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pants, in Armado, Holofernes, and Nathaniel, ii. Love's labour's

soft-messenger, iv. 163. Trav, vi. 39. Kent
A Quarrelsome person, viii. 40. Mer.
Savage man, Caliban, i. Tempest
School-boy, ii. 246. Jaques
Seafaring persons in distress, i. 7. Pro.
Serving-nian, vi. 54. Edgar
Shepherd, ii. 248
Soldier, ii, 246. Jaques. Young, brave, and unpolished, vii. 3341

Soldiers in armour, iv. 138. Ver.
Swimmer, i. 21. Fran. vii. 8. C:fius
Talkative coxcombs, ii. 119. Lor.
Trojans, vii. 282. Æneas
Twins, their likeness described in the two Antipholises and Drorpio's

iii. Comedy of errors
Villain's look, iii. 340. Pembroke. 344. King John
Wife, a good one, ii. 120. Jessica
Witch, Sycorax. i. 11
Witches, and their charms, vi. Macbeth
Woman's man, ii. 199. Biron
Woman of a satyrical wit, ii, 18. Bene. 37. Hero. A lewd one, vä.

331. Ulysses
Young gentleman, an accomplished one, i. 139. Val. vii, 169, 70

I Gentleman
Young lady playing on the lute, and singing, vi. 191. Mar.
Younger brother kep: without education, ii. 217. Orla.
Youth, a pert pretender, ii. 117. Portia. A beautiful one described

265, Phebe. A pert one, vii. 215. Pifanio. Two of royal birth

230. Bel.

Bank, flowery, i. 78. Oberon

Dover cliff, vi. 73. Edgar
· England described in its situation iii. 301. Austria. Only conquered

by intestine divisions 364. Bastard. Celebrated, iv. 22. Gaunt.
Dispraised by the Constable of France 283. Its interest in relation

to France, v. 142. Hastings. Its situation, vii, 204 Queen
A Field after a battle, iv, 314. Mountjoy
Glouceltershire, iv. 33. Northumberland
Inchanted ille, i. 32. Calibau
Kent, v. 72. Say
Lombardy, ii. 298. Lucentio
Nile, its How described, vii. 108.
Pisa, ii. 298. Lucentio
Salique land, iv, 2.52. Canterbury
The Severen, iv, 90. Hoip: r.
Tower of London, v. 212.
Trent, at Burton, iv. 121. Hotspur
Vale, a dark and melancholy one, vi. 184. Tamora-

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T H I N G S.
A Mbitious love, ži: s. Helena

Angling, ii. 30. Ursata. Cleopatra's vii, 99
An army disbanded, iv. 217. Hastings. Imbarking 274: Chorus

Esglish new raised, iii. 302. Chatilion
Art and Nature. Soe Nature
Beauty, i. 33. Ferdinand. v. 291. King. 303. Cham. 318. Suff,

332. 2. Gent. Neglected, i. 272. Julia. Described by Romeo.

vii 20
Challenge, the ceremonial of one, iy. 4,
Combat in the lifts, its ceremony, iv. 18
Coronati'n, the ceremonies of ooe, v. 331. 3. Gent.
Death, vii. 244 Posthumus
Denial of favours, vi. 120. Flavius
Diamond ring, vi 188. Marcus
Dreams, viii. 17. Mercurio
Earth, and i's products, viii 29. 30. Friar.
Earthquako iv. 119: Hotspur
Entry of King Richard and Bolingbroke into London, iv, 65: York,

of Coriolanus into Rome after victory, vi. 328. Brutus. Pom.

pey's, vi. 4. Marullos
Face of a person near death, v. 337. Patience. IU favoured, i, de

Family ruined lig profuseness, vi. 138.
Falions of Italy, &c. iv, 21. York
Fortune, and her votaries, vi. 9.9. Poet
Friend, ii. 114. Baslanio. 316. Porria
Friendihip betwixt two young ladies, i. 93, Helena
Gentle temper, viii. 179. Queen
Gratitude in an old servant ii. 235. Adam.
Horror in one buried alive, viii. 67. Juliet
Horse, Richard's rode by. Rolingbroke, iv. 75
Hounds and hunting described, i. 104. Theseus. Hippolita
Hounds, horses, hunting, vi 181
House-keeping, ristous, vi. 118. Flavius.
Hurricane, vii. 345. Troi'us
Jealousy described 237, 8. Jago. Othello
Jests and Jester, îi. 214. Rosa
Insurrection of the populace, iv. 42. Scroop
Interview of the Kings of England and France, v. 273
Invention, a dull one, viii. 215. Jago
Kingdom oppressed by an ufurper, vi. 280. Macduff. 285. Rone
King's evil, and its cure, vi. 2.84. Malcolm
Life, a pleasant one described, ii. 294. Lord. In a wild folitude,

vi. 145, Apem
Lioness, ii, 274. Olivia
Love humorously described, ii. 166. Biron. Improves all our facul..

lies 184. Biron. Fantastical 211. Biron
Madness for grief and love, in Ophelia, viii, 160, 42
Martlet's, neits, vi. 244. Banqua,

Masque, rural, i. 45
Masquerade, a scene of one, ii 14!
Moon, i. 62. Theseus. Hippolita. 68. Lyf- ii. 248. Orlando -
Music, iii. 84. Duke
Nature, state of, i. 22. Gonzalo
Nature and art, iii. 254. Polixenes. Perdita -
Oak, large, old, ii. 274. Oliver
Parting of lovers, viii. 54. 55
Peace, iv. 14. King: Richard, v. 174. Richard, After civil war, iv. 79.

King Henry, Betwixt York and Lancaster, V. 270. Richmond
Picture of a beautiful woman, ii, 109. Bassanio
Pictures of Adonis, Venus, lo, Daphne, and Apollo, ii. 295
Play, a bad one described, i- 110. Pbilostiate
Poetry, vi. 98. Poet.
Poison, viii. 170. Laertes-
Popularity, iv. 19. King Richard
Pride, iv. 14. King Richard
Prodigies, iv. 37. Cap. 119. Glen. 225. Clar. Glou. vii. 14. Caf. 28.

Calph. viii, 88. Horatio Roses, red and white, the badges of two parties, iv. 359 Rumour, iv. 160. War. 200 Signs of change in government, v. 208. 3 Citizen Sleep, i. 98. Oberon. iv. 197. King Henry, Sound, i, 306. Claudio.

vii. 25. Brutus Snake, ii. 274. Oliver A Song, Welch, iv. 124. Mort. Glen: Stag in the chace, ii. 233i Lord Storm at fea, vür. 2'12? A Stream beautifully described, i 146. Julia Time, the seeming inequality of its motion, il. 256. Rofa A vi&tory long disputed, vi. 233. Victory, and pursuit of the con

quered, vi. 2421 Polthumus Virginity, iii. 7: Parolles Vilion, of good spirits, V. 337 War, the prognostics of it, iv. 37. Capt. Preparation for it 26%.

Chorus. Ill effects of it 325, Burgundy. v. 87. Young Clifford White hand, iii. 201. Florizel. vii. 207. Troilus Wonder proceeding from sudden joy, iii. 283, 3.Gent, A Wreck, i. 3, Miran. 9. Ariel. iii. 154. Ægeon. Described by a .

clown 244

TIM E Siand S E AS O N S. D Ay-break, i. 98. Puck. ii. 07. Pedro. iv. 124. Glen. 354. Bed.

Vi 260. Stanley, vii. 322. Troilus. viii. 55.90. Horatio Evening, a fair one, v. 259. Richmond Midnight, iii. 328. King John. y, 19, Poling. 58. Capt. viii. 144.

Hamlet Morning, !: 53. Pro: 98. Oberon. iv. 4o. Rich. A clear one, v:

107. Rich. A lowring one, iv, 145 King and Prince Henry. A

pleasant one, vi. 182. Tamora. viii. 29. friar Night, i. 93. Hermia,

107. Puck,

In a camp, iv, 293, Chorus,

Stormy, vi. 47. Gent. Kent. 253. Lenox, 257. Old M. and Ri. 263, 4. Macbeth. vi. 14. Casca. . 354. Achilles. viii. 45. 46. Juliet. A beautiful description of a moon- light, ii, 133, Lor, 133

Spring, ii, 215. Song
Sun-rising. vi. 177. Aaron. viii

. 7. Ben, Mon,
Twilight, iii 358. Melun. vi. 204; 1 Mur.:
Winter, ii. 233, Duke Sen. 216. Song
Year unfruitful and lickly, i. 74. Queen

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Mbition compared to the dream of a shadow, viii. 120. Guild..

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ter ib. Nor. Authority, to a farmer's dog, vi. 77. King Lear Beautiful maid compared to a Siren, iii. 173. S. Ant. Battle, doubtful one, to a swan swimming against a stream, v. 102.

York. To a cloudy morning and a stormy lea 119, King Henry. Catharine, Queen, compared to a lily, v. 316, Queen Confideration, to an angel, iv. 249. Can, Contention, to a horse broke loofe, iv, 162. North Courage, 10 a faulcon, iv, 12. Bolingbroke. To a captive set free 13,

Mowbray Courtship, the degrees of it compared to dances, ii. 14., Beatrice A Croud difperfed, to wild geefe, i. 89. Puck Dissimulation compared to a snake, v. 42. Queen Margaret' Queen Elisabeth compared to the maiden Phænix, V. 355. Cranmes: England, to an eagle, Scotland to a weazel, iv, 255, Ely Father (good) of, a bad son, compared to the clear spring of a muddy :

stream, iv. 7o. Bolingbroke Favourites, to a new-trimmed yesfel; and their enviers, to ravenous

blhes, v. 282. Wolscy. To honey.fucçles excluding the sun, .. Garden compared to government in disorder, iv. 52: General, an old one, to a winter. Jion, v. 88. York Glory, to a circle in the water, iv. 343. Pucelle Government to bees, iv, 256. Cani. Heart, a penitent one, compared to a ripe mulberry, vi. 355. Vol. Henry, Prince, comparing himself to the fun in clouds, iv. 87. To,

rich ore in a dark foil ib. To Mars 245. To a Itrawberry growing among weeds 250. Ely: King James I, compared io a cedar, v. 355. Cranmer Jofurrection, to a storm, iv, 196. Prince Henry. - To bees, v. 49..

War. King's return to his country, compared to a mother's meet.

ing her child, iv, 39. King Richard Luve compared to a canker in a bud, i. 12!. Pro. Val, To April

30, Hero

Weather 130. Pro, To a waxen image 142. Pro. To a figúre on:

ice 157. Duke Lover, to a cameleon, i. 135. Speed Soccessful, to a conqueror, ii..

110. Bad. His thoughts, to the inarticulate joys of a crowd 11.6.

Bass.. Maids compared to flies, iv. 331, Burg. Mind in doubt, to the ride, iv, 187. North Opportunity.compared to the tide, vii. 58, Brutus Promises compared to the garden of Adonis, iv. 351. Dauphis: Reason returning, compared to the morning, i. 54. Profpero Rebels returning to allegiance, to a flood, jii. 358. Salisbury Richard II. King, to a falling Itar; and the setting fun, iv. 38, Soldiers compared to beęs, vi. 216. Goth. Spies, to limed ewigs, V. 15. Suffolk Sun rising after a dark night, to the restoration of a lawful King, iv..

40. King Richard. Rising in a cloudy sky, to King Richard in:

discontent 47. Bolingbroke Tears compared to dew on a lily, vi. 195. Titus , Treason, to a fox, iv, 149. Worcester Wanderer, compared to a drop of water in the ocean, iï. 158. Antio.

pholis Warwick's death, the fall of a cedar, V, 160, Warwick. Widow, to a turtle, iii, 291, Paulina Wolsey, Cardinal, to a falling angel,, V. 328, Worceller, Earl of, in rebellion, to a meteor, iv. 146. King Henry, World, - to a stage, ii, 246. Jaques York, Duke of, lighting, compared to a lion among a herd of nest. Ý,

107. Richard.

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