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personal virtue, not to birth, iii. 30. King. New-made described
298. Balt. Man's greatest treasure, iv. 8. Mowb. Described 93.
Hot. 148. Falstaff

. Continued acts necessary to preserve its lustre,
vii. 315. Ulysies
Hypocrify, viii. 130. Pol.
Imagination strong in lovers, poets, and madmen, i. 108. Thef.
Ingratitude, vi. 24. Lear
Innocence, v. 52. K Henry
King-killing detetted, iii. 216, Com.
Kings, their right divine, iv. 40. K Rich, Their miseries, 301, K

Henry. v. 194. Brak. 302. Anne
Libels agaiost the state, vi. 213, 54
Life, moral reflections on the vanity of it, i. 287. Duke ii. 246.

Jaques. Unpleasant, iii. 332. Lewis. Described, iv. 156. Hot.
The'vicissitudes of it, v. 327. Wolsey. The necessaries of it are

few, vi. 45. Lear. The shortness and vanity of it 293. Macb.
Magistrate, the duty of one, i. 301. Duke
Man, his superiority over woman, iii. 161. Luc. Described, vi. 54.

Lear. The dignity of his nature, viii. 121. Hamlet
Marriage alters the temper of both sexcs, ii, 269. Rofa. Described,

iv. 407. Suff.
Mediocrity the happiest state, ii. 97. Ner.
Melancholy, the parent of Error, vi. 69. Mef.
Mercy in governors praised, i. 277. Isab. Described, ii. 125. Por.
Mind, not dress, adoros the body, ii. 346. Pet.
Music, different effects of it, i, 302. Duke. Finely praised, ii. 135.

Oaths, illegal, not obligatory,.v. 99. Rich. To princes, little valued

by their people 127. K Henry
Opportunity to be seized on in all affairs, vii. $ 8. Brutus
Ornament a specious delusion, ïi. ro8. Bassanio
Pardons of Popes ridiculed, iii. 321. K Jobn
Patience described, iii. 161. Adr. viii. 230. Iago. The theory of it

rarely practicable, ii. 55. Leon.
Poetry prevalent with women, i. 159. Hotspur's contempt of it, iv.
Populace factious and fickle, vi. 304. Mar.
Power, abuse of it, i. 279. Isab. Impotence of human power, iv, 17.

Preferment gained by favour, not merit, viii. 193. Iago
Providence directs our actions, viii. 180. Hamlet. 185. Hamlet
Religion of great use in rebellion, iv. 167. Mort.
Reputation, viii. 228. Jago. 237. Iago
Satyr not to descend to particular perfons, ii. 243. Jaques
Season necessary to give every thing its perfection, ii. 136. Portia
Slander sticks ting, iii. 172. Bal. Unavoidable, vii. 211. Pis.
Solitude preferred to a court-life, ii. 233. Duke Sen. A fine descriptiori

of it, vii. 208. Bel.
Speculation more easy than practice, ii. 77. Poriia
Speech, haughty, discommended, iv. 123. Wos,


Study dispraised, ii. 144. Biron
Thought, iv. 156. Hotspur

Thoughts ineffectual to moderate afflictions, iv. 18. Boling.
Travel, advantage of it, i. 120. Val. 128. Ant. A father's advice to
his fon before going, viii. 9.9.

Pol. Virtue to be employed for the public, i. 257. Duke. Conspicuous,

exposed to envy ii. 235. Adam Virtue and vices chequer man's life, iii. 59. 1 Lord Vitious persons infatuated by heaven, vii. 133, Ant. Wives, the duty they owe to their husbands, ii. 306. Cath. Advice

how to chuse one, iii, :08. Duke World, the vanity and dissolution of it, i. 48. Pro. Beautifully paints

ed at large, ii 246. Jaques Words give ease to grief

, v. 244. Queen

[blocks in formation]



, Nestors

, and Ulysses's, on Achilles's descrtion, Lord Bardolph's op fighting with superior forces, iv. 174 Burgundy's for peace, iv. 324 The Citizens of Angiers for a marriage betwixt the Dauphin and

Lady Blanch, iii. 312 Prince Henry's on relolving to leave his debauched way of life, iv. 87 King Richard in prison, iv. 73

