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While eager for the blest abode,
He joins with them to praise the God,

Who taught him how to die. 3 No sorrow drowns his lifted eyes, No horror wrests the struggling sighs,

As from the sinner's breast;
His God, the God of peace and love,
Pours kindly solace from above,

And soothes his soul to rest.
4 O grant, my Father, and my Friend,
Such joys may gild my peaceful end,

So calm my evening close ;
While loosed from every earthly tie,
With steady confidence I fly
To Thee, from whom I rose.

294. C. M. The Peace of the Grave. Job iii. 17-20. 1 How still and peaceful is the grave !

Where, life’s vain tumults past, The appointed house, by heaven's decree,

Receives us all at last. 2 The wicked there, from troubling cease ;

Their passions rage no more ; And there the weary pilgrim rests

From all the toils he bore. 3 There rest the prisoners, now released

From slavery's sad abode : No more they hear the oppressor's voice,

Nor dread the tyrant's rod. 4 There servants, masters, small and great,

Partake the same repose;
And there, in peace, the ashes mix
Of those who once were foes.

5 All levelled by the hand of death,

Lie sleeping in the tomb ;
Till God in judgment call them forth,
To meet their final doom.

295. C. M.
Blessed are the Dead wbich die in the Lord.”

Rev. xiv. 13. 1 HEAR what the voice from heaven proclaims

For all the pious dead;
Sweet is the savour of their names,

And soft their dying bed.
2 They sleep in Jesus and are blest ;

How calm their slumbers are !
From sufferings and from sins released,

And freed from every snare.
3 Shall we then tremble to convey

Their bodies to the townb ?
There the rich dust of Jesus lay,

And left a long perfume.
4 The graves of all his saints be blest,

And softened every bed ;
Where should the dying members rest,

But with the dying Head ?
5 Like him they wake to life anew;

And, justified by grace,
Shall stand complete in glory too,
Before their Father's face.

296. C. M. The Creation an Emblem of the Resurrection. 1 All nature dies, and lives again :

The flowers that paint the field,
The trees that crown the mountain's brow,

And boughs and blossoms yield ;

2 Resign the honours of their form

At winter's stormy blast;
And leave the naked, leafless plain,

A desolated waste.
3 Yet soon reviving plants and flowers

Anew shall deck the plain ; The woods shall hear the voice of spring,

And flourish green again. 4 So to the dreary grave consigned,

Man sleeps in death's dark gloom, Until the eternal morning wake

The slumbers of the tomb.
5 O may the grave become to us

The bed of peaceful rest;
Whence we shall gladly rise at length,

And mingle with the blest.
6 Cheered by this hope, with patient mind

We'll wait heaven's high decree ; Till the appointed period come,

When death shall set us free.


C. M. “ This Mortal shall put on Immortality." 1 Cor.

xv. 52-58,
1 WHEN the last trumpet's awful voice

This rending earth shall shake;
The opening graves shall yield their charge,

And dust to life awake :
2 Those bodies, that corrupted fell,

Shall incorrupted rise ;
And mortal forms shall spring to life

Immortal in the skies.
3 Behold! what heavenly prophets sung,

Is seen fulfilled at last;

Death his unbroken sway resigns,

Which held the ages past.
4 Let faith exalt her joyful voice,

Let hope exulting sing :
O grave! where is thy triumph now ?

• death! where is thy sting ?
5 Our God, whose name be ever blest -

Disarms that foe we dread;
And makes us conquerors, when we die,

Through Christ, our living Head. 6 Then steadfast let us still remain,

Though dangers press around; And in the work prescribed by God,

Yet more and more abound.

298. C. M. The Resurrection of Jesus the Pledge of ours

1 Pet. i. 3-5.
1 BLESS'd be the everlasting God,

The Father of our Lord;
Be his abounding mercy praised,

His majesty adored.
2 When Jesus from the tomb arose,

Ascending to the skies,
The liveliest hope with us he left,

That we should also rise.
3 What though the feeble frame of man

Returns to native dust;
Since Christ, our pledge and pattern rose,

So all his followers must.
4 There 's an inheritance divine,

Reserv'd against that day : 'T is uncorrupted, undefiled,

And cannot fade away.

5 Thy servants by thy power are kept,

Till this deliverance come ;
And walk by faith, as strangers here,

Till thou shalt call them home.

299. C. M.

The great Consummation. 1 BRIGHT orb, thy flaming circuit stay!

The Jewish victor cries :
So shall at last an angel say,

And rend it from the skies. 2 A fire intenser than the sun,

Shall melt his golden urn;
Time's empty glass no more shall run,

Nor human years return. 3 Then, with immortal splendor bright,

That glorious orb shall rise,
Which through eternity shall light

The new-created skies.
4 On the bright ranks of happy souls

Those blissful beams shall shine ; While the loud song of triumph rolls,

In harmony divine.
5 0 let not sordid, base desire,

The soul's dark, rayless night,
Unfit us for that sacred choir,
Or God's unchanging light !

300. L. M. The final Retribution. Dan. xii. 1, 2. 1 THE heart dejected, sighs to know,

Why vice triumphant reigns below;
Why saints have fallen in every age,
The victims of tyrannic rage.

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