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Hopes and joys of this year o'er,
If it brought or promised good,
It is now our own no more,

Than the years beyond the flood. 2 Some,-we now no longer see,

Who their mortal course have run,
Seemed as fair for life as we,
When the passing year begun :
Some,—but who God only knows,
That are here assembled now,
Ere the opening year shall close,

To the common doom must bow. 3 If from guilt and sin set free,

By the knowledge of thy grace,
Welcome then the call will be
To depart and see thy face :
To thy saints while here below,
With new years new mercies come,
But the happiest year they know,
Is their last that leads them home.


7 M.

Close of th Year.
1 WHILE, with ceaseless course, the sun

Hasted through the closing year,
Many souls their race have run,
Never more to meet us here !
Finished here probation's day,
They have done with all below;
We a little longer stay ;

But how little, none can know. 2 As the winged arrow flies,

Quick the destined mark to find;

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As the lightning from the skies,
Darts, and leaves no trace behind :
So our brief and transient days
To their end speed swiftly on ;
Soon we pass life's liille space,

Here to-day, lo-morrow gone.
3 Thanks for mercies past receive,

Pardon of our sins renew ;
Teach us by thy grace to live,
With eternity in view.
Bless thy word to young and old;
Fill us with a Saviour's love;
And, when life's short tale is told,
Take us to thy bliss above.

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L. M.

Public Humiliation.
1 GREAT Framer of unnumbered worlds,

And whom unnumbered worlds adore !
Whose goodness all thy creatures share,

While nature trembles at thy power :
2 Thine is the hand that moves the spheres,

That lifts the sea and wakes the wind ;
And man, who moves the lord of earth,

Acts but the part thy will assigned.
3 LORD, while thy judgments shake the land,

Thy people's eyes are fix'd on thee,
Thy just, uplified arm we own,

Which thousands cannot, will not see. 4 Yet hear th' assemblies of thy saints,

Who meet to mourn, confess and pray ;
The country and the churches spare,
Nor let thy face be turned away.

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5 O may our land in this her bour,

Submissive own thy chastening rod i
Then shall thy banner, o'er her seen,
Proclaim again her guardian God.


C. M.

Penitent Humiliation. 1 O God of grace! oft has our land

Been like a burning brand ; Snatched from the fierce surrounding flame

By thy indulgent hand.
2 But have we learned thy name to fear,

Thy mercy to improve ?
Have we been drawn to keep thy laws,

By all these chórds of love ? 3 Or when on days like these, we've mourned

Our sins and pardon prayed,
Have we not soon forgot our vows,

And far as ever strayed ?
4 Too deeply conscious, though again

Our suppliant eyes we raise,
Shouldst thou refuse the succour sought,

Who shall arraign thy ways ?
5 But, O thou God of perfect grace !

Here all our comfort lies,
The truly-broken, contrite heart,

Thou never wilt despise.
6 But while in this eternal truth

Refuge alone we find,
Let the blest hope we wish to form,

To faithful duty bind.

350. L. M.

For a Fast-day in Time of War.
1 WHILE sounds of war are heard around,

And death and ruin strew the ground;
To thee we look, on thee we call,

The Parent, and the Lord of all !
2 Thou, who hast stamped on human kind

The image of a heaven-born mind,
And in a Father's fond embrace

Hast cherished all the kindred race; 3 O see, with what insatiate rage

Thy sons their impious battles wage,
How spreads destruction like a flood,

And brothers shed their brothers' blood ! 4 See guilty passions spring to birth,

And deeds of hell deform the earth ;
While righteousness and justice mourn,

And love and pity droop forlorn. 5 Great God ! whose powerful hand can bind

The raging waves, the furious wind,
() bid the human tempest cease,
And hush the maddening world to peace.

351. S. M. The Designs of Providence in the Revolutions of the

1 God, to correct the world

In wrath, is slow to rise :
But comes at length, in thunder clothed,

And darkness veils the skies. 2 His banners, lifted high,

The nation's God declare ;

And stained with blood, with terrors marked,

Spread wonder and despair. 3 All earthly pomp and pride

Are in his presence lost : Empires o'eriurned, thrones, sceptres, crowns,

In wild confusion tost.
4 While war and wo prevail,

And desolation wide ;
In God, the sovereign Lord of all,

The righteous still confide. 5 Mysterious is the course

of his tremendous way : His path is in the trackless winds,

And in the foaming sea.
6 Yet, though now wrapt in clouds,

And from our view concealed :
The righteous Judge will soon appear,

In majesty revealed !
7 He'll curb the lawless power,

The deadly wrath of man: And all the windings will unfold

Of his own gracious plan.

352. L. M.
Praise for the Return of Peace. Ps. xlvi.
1 GREAT Ruler of the earth and skies,

A word of thine almighty breath
Can sink the world, or bid it rise;

Thy smile is life, thy frown is death. 2 When angry nations rush to arms,

And rage, and noise, and tumult reign,
And war resounds its dire alarms,
And slaughter dyes the hostile plain :

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