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5 Struck by that light, his heart,

A barreu soil no more,
Sends shoots of righteousness abroad,

Where follies sprung before. 6 The soul so dreary once,

Once misery's dark domain,
Feels happiness unknown before,

And owns a heavenly reign.

151. S. M. Meekness and Candor in investigating divine Truth.

How error shrinks from light,

And dreads th' inquiring eye!
But heaven-born truths the test invite-

They bid us search and try.
O may we still maintain

A meek, inquiring mind;
Assured we shall not search in vain,

But hidden treasures find. 3 With understanding blest,

Created to be free,
Our faith on man we dare not rest,

Subject to none but thee.
4 Lord, give the light we need ;

With soundest knowledge fill;
From noxious error guard our creed,

From prejudice our will.
5 The truth thou shalt impart

May we with firmness own;
Abhorring each evasive art,

And fearing thee alone,

152. L. M. Christian Instruction and Worship sanctified, 1 O how delightful is the road,

T'hat leads us to thy temple, Lord !
With joy we visit thine abode,

And seek the treasures of thy word. 2 O heavenly treasures ! glorious light !

From ancient sages long concealed;
Till Christ restored the feeble sight,

And thine unchanging word revealed. 3 For thee, great God ! our thoughts prepare

The sacrifice thy love demands;
A soul repentant and sincere,

A grateful heart, and liberal hands.
4 By those pure rules which Jesus taught,

Our course unerring may we steer;
So life shall with content be fraught
Aud death itself be void of fear.

1. 153. 61. L. M. Spiritual Light and Knowledge implored.

Ps. cxix. 1 WHILE through life's pilgrimage I stray,

O let thy light attend my way,
Thy precepts fixed before my view,
Let me with steadfast aim pursue,
Nor error's cloud, nor arts of sin,

My soul from truth and virtue win. 2. Thou Source of light to all below!

Teach me thy word aright to know,
That raised above the world, my mind
In thee its highest good may find,
And with celestial wisdom filled,
A pure, a full obedience yield.

3 Thus to my life's remotest day,

Teach me, o teach me, LORD! thy way;
Divert from vanity mine eye,
To me thy quickening strengh supply,
And with thy promised succour, cheer
A heart devoted to thy fear.

154. C. M. Value of the Knowledge of God. Hos. vi. S. 1 SHINE forth, eternal Source of light!

Make thy perfections known;
Fill our enlarged, adoring sight,

With lustre all thine own.
2 To know the author of our frame,

Is our sublimest skill :
True science is to learn his name,

True life, to do his will.
3 All wisdom else, compared with this,

Is little worth and vain ;
Who wants it, fails of truest bliss,

Though all beside he gain.
4 For this let us unceasing pray,

This all our powers pursue ; Till visions of eternal day

Break on our raptured view.

155. L. M. Faith in the invisible God. Heb. xi. 27. 1 ETERNAL and almighty King !

Thy peerless splendors none can bear;
But darkness veils seraphic eyes,
When God with all his glory's there.

2 Yet faith can pierce the awful gloom,

The great Invisible can see ;
And with its tremblings mingle joy,

In fixed regards, great God ! to thee. 3 Then every tempting forin of sin,

Awed by thy presence, disappears ;
And all the glowing raptured soul

The likeness it contemplates, wears. 4 O ever conscious to my heart !

Witness to its :supreme desire :
Behold it presseth on to thee,

For it hath caught the heavenly fire. 5 This one petition would it urgem

To hear thee ever in its sighl ;
In life, in death, in worlds unknown,
Its only portion and delight !

[blocks in formation]

I GREAT God ! thy peerless excellence

Let all created natures own :
Deep on our minds impress the sense

Of glories which are thine alone. 2 Let these our admiration raise,

And fill us with religious awe :
Tune all our hearts and tongues to praise,

And bend us to thy holy law.
3 But, where we may resemble thee,

And in thy godlike nature share,
Thine humble followers let us be,
And somewhat of thy likeness bear.,

4 Pure may we be, averse from sin,

Just, holy, merciful, and true ;
And let ihine image, formed within,
Shine out in all we speak and do.


S. M. God's parental Character. 1. My Father !--cheering name !

O may I call thee mine?'
Give me with humble hope to claim

A portion so divine.
2 This can my fears control,

And bid my sorrows fly ;
What real harm can reach my soul

Beneath my Father's eye ? 3 Whate'er thy will denies,

I calmly would resign ;
For thou art just, and good, and wise, -

O bend my will to thine !
Whate'er thy will ordains,

O give me strength to bear ;
Still let me know a Father reigns,

And trust a Father's care.
If anguish rend this frame,

And life almost depart;
Is not thy mercy still the same

To cheer my drooping heart? 6 Thy ways are little known

To my weak, erring sight;
Yet shall my soul, believing, own

That all thy ways are right.

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