 206
Searcber of hearts ! my thoughts Eo.Luth.Col. 214
Shine forth, eternal Source of light Doddridge. 154
Sbine on our souls, eternal God Doddridge. 161
Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands Watts. 119
Sing, ye redeemed of the Lord Doddridge. 132
Soft are the fruitful showers Henry Moore. 243
So let our lips and lives express

Watts. 209
Supreme and universal light Henry Moore. 74

That awful hour will soon appear Steele. 281
The evils that beset our path Olney Hymns. 271
Thee, the high heavens cannot contain Drennan. 363
Thee we adore, eternal name Doddridge. 277
The gifts indulgent heaven bestows Steele. 112
The God of heaven is kind and just Jervis. 235
The God,on whom our hope depends C.Wesley. 114
The heavens declare thy glory, Lord Watts. 136
The beart dejected sighs to know

Needham. 300
The Lord! how tender is his love Darwin. 172
The Lorel my pasture shall prepare Addison. 104
The man whose faith and hope are strong Earle. 371
The morning flowers display their C.Wesley. 280
There is a God, all nature speaks

Steele. 81
There is a glorious world on high Steele. 305
There is a house not made with hands Watts. 291
There is a land of pure delight

Watts. 303
The rising morn, the closing day

Steele. 337
The rolling year, almighty Lord Needham. 338
The spacious firmament on high Addison. 80
The starry hosts in order move

Grove. 98
The swift-declining day

Doddridge. 274
This feast was Jesus' high behest Enfield's Sel. 307
This is the day the Lord of life

Cotton. 17
Those happy realms of joy and peace Steele. 292
Thou dost, Lord, thy saints sustain Doddridge. *11
Thou, God of mercy! wilt indulge Fawcett. 332
Thou God, who reign'st alone Drummond. 83
Thou great Creator, Father, Lord

Steele. 101
Thou great and universal Lord Williams' Col. 72

Thou, Lord, by mortal eyes unseen Mason. 123
Thou Power, by whose command I live Carter. 55
Thou Power, who dost with absolute Barbauld. 89
Thou, who dwell'st enthroned above Sandys. 45
Thou unseen Power, arrayed H. K. White. 37
Thou, who through every changing Doddridge. 268
Thou, with impartial eye, great King Needham. 108
Though earthly shepherds dwell in Doddridge. 360
Through all the changing scenes of life Tate. 239
Through all the various shifting scene Liv.0.Col. 106
The uplifted eye and bended knee

Thus far, thou, Lord! hast led me on Watts. 384
To calm the sorrows of the mind Jervis. 236
To God, let fervent prayers arise

Watts. 142
To God, the only wise


To Thee, let my first offerings rise Drennan. 379
To Thee, O God! my days are known Doddr. 165
To Thee, O God! my prayer ascends Rowe. 70
To Thee, O God! we homage pay Doddridge. 122
To Thee, Supreme, the ever-bless'd Merrick. *5
To Thee, supreme, eternal mind

Carter. 71
To your Creator God

Steele. 27
Triumpbant, Lord! thy goodness Doddridge. 95
Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb

Watts. 335
Upward we lift our eyes

Watts. 328
Weak and irresolute is man

Cowper. 251
Welcome the glorious day


What countless myriads draw their breath Scott. 129
What eyes like ibine, eternal Sire Merrick. 113
What glory gilds thy word

Cowper. 150
What seraph of celestial birth

Tate. 41
Wbat shall we render, God of love Ev.Luth. Col. 321
What tho' downy slumbers flee Doddridge. 385
What sacred joy thy house attends Watts.

When a few years or days perhaps Hawkesworth. 279
When all the powers of nature fail Jervis. 285
When all thy mercies ! O my God Addison. 57
When as returns this solemn day

Barbauld. 9
When darkness long has veil'd my mind Cowper. 176
When fancy spreads her boldest wing Steele. 267
When from the verge of youth, my mind Merrick. 257

When gloomy thoughts and boding fears Steele. 234
When in the light of faith divine Watts. 265
When in the vale of lengthened years

When life's tempestuous storms. W.Boston Col. 293
When opening life its scenes unfolds.

Wben present sufferings pain our hearts Steele. 174
When reft of all, and hopeless care Drummond. 233
When rising from the bed of death Addison. 218
When sickness shakes the languid Heginbotham. 286
When storms hang o'er the Heginbotham. 225
When the last trumpet's awful voice ScotchPar. 297
Wherefore should man, frail child of clay Enfield. 205
Wherewith shall I approach thee, Lord Browne. 10
While beauty clothes the fertile vale Steele. 336
While raptured saints adoring stand Collet. 69
While sleep's oblivion o'er me Hawksworth. 378
While some in folly's pleasures roll Cotton. 224
While sounds of war are heard around Aikin. 350
While with ceaseless course, the sun 0.Hymns. 347
While thee I seek, protecting H. M. Williams. 167
While through life's pilgrimage I stray Merrick. 153
While to the grave our friends are borne Steele. 330
Who, gracious Father! shall complain Scott. 107
Why do I thus perplex

Scott. 199
Why do we waste in trifling cares Doddridge. 253
With ecstacy of joy

Doddridge. 130
With glad amazement,Lord! I stand Doddridge. 63
With grateful heart and cheerful tongue Ogilvie. 35
With grateful joy, 0 man, record Doddridge. 34
With pleasing wonder, Lord ! we view Doddr. 66
Ye followers of the prince of peace

Beddome. 309
Ye golden lamps of heaven, farewell Doddridge. 290
Ye weak inbabitants of clay Doddridge. 86

PUBLIC WORSHIP, Introduction of, 1-26, 152.

Worship, of the One Supreme, 2. Of the God of
Holiness, 18. Simplicity of christian, 24. Accep-
table, 9-11, 14, 182. The House of God, his pre-
sence in, 25.

Invitation to, 4. 23. The Heavenly
Sabbath, 7, 26. The Lord's Day, 17, 19, 20.
Sanctuary privileges, delight in, 12, 13. Abuse of,

210. Privation of, 364.

of creation adored, 27-35, 46. The God of provi-
dence celebrated, 39—44, 60—62, 65. Greatness
of God in the elements, 36-38. Universal Praise,
1, 5, 6, 46. Exalted and perpetual Praise, 16, 43,
45–51. Gratitude for personal mercies, 52–68.
Gratitude under all circumstances, 52, 64.

gifts of Providence and grace generally, implored,
69_79. Spiritual blessings especially, i5, 70,

74–78. The Lord's prayer, 79.
GOD, revealed in his works, 29, 30, 80, 81. The One

Supreme, 2. The One Livivg and True, 82, 83.
The Creator, 97. Creator of man, 55. Invisible,
155. Infinite and Eternal, 87. Incomprehensible,
84, 85. His unchangeable existence, 88, 89, 269.
His universal presence and knowledge, 90–93.
His universal goodness, 67, 94, 95, 102. His majes-
ty, 86. His foreknowledge and decrees, 96. Up-

holder of the course of nature, 98.
His moral attributes, 156. His condescension, 108.

His faithfulness, 239, 240. His paternal character,
157, 159, 176. His mercy, the refuge of the peni-
tent, 216–221. His benignity through all dispen-
sations, 117. Equity of his government, 107, 111.
God, the guardian of innocence, 61, 113. The re-
fuge of his chosen, 114, 115, 225._The desire and
portion of his people, 168, 169. The leader of his
people, 132, 263. His peculiar regard to his peo-
The Supreme good, 265, 267.


ple, 66.

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