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61. L. M. Life, Death, and Resurrection. 1 ETERNAL God! how frail is man ! Few are the hours, and short the span,

Between the cradle and the grave : Who can prolong his vital breath? Who, from the bold demands of death,

Hath skill to fly, or power to save ? 2 But let no murmuring heart complain, That, therefore, man is made in vain,

Nor the Creator's grace distrust;
For though his servants, day by day,
Go to their graves, and turn to clay,

A bright reward awaits the just.
3 Jesus hath made thy purpose known,
A new and better life hath shown,

And we the glorious tidings hear :
For ever blessed be the Lord,
That we can read his holy word,

And find a resurrection there.


C. M.
On the Death of a Chid.

1 LIFE is a span, a fleeting hour ;

How soon the vapour flies!
Man is a tender, transient flower,

That e'en in blooming dies. 2 The once-loved form, now cold and dead,

Each mournful thought employs ;
And nature weeps, her comforts flod,

And withered all her joys

3 But wait the interposing gloom,

And lo ! stern winter flies;
And, dressed in beauty's fairest bloom,

The flowery tribes arise.
4 Hope looks beyond the bounds of time,

When what we now deplore, Shall rise in full immortal prime,

And bloom, to fade no more. 5 Then cease, fond nature ! cease thy tears :

Religion points on high,
T'here everlasting spring appears,

And joys that cannot die.


L. M.

A Funeral Hymn.
1 UNVEIL thy bosom, faithful tomb !

Take this new treasure to thy trust :
And give these sacred relics room

To slumber in thy silent dust.
2 No pain, no grief, no anxious fear,

Invade thy bounds ; no mortal woes
Can reach the peaceful sleeper here,

While angels watch its soft reposé. 3 So Jesus slept ; God's dying Son

Passed through the grave, and blessed the bed; Then rest, dear saint, till from his throne,

The morning break, and pierce the shade. 4 Break, sacred morning ! from the skies;

Then, clothed anew in bright array,
Immortal form ! to life arise,
And swell the song of endless day.


C. M.

1 WHILE beauty clothes the fertile vale,

And blossoms on the spray,
And fragrance breathes in every gale,

How sweet the vernal day!
2 How kind the influence of the skies !

Soft showers, with blessings fraught,
Bid verdure, beauty, fragrance rise,

And fix the roving thought.
3 O let my wondering heart confess,

With gratitude and love,
The bounteous hard that deigns to bless

The garden, field, and grove. 4. That bounteous hand my thoughts adore,

Beyond expression kind,
Hath sweeter, nobler gifts in store,

To bless the craving mind.
5 Inspired to praise, I then shall join

Glad nature's cheerful song ;
And love and gratitude divine
Attune my joyful tongue.

337. C. M.
Seed-time and Harvest. Ps. Ixv.
1 The rising morn, the closing day,

Repeat thy praise with grateful voice ;
Both in their turns thy power display,

And, laden with thy gifts, rejoice.
2 Earth's wide-extended, varying scenes,

All smiling round, thy bounty show;
From seas or clouds, full magazines,
Thy rich, diffusive blessings flow.

3 Now earth receives the precious seed,

Which thy indulgent hand prepares ;
And nourishes the future bread,

And answers all the sower's cares.
4 Thy sweet, refreshing showers attend,

And through the ridges gently flow;
Soft on the springing corn descend,

And thy kind blessing makes it grow. $ Thy goodness crowns the circling year,

Thy paths drop fatness all around;
E'en barren wilds thy praise declare,

And echoing hills return the sound.
6 Here spreading flocks adorn the plain;

There, plenty every charm displays;
Thy bounty clothes each lovely scene,
And joyful nature shouts thy praise.

338. C. M.
The Providence of God in the Seasons
1 The rolling year, Almighty LORD!

Obeys thy powerful nod:
Each season, as it silent moves,

Declares the present God. 2 Waked hy thy voice, blooms forth the spring,

In living verdure drest;
On hills, in vales, through fields and groves,

Thy beauties stand confest.
3 The sun calls forth the summer months,

Nor do the hours delay;
The fruits with varied colours glow

Beneath his ripening ray.
4 Thy bounty, Lord! in autumn shines,

And spreads a general feast ;

In which thy creatures all partake,

The greatest and the least.
5 When winter rears her hoary head,

And shows her furrowed brow,
In storms and tempests, frosts and snows,

How awful then art thou !
6 The rolling year, almighty LORD!

Obeys thy powerful nod; Each season, as it silent moves,

Declares the present God.

339. L. M. The Goodness of God in the Seasons. 1 GREAT Gop! at whose all-powerful call,

At first arose this beauteous frame,
By thee the seasons change, and all

The changing seasons speak thy name. 2 Thy bounty bids the infant year,

From winter storms recovered, rise;
When thousand grateful scenes appear,

Fresh opening to our wondering eyes. 3 O how delightful 'tis, to see

The earth in vernal beauty drest!
While in each herb, and flower, and tree,

Thy bright perfections shine confest ! 4 Aloft, full beaming, reigns the sun,

And light and genial heat conveys;
And, while he leads the seasons on,

From thee derives his quickening rays. 5 Around us, in the teeming field,

Stands the rich grain, or purpled vine;
At thy command, they rise to yield
The strengthening bread, or cheering wine.

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