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Murtherer, in Exton, iv. 76
Pedantry, in Sir Hugh Evans, i. M W of Windsor. In Armado,

Holoferncs, aud Nathaniel, ii. Love's lab. loft
Pride, vii. 313. Ulys.
Princes young and valiant, P. Henry and Lancaster, iv. 1 and 2 Hen. IV
Prophetess, in Joan of Orleans, iv. 342
Rage, arising from Grief, iv. 164. North. Ari'ing in a father from

the unduritulness of his children, vi K Lear. In a fon for thic

murther ot' his father, in Richard, v. 109 Rebel, crafty and timorous, Northumberland, iv. 1 and 2 Hen. IV.

Crafty and resolute, Weitmorland ib. Brave and indiscreet, Hot

fpur ib Revenge, implacable, ii, 122. Ant. 124. Grat. Sister, tenderly affectionate. See Isabel. § 3 Superstition in Glendower, iv. 1 Henry IV Villain, false, crafty, bold, described in Edmund, vi, K Lear. In the

murtherers of Clarence, v. 194 Virtuous severity of mind, i. 266. Lucio Wife, complaining of the unkindness of her husband, iii. 162, 3, 5.

Adr. The ill effects of her jealousy 193. Abb. Lamenting her husband, v. 204. Queen. Complaining of being forsaken by her

husband, vi. 227. L Macduff A good one. See Catharine, so Womankind, their nature, i. 150. Val. 285, Isab.

$ 3. Fictitious persons, with the Characters afcribed to them. A Dam, a grateful old servant, ii, As you like it

Adria a, a peevish, jealous wire, 111. Com. ot errors Sir Andrew Aguecheek, a toolish, cowarúly knight, iii. Twelfth night Angelo, a severe new governor, i. Meas. for meas. Anthonio, a cruel, falie, usurping brother, i. Tempest Anthonio, a friend, ii. Merchant of Venice Apemantus, a cynic, vi. Timon Arviragus. See Guiderius

Birnardine, an Atheist cal hardened wretch, i. 308, 9 | Bellarius, fortitude in disgrace, vii. Cymbeline B:nedick, Beatrice, two fayrical wits, ii. Much ado about nothing Caliban, a savage man, i. 13 Ceres, 'or the country, i. 40 Claudius, blood, inceit, and ufurpation, viii. Hamlet Cloten, infolence and fully, vii,

Cymbeline. Clown, ii. As you like it. ii. Tweltth night Cressida, a miss, vi, Troilus and Cressida Desdemona, b.auty and ionocence sacrificed to jealousy, viï. Othello.

Her character 199, 200. Bra. 203. Bra. 214. Cas, 221. Caf, and

Iago. 229. lago, 257. Oth. 258. Oth. See Othelio Egeus, a cruel morose father, i. Midsummer-night's dream Edmund, a crafty, false, enterprising villain, vi. K Lear Fairies, viü. 17. Mercurio Falstaff, Sir John, refolves on an intrigue with Mrs Ford and Mss

Page, i. 19o. His billet-doux 195. Settles an affignation with

Mrs Quickly 203. His discovery of it to Ford, disguised like
Brook 208. His first address to Mrs Ford 2:8 Surprised, and
escapes in a basket 220, 1. Ilis account of his being thrown into
the Thames 226. Another assignation with Mrs Quickls 227.
Makes a full relation to Ford of his former disappointment 228.
Meets with Mrs Ford, and is again surprised 232. Escapes un.
discovered in the disguise of an old woman 237. His foliloquy on
this occasion 243.

A third meeting fettled with Mrs Quickly
246. He relates to Ford his late disappointment ib. He meets
Mrs Ford in Windsor park 148. Surprised, and seized by Mr
Ford 251." His course of life defcribed by Pr. Henry, iv. 82. He
concerts a robbery with the Prince 85. His horse taken from him
in the adveriture 98. Insults the Prince, to conceal his own
cowardice 107. Personates the King, to chide Prince Henry 114
The tavern-bill found in his pocket 118. His rallery on Bar.
dolph's red nose i31. Quarrels with the totess 131. His de-
scription of his new-raised company 139. His description of how
nour 148, His behaviour in the battle at Shrewsbury 153,
Wounds Percy after he was dead, and affumes the merit of kill-
ing him 157.

He rails at his page, the Prince, and the mercer
107. Reprimanded by the Chief Justice 169. Arrested y Mrs
Quickly 178. Pleads before the Chief Justice 179. Pacifies Mrs
Quickly, and borrows more money 180. His letter to the Prince
184. Treats Doll Tearsheet 188. Revenges her quarrel on Pie
stol 102. * Surprised with her by the Prince whilft ie was railing
at him 193

Inlifts foldiers before Jullice Shallow 202.
character of the Justice 208. Takes Colevil prisoner 218. His
encomium on the virtues of fack 220. His character of Justice
Shallow and his family 233.

Receives news of itenry IV's death
Presents himself to Henry V. 243. Reprimanded by the
King, and ordered to the fleet 244, s. An account of his lick.

ness 202. Hoft. and of his death 269
Flavius, a trugal honelt steward, vi. Timon
Florize), conitant in love, üi. Winter's ialc
Fluellen, Itout and choleric, iv. Henry V
Friar, viii. Romeo and Juliet
Gadshill, a highwayman, iv. 96.
Gonzalo, an honelt counsellor, i. Tempest
Gower, a good officer, iv. Henry V
Guiderius and Arviragus, native royalıy cxerting itself in a low favage

life, vii. Cymbeline
Grave digger, viii. Hamlet
Hamler, an accomplith d young prir.ce unfortunate, viii. Hamlet.

His foliloquy on his mother's marriage with his uncie 94. Sces
and converses with his father's gholt 102. Addreses himself to
Ophelia as a diltracted person 112. Converses with Polonius 118.
wish Rofincrantz and Guildenstern 119. His foliloquy ahort his
own delay to revenge his father's murther 128. His loliloquy
whilft be meditated telt murther, inter upted by Oph. lia 130. His
chatter by Ophelia 133. His advice to the players about pro.



nunciation and action 134. Professeth his friendship to Horatio, with a detestation of Mattery 135. Discovers the King's guilt by the play 141, 2

Banters the messenger the King and Queen sent to him 142. Debates with himselt wisether he should kili the King at his prayers 147, Upbraids the Queen with her guilt, when the ghost appears again to bim 151, Examined by che King, banters him, and is ordered to go to England 157. Blames his own in. activity 159. Converseth with the grave maker, and moralizeth on ihe sculls 174. Fights with Laeites in the grave 178, 3. Rc lates to Horatio the King's order to have him put to death in Enga land 180, 1. Banters a top who brought a challenge from Laertes, and accepts it 182. Alks Laertes pardon, before they nght, for bis former rashuess 186. Kills Laertes, and the King, and dies

himself i88, 9
Hermia, conitant in love, i. Midsummer-night's dream
Hermione, wronged innocence, iii. Winter's tale
Hero, innocence fcandalized, ii. Much ado about nothing
Horario, a five character of friendship, viii. Hauder
Iago, a confummate villain, viis. Ochello
Jaques, a melaocholly fatyrical character, ii. As


like it Imogen, distress in a beautitul innocent wife, vii

Cymbeline Don John, an envious, mclancholy in, ii. Much ado about no,

tbing Iris, or the Rainbow, i, 45 Isabel, a lister tenderly affectionate, i. Measure for measure Juliet, beautitul, constant, and untortunate in love, viii. Romeo and * Juliet Falls in love with Ron.cu 22. Her courtship with him in the garden 24.–29. Her impaticnce for Ronco s coming 45. Her foliloquy on hearing Romeo had killed Tybalt 48. Her parting wuh Romeo, after his banishment 54. 55.56. Impore iuned to marry Paris 57.-60. Advised by the Friar tu consent to the match 63. Her Joliloquy on taking a porion 06. Thought to be dead 69. The Friar advilcs, that the be buried 70. She fees Romeo dead by her when the awaked 80. Kills herself with a

dagger ib
Juno, the blessings of marriage, i. 46
Katharine, a threw, ii. l'aming vf the shrew
Laertes, the duties of a son and a brother, yiii. Hamlet
Launcc, a clown, i. 154
Lavinia, beaytiful, innocent, and greatly unfortunate, vi. Tit. Andron.
Leonato, a brave old man, and a tender father, ii. Much ado about

no hing
Leontes, extremely jealous, iii. Winter's tale
Luio, a haif-willed rake, i. Measure for mcafure
Malv. lio, a tantaitical Neward, iii.

Tweifth night
Mercutio, quarrelsome, viii. Romeo and Juliet
Miranda, beautiful and innocent, i. Tempelt
Morochius, a Moor, bis person and manners, ii. 85. Mor.
Nurfe, viii

komeo and Juliet Ophelia, bcaaty and inaucence, distracted with calamities, viii. Hamlet

Orlando, a younger brother neglected by the elder ii. As you like it
Othello, his service of importance to the state owned by Iago viii. 196.

Owns himself of royal descent, and love the sole motive of bis
marrying Desdemona 198. Seized and insulted by her father 199.
200. Accused by him before the Duke, he relates the whole pro-
gress of his amour 203. Described by Iago, of a temper easy and
credulous 211. His meeting at Cyprus with Desdemona 217 lago
begins to work him up to jealousy 235,6 His soliloquy after ic
240. His jealousy confirmed, a beautiful scene 242, 3. Alks
Desdemona for the handkerchief, and tells the virtues of it 248.
His paffiou worked up by Iago till he falls in a trance 254. Listens
to Caffio's discourse with lago 255. Wrought up to fury, he re-
folves to murther Desdemona and Cassio 257. Strikes Desdemona

Exarrines her and Æmilia 261. Kills Desdemona a 77.
His bitter rem rse after 283 He kills himself 285
Pandarus, a he-bawd, vii. Troilus and Cressida
Parolles, a lying, cowardly captain, iii. All's well that ends well
Posthumus, fond and jealous, vii. Cymbeline
Prospero, a magician, i. Tempert
Protheus, false to his friend and mistress, i. Two Gentlemen of Ve.


Queen, ambition, cruelty, and falsehood, vii. Cymbeline
Quickly, a bawd, iv. 1 and 2 Henry IV
Romeo, passionately tender, and unfortunate in love, viü. Romeo and

Juliet. Invited by a fervant to Capulet's entertainment, viii. 12.
Enters the house in a masque 19. His description of Juliet's beau-
ty 20. Begins a conference with her 21. His courtship with her
in the garden 24. .-29.
Meets her at the Friar's ceil 39.

Is mar-
ried to her 40. Kills Tybult in a duel 44. Banished to Verona by
the Prince 45.

His speech on his banishment 49 50. 51. Pico
vented from stabbing himself by the Friar 52. His parting with
Juilet, after having spent a night with her $4. 55. 56. Told of
her death 73

His description of and discourse with an apothecary
73. 74 Buys poison of bim 74. Breaks open the monument
where Juliet was laid 77. Attacked by Paris, and kills him ib.

His last speech over Juliet's corse 78. Drinks poison, and dies 79
Rosalinda, beautiful and witty, ii. As you like it
Shylock, a Jew, cruel and covetous, ii. Merchant of Venice
Sycorax, a witch, i. 11
Sylvia, beautiful and constant, i. Two Gentlemen of-Verona
Tamora. See Horror, $ 2
Thersites, envy and calumny, vii. Troilus and C'eslida
Thurio, a rich simple pretender to love, i. Two Gentlemen of Verona
Titus Andronicus, a bravc so'dier and unfortunate father, vii. Ticus

Sir Toby Belch, a for, iji. Twelfth night

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Ctions to be carried on with resolution, v, 282. Wolley

Adversity, the advantages of it, ii, 233. Duke Sen.
Attrology ridiculed, vi. 15.
Authriiy, the ill privileges of in, i. 279. Isab.
Banishment, in Mowbray banished, iv. 15. Mowbray. Comforted 18.
Bastardy defended, vi. iz. Balia:d

Caluinny unavoidable, i, 299. Duke
Ceremony, vi. 105. Apem. 106. Tiiron
Chaiges in friendihip and bate, vi. 367. Coriolanus
Christmas, how the cime is reverenced, viii 90. Mar.
Conduct in war fuperior to action, vii. 281. Ulyffi
Conscience, v. 195. 2 Villain. 264. K Richard
Conspiracy dreadful till cxecuted, vii. 20. Brutus
Copient in a private life, v. 77: Iden
Courtshi;, advice to young ladies how it should be admitted, viii. 98.

Laer. 100. I. Pol.
Cowards die often, vii. 28. Cæfar
Crown, the pleature of wearing one, v. 99. Rich.
Cuckolds make thiemicives, viii 269, 70, Æmil.
Day, happy, iii. 319. K. Phil. Unfortunate ib. Constance
Death, the terrors of it, i. 291. Ciaud. The desire of loved objects

heightened by it, ii. so. Friar. Invoked, iii. 330. Constance. A

necessary end, and should not be teared, vii. 28. Cæfar
Delights, violent not lasting, viii. 39. Friar
Dependents not to be too much truited by great men, v. 295. Bucko
Doubt and delay, v. 301. K Richard
Drunkenness, an undaniy vice, viii 228
Duty expreiled witla limpicity, acceptat le, i. 110. Theseus-
Dying words, their torce, iv, 21. Gaunt
Eclipses, their influence, vi. 15. Glo fer
Faction, how to be carried on, iv. 137. Worcester. 147. K Henry
Favourites of princes, wretched, v. 327. Woltey
Fly, reflections on the killing one, vi. 201. Titus
Foitúne, ii, 127. Ant.
Friendshi; none obferved in love, ii. 16 Claudio. Grounded on in.

terett, changed with fortune, vi. 138 Servant
Fruition more languid than expectation ii. 95. Sal. Gra.
Gold, its power over mankino, vi. 140 Timon. 149. 1 imun. 155.

Timon. vii. 195. (loten. viii. 74. Romeo
Good to be drawn out of evil, iv. 295 K Henry
Grcat men their tavours uncertain, v, 223. Halt.
Greaineis sutject to censure, i 304. Duke. Meets with contempt

.when it declincs, vii. 313, Achilles
Grief, immoderate, discommended, viii. 93. King
Holy war, iv. 80, K. Henry
Houour ought to be conferred on merit only, ii, 101. Ar. Due to

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