E X E CR AT IV E. LAdy Anne against Richard III. v. 176

Coriolanus on the people of Rome who banished him, vi, 368 King Lear against his daughters, vi. 25. 42 Queen Margaret's against Richard III. &c. v. 188 Richard II. to England on his arrival, iv. 39 Suffolk on his banishment, v. 54 Timon's on the Athenians, vi. 136. On mankind, 139

E XHORTATO Rr. BAftard's to King John to fight the French, iii. 355

Bishop of Carlisle's in defence of King Richard, iv. 56 Canterbury's to excite King Henry V. to begin a war, iv. 252 Clifford to King Henry, to stir him up to revenge, V.112 Henry IV 's to the Prince before he died, iv. 228 Henry V.'s to the Chief Justice, iv. 236. To his soldiers 275. To

Westmorland 305 Joan of Orleans to Burgunday, to forsake the King of England's in

terest, iv. 376 King John's to Hubert to kill Arthur, iii. 327



Queen Margaret's to her soldiers, v. 162
Richard III.'s to his foldiers, before the battle of Bosworth, v. 267
Richmond's on the farme occasion, v. 265

A Neigonus's account of a ghost appearing to him, iii. 242

Clarence's dream of drowning, v. 192
The Chief Justice's defence to King Henry V. iv. 236
Exeter's, of the deaths of York and Suffolk, iv. 320
King Henry VIII.'s on his divorce, v. 309
Hotspur's to the King about delivering prisoners, iv. 88
Norfolk's description of the interview betwixt the Kings of England

and France, v. 273
Richard's, of the Duke of York's fighting, v. 107
Duke of York's, of a battle, v. 102

M. Antony's on Cæsar's murther, vii. 37. 40. His funeral oration

over the body 42
Duke of Buckingham's after condemnation, V. 294
Queen Catharine's before her divorce, v. 305, Recommending her

daughter to the King 339
Constance's to Salisbury, iii. 317. On the loss of Arthur 330.
Edward IV. on the murther of Clarence, v. 2.02
Helena's, on her husband's flying froin her to the war, iii. 42
King Henry IV. on the vicissitude of human affairs, iv. 199
Prince Henry's defence of himself, iv. 229
King Henry VI.'s on Duke Humphry's disgrace, v. 41
Hermione's defence when impeached of adultery, iii. 238
King Lear's in the form, vi. 48. 52. To Cordelia 82. To her

dying 94
Lady Percy's to Hotspur, iv. 102! To Northumberland 186
Richard II. on the vanity of power, and misery of Kings, iv. 43. On

the fame, renouncing greatness in despair 49, Ac his renouncing

the crown 58
Salisbury's on taking arms against his King, iii. 352
Suffolk's to Margaret in love with his prisoner, iv. 397
Suffolk and Queen Margaret parting, v. 54
Card. Wolsey's to Cromwell, v. 329

Astard Faulconbridge against the French, iii. 35'5

Bolingbroke to Bushy on his injuries received, iv. 38
Queen Catharine's to the two Cardinals, v. 313
The Constable's and Grandpree's against the English, iv. 303, 4
Edward and Clarence to Queen Margaret, V. 116.
Gaunt's to King Richard II. iv. 23
King Henry IV. to his fon, iy. 125.

On avarice 227.

To Prince
Henry when he had taken the crown 228
King Henry V. 10 Falstaff, iv. 243. To Cambridge, Scroop, and

Gray, on their conspiracy 205

King Henry VI.'s to Suffolk, on Duke Humphry's death, v. 47.

To Gloucester before he is killed by him 1167 Lancaster to the Archbishop of York on taking arms, iv. 215 King Lear's against women, vi. 76. On abuse of power 77 Queen-Margaret's answer to Henry VI. on Duke Humphry's death, V. 48. Her speech to York when taken prisoner, and his reply

104, s. To Edward IV.'s Queen, and the Duchess of York 243
Suffolk's againAt Duke Humphry, v. 43
Talbot's to his men retreating, iv. 350
Timon's to his false friends, vi. 135
Weltmorland's to the Abp of York on taking arms, iv 2 10
Worcester's to King Henry IV. iv. 140
York's to Bolingbroke, on rebellion, iv. 35
Abp of York's on the inconstancy of the populace, iv. 176

ANgelo's on temptation toʻlust, by a virtuous beauty, i. 280

The Bastard's on new-made honour, iii. 298. On felf intercft 315 Claudio, King of Denmark, his defpairing of pardon for incest and

murther, viii. 146 Young Clifford on the death of his father, v. 87 King Henry IV. on want of Neep, iv. 197 King Henry V. on the troubles attending greatness, iv. 226. On the

miséries of Kings 301 King Henry VI.'s on the happiness of low life, v. 119. After he

loit the battle, on his Queen going to France 126 Iachimo's looking on Imogen afleep, vii. 191 Poithumus's against women, vii. 202. Prospero's to the fpirits, i. 52 Richard III, on his deformity and ambition, v. 131, 72. In despair

264 Richmond's the night before the battle of Bosworth, V, 261 Romeo's over Juliet in the vault, viii. 77 Tyrrel's on the murther of King Edward's two sons, Vi 239 Warwick's dying speech, v. 160 Card. Wolsey's on the vicissitudes of life, v. 327 Duke of York's on the surrender of Anjou to the French, v. 9. OR

his design to seize the thrune for himself 45

[blocks in formation]



Pothecary, his poverty and Mop described, viïi. 73. Romco.

A Bailiff, iii. 182. S. Dromio
Beautiful maid, ii. 350. Pet.
Beautiful person petitioning, i. 153. Pro.
Bedlam beggars, vi. 37. Edgar
A Bishop in arms, iv, 210, West


Candidate for an office, vi, 337. Cor.
Cheats, several forts, iii. 160. Ant.
Commons of England, iv. 32. Bagot. Their inconstancy 176, York,
Constables and watchmen, ii. 36.43
Courtier humoroufly described, ii, 285. Clo. An unsuccessful one,

V. 304. Old Lady
Death in a beautiful face, vii. 231. Arv. viï. 69. Cap. 78, Romeo.
Debtor, vi. 113. Sen.
A deformed person, iii. 318. Const.
Drunken men, i. 49. Ariel
Duellist viii. 32. Mer.
A dying person by poison, in King John, iï. 361. Of old age, in

prison, in Mortimer, iv. 301. By strangling in Duke Humphry,
V, 51. War.

In agonies of despair, in Card. Beauford 56
Dying of grief, iii. 59. Lord
Englishmen in preference to the French, iv. 289 King Henry. De-

fcribed by the French 340. Ridiculed for following French fa-

Thions, v. 287. for hard drinking, viii 222, 3. Iago
Fairies, i. 72. Mab, the Queen of them, viii, 17. Mer.
Fairy masquerade, i. 249
Flatterers of great men, vi. 34. Kent
A Foppish courtier, iv. 88. Hotspur
Fortune-teller, iii. 197. E. Antipholis
General, leading a victorious army, vi. 376. Com.
Hypocrite, v. 191. Glo. 224. Glo. Buck. yiii. 47. Juliet
A Jester, iii. 118. Viola
Irishmen, iv. 25. King Richard
A Justice, ii. 246. Jaques
Kentishmen, v. 99. York
King, a good one described, v. 155. King Henry, vi. 283
Knights of the garter, iv. 380. Talbot
Lover described, i. 131. Speed. 141. Val, ii. 238. Syl. and Clo. 246.

Jaques, 258, Rosa. Banished, i. 152. Val. viii. 50. Romeo. Cine

Itant, i. 147. Jul. In folitude, i. 175. Val,
Lovers described, ii. 258. Rosa. Humoroufly described, vül. 23.

Mercutio. Parting, vii. 175. 324, 5, 6
A Madman, vi. 71. Cordelia
Melancholy man, viii. 121. Hamlet
Mermaid, i. 75. Oberon
Messenger with ill news, iii. 317. Const iv. 164. North. With good

news 224. King Henry
A miserable mother in Constance, iii. 330. K. Philip. In Edward

IV.'s widow, v. 241. Queen
News-tellers, iii. 343. Hubert
A Nun, i. 64. Theseus
old man vigorous from temperance in youth, ii. 2 36. Adam. In

the extremity of decay 246. Jaques. Oppressed with caręs, ži.
199. Ægeon
Old men subject to ingratitude, vi. 121. Timon

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