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Scots 85. Reprimands his fon Prince 'Henry 125,6,7,8. His
conterence with Worcester 145, 6, 7, 8. Put in danger by Dou-
glas 155. Defears the rebels 158. His foliloquy on want of Neep
197. His character of Prince Henry 222. His speeches to hin

On his deathbed 2 28, 9, 30, 31
Henry V. his character, iv. 150 Vernon. His behaviour whilft Prince

of Wales 68. Boling. 126. King Henry. His defence of himself
to his father 229. His speech on the troubles attending greatness
226. On the miseries of Kings 301.

To Falstaff 243.

Cambridge, Scroop, Gray, on their conspiracy 205. To the
Chicf Justice 236. To his soldiers 275. To Weltmorland 305.
His character when he came to the crown 249. Cant. Ely. Ex.
cited to a war against France 252, 3, 4, 5, 6. Gives audience to
the French ambassadors 257. His answer 258. Takes Harfleur
281. The French King's threatning massage to him 288.

answer ib. His prayer before the battle of Agincourt 302. Beats
the French 314, 19.


peace with them 326. Marries Ka-
tharine of France 3 32, 3.

His death lamented 335
Henry VI. meek, religious, unfortunate, iv. v. 1, 2, 3, Henry VI.

His speeches to Gloucester and Winchester in relation to their
quarrel, iv. 387, 8, 2. Restores Richard Plantagent to the dukc.
dom of York 370. Creates Taliot Earl of Shrewíbury 378.
Crowned King of France at Paris 379. Dissuades his nobles from
diffention 382. Intends a marriage with the Earl of Armagnac's
daughter 394, s. The match broke off by Suffolk's influence 408.
Marries Margaret daughter of Reign er, v, 4. 5. His discouries
with an impostor 23.-25. Paffes sentence on the Duchess of
Gloucester 3o.

Causes Gloucester resign the protectorship 30, ,1.
His speech on Gloucester's disgrace 41. His speech on his death
47. His prayer for Winchester in despair 57. His soliloquy on his
unsettled state 75. 76. His speech on seeing Cade's head 81. His
army defeated by York 88.' Confents that York rei:n after his
death 95. Upbraided for pusillanimity by the Queen 97. His
speech on feeing York's head 112. His foliloquy on the happiness
of low life 119. Another after he lost the bat:le, on his Queen
going to France 126. Taken prisoner 128. Remounts the
ihrone 149. Chufes Warwick and Clarence for Protectors 150.
His prophecy of Richmond 151. His speech on his own lenity 155,
Surprised by K, Edward 156. His speech to Richard Duke of
Glouchester before he is killed by him 167, 8. Lady Angc's elegy,

attending his corse in order to interment 176
Henry VIII, his character of Buckingham, v. 283. Fälls in love

with Anne Bullen, and praises her beauty 291, 2, Pretends con-
fcience for divorcing e Catharine 301. The Queen's speech to
him 30's. He praises her 309, Abhors the tricks of Rome 311,
Marries Anne Bullen 3 18. Frowns on Wolfey 323. His confe-
rence with Cranmer 343, 4 His character of him 350, I. Sce

Bullen, Catharine
James I. King, prophetically described by Cranmer, v. 355, 6 -
Joan, the maid of Orleans, iv. 341, Raiseth fiends 396. Taken

prisoner 397. Condemned to be burnt 401

John, King, dissembling, cruel, irresolure, unfortunate, iii. K. John.

The French King's threatening message to him 293. Chat. His
answer ib. His speech to the citizens of Angiers 306. Rejects
the Pope's authority 321.

Excommunicated 322. Orders the
abbeys to be pillaged 327. Orders Hubert to kill Arthur of Bre-
tagne 328, 9. His kingdom invaded by the French 341. Repents
his having ordered Arthur to be murthered 343, 4. Glad when he
is told he was alive 345. Yields his crown to the Pope's Legate,
who restores it to bim 350. His army beaten by the French, and

he retires to S:vinstead 357. Poisoned by a monk 360
Julio Romano, his character, iii. 284. 3 Gent.
Lear, King, choleric, fickle, mad, miserable, vi. K. Lear
Lepidus's character by Antony, vii. 50. by Pompey, 89
Macbeth, his bravery in batile, vi. 233. Hath his greatness foretold

by witches 236. The conflict of bis mind when he first intended
to kill the King 239. His letter to his lady 241. His temper de
scribed by her 242. His irresolution 245. Staggers in his refolu-
tion, and is confirmed again by his wife 240. His foliloquy before
he kills the King, and horror after 249.

His reflection upon his
bloody hands 252. Meditates Banquo's death, and employs mur-
therers 260. His gilt and fear 203. Banquo's gholt appears to
him 266. His surprise at the sight of it ib. Confulis the witches
again 274 His character by Malcolm 281. Distracted with hor.
ror 290 Despairs on hearing the English advance against him 291,

Told of his Lady's death 293. Slain by Macduff 298
Macbeth, Lady, her foliloquy on the approach of the King, vi. 242.

Resolves on murthering him, and encourages Macbeth 243. Her
foliloquy on the murther 250 Her behaviour with a taper in her

hand 288
Macdufl, his exclamation on the murther of his wife and children, vi.

285,6. Kilis Macbeth 298
Malcolm's character, vi, 282. His discourse with Macduff 283
Margaret, Queen, taken prisoner by Suffolk, iv. 397. Married to

King Henry VI. v. 4. 5. Her hatred or Duke Humphry's wife 15.
Stirs up the King against the Duke 36. Her pretended forrow for
his death 48. The partin scene betwixt her and Suffolk 54.
Her speeches with Suffolk's head in her hand 67 68. Rated by
York 83. Her speeches to the King, upon his consenting that
York should reign after him 96. 97 Her speech to York taken
prisoner 104. Orders his head to be struck off 106, Defeated by
York his son 122, Her speech to the French King, craving help
133, 4.

Reconciled to Warwick 139. Her mesage to King Ed-
ward ib. Her speech-to her Soldiers 162. Her lainentation over
her fun when stabbed 166. Her execrations 188. apd high birth

Her exprobation in a soliloquy 243. Enraged with her own
miseries, exults at others 241.-244.
Menenius Agrippa, his fable of the belly and limbs, vi. 302. His

character by himself 323. His character of Coriolanus 35 I
More, Sir Thomas, his character, v. 328
Mortimer, his character vindicated, iv. 90. His speech to R. Planta-
genet on his deathbed, v, 363, 4, s.


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Northumberland's grief for Hotspur, iv. 164
Octavius Cæfar, his interview with Brutus and Cassius, vii, 62. See

Antony, Cleopatra
Orpheus's music, i 159. Protheus. V. 312, Song
Percy, Harry Hotspur, his character, iv. 81. King Henry. 128. King

Henry. 147. Prince Henry. His death 163. Mortimer. His

character by his Lady 186
Percy, Lady, her pathetic speech, iv. 102.
Porria, a Roman lady of an heroic fpirit, vii. Julius Cæfar. Her

speech to Brutas 25. See Brutus
Richard I. his character, iii 300. Bastard
Richard II. his speech on his arrival in England, iv. 39. Refigos the

crown to Bolingbroke 56. His entry into London with him 05.
York. Instances of his bad conduct 21. Gaunt., 23. Gaunt. 27.
127. King Henry. His fuliloquy in prison 73. Murthered 70.
Richard III. ambitious, brave, dissembling, cruel, unfortunate, Ps 3.

Henry VI. and King Richard III. His birth prodigious 168. King
Henry. His person and manners described by e Margaret 188,
Described by his mother, the Duchess of York 245. His folilo
quy on his own deformity 172. His love for Lady Anne, and
praise of his perfon 180, 2, His hypocrisy 191, His starting out
of his dream, and folioquy before the battle 263, 8. His behavi-

our after an alarum 268. Killed by Richmond 269
Richmond, Earl of, King Henry VI.'s prophecy of him, v, 151. His

before the battle of Bosworth 261
Salisbury's death and character, iv. 348. Talbot
Say, Lord, his apology, v. 72
Suffolk, proud. false, enterprising, v. 2 Henry VI His death 62
Talbot, his behaviour when prifoner in France, iv, 347. Slain with
Timon of Athens beggared by flatterers, vi. 107. Apem. 111. Flav.

113. Sen. His last entertainment for the parasites 135. Retires,
and takes off humanity 136. Digging for roots, finds gold 139,
40. Visited by Alcibiades, excites him to cruelty 141. Pinched
with hunger, his reflections on the earth 144. Compares himself
with Apemantus 145. He gives gold and encouragement to the
thieves 150, 1.

Visited by his honest steward 152. by the poet
and painter 154. by the senators, intreating him to command a-

gainit Alcibiades 15 7. ' His death and epitaph 163
Tyrrel, Sir James, his character, v. 237. Page. Murthers the young

princes 239
Virgilia's chastity praised hy her husband, vi. 386
Volumnia, a mother of an heroic spirit, vi. 309. Instructs Coriola-

nus to address the people 3 54. Diverts him from destroying Rome

386. See Coriolanus
Warwick, Earl of, brave but inconstant, v. 2 and 3. Henry VI. His

dying speech 160
Winchester, Card. Beanfort's character, iv. 366. His death, v. 57.
Wolsey, Card. his character by Norfolk, V. 274. His power over

the King 298. Norf. Upbraided by Q. Catharinc 307. Ilis rer

his son 391

fcction on his fall 327. His death related, and mixed character

335. Griff, Kath. York, Archbishop of, his character, iv. 169. Mort York, Duke of, takes Joan la Pucelle prisoner, iv. 397, His folilo.

quy on the surrender of Anjoli to the French, v. 9. Ilis title to the crown 28. Made Lieutenant of Ireland 44% On his design to seize the crown 45. His specch on his arrival in England 79. Kills Clifford 86. Defeated 102.

Taken prisoner 103.

His answer to Q. Margaret's speech 105. Stabbed by the Queen and Clifford 106. See Edward IV. Margaret

52. Ariel


§ 2. Manners, Passions, and their external Effects. ADmiration, i. 56. Profp;

Afiction, i.
Ally, a perfidious one, in Burgundy, iv. 379
Ambition, v. 329. Wol. Covered with speciou's humility, vii. 20.

Brutus. Jealous of a successful friend 11 2. Ven
Ambitious woman, in Eleanor, v. 10
Anger, in the Duke of Buckingham, v. 277. Its external effects

painted 323. Wol.
Atheistical hardened villain. See Barnardine, $ 3
Avarice and cruelty, See Shylook, § 3
Bishop, true to his sovereign, Carlile, iv. Rich. II. A rebel, York.

· Henry IV
Boalter, the Bastard, iii. King John. Described 313
Boasters, the Dauphin, &c. iv, 291, 2
Courtier, a bold, plain-dealing one, Gaunt, iv. Rich. II. Kent, vi.

King Lear. An accomplished one. See Buckingham, § 1
Courtship, Gloucester's to Lady Anne, v. 178. Glou. Honourable,

injoined by a father, i. 43. Pro. Defcribed 63. Egeus, A beauti.

ful scene betwixt Romeo and Juliet, viii. 25.
Counsellor, an honest one. Sec Gonzalo, § 3
Child, the duty it owes a father, i. 63. 64. The.
Country squire, in Slender, i. Merry wives of Windsor
Chastity scandalized, beautifully painted in Hero, ii. 45
Chastity. See Virgilia, so
Courage in old men, ii. 57. Leon. Ant.
Courage, ii. 309. Petruchio. Different notions of it in a senator and

a general, vi. 135. 1 Sen, Alc.
Care, in a merchant, ii. 72. Sal. Sol.
Conltancy, vii. 164. Clcop.
Daughters undutitul, in Goneril and Regan, vi. King Lear
Daughter, duriful, in Cordelia, vi. King Lear
Despair, in the agonies of death, Card. Beaufort, vi. 56
Despair of pardon, iii. 241. Paal.
Eavý, v. 324. Wol.
Father, an unnatural one, in York, iv. 70. One's paslijn on the ill

conduct of a daughter, ii. 47. ss. Leon. One's fondness for his

child, iii. 211. Leo, Pol.
Fear ariling from an expected evil, iv. 164. North.


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French quack's airs, in Dr Caius, i. M. W. of Windsor
Fury, vii. 134. Ænobarbus
Gravity affected, to be thought wise, ii. 74: Gra.
Grief, iv. 9 Duch. Its nature to multiply afflictions 29. Buffy.

At parting of lovers, Q. Margaret and Suffolk, v. 54. A mother's
for her son murthered 166. Queen. Wrought to rage in Q Mar.
garet 186. Beautifully described in Cordelia, vi 70.-Gent. A
father's (an old general) for his sons and daughter 192. Titus. A
virtuous wife's wronged by her husb.nd, vii. 211. Imogen. А
husband's on the murther of his wife and children, vi 286 Mac-

duff. A valiant father's for the death of a brave fon 297, Siward.
Highwayman, Gadihall, iv. i Hen. Iy
Hope, iv. 30. Quecn. V. 258. Rich,
Horior, its outward effects, v, 320. Nor. Raised in the characters of

Aaron, Tamora, and Saturninus, vi. Titus Andronicus
Hotteis, Quickly, iv. 2 Henry IV.
Jealousy, in Ford, i. M W. of Windsor, The rise and growth of

it charactered in Leontes, iii. Winter's tale. In Troilus, vii. 34 1.
In Pofthumus 199.

The motives, growth, and fatal effects of it,
admirably thewed in Othello, viü. Othello
Incentar.cy, i. 178. Protheus
Ingratitude, in Lucullus, Lucius, and Sempronius, vi. 120
Joy, excess in it produceth tears, ii. 2, Leon.
Justices, country, Shallow and Silence, iv. 2. Henry IV
King, of raih il conduct, Richard 11. iv. Richard II. Wife and va-

Jiant, Henry IV, 1 and 2 Henry IV. Meek, religious, unfortunate,
in Henry VI. iv. v. 1. 2, 3, Henry VI Amorous, brave, fuccessful,
in Edward IV. v. 3 Henry VI. Bold, crafty, cruel, dissembling, in
Richard III. Rich. III. Brave, religious, fortunate, in Henry VII.

ib. Weak, choleric, miserable, Lear, vi. K. Lear
Love, expressed by Miranda and Ferdinand, i. 16. The crosses of

it 66. Lyf Her. Appointment protelled 67 Her. Its nature 68.
Hel. A charm to inkindle it 70. Ob. In the Queen of Fairies,
beautifully imagined 87. Queen Given over 1os. Dem. Chan.
ged to aversion 82. Lyf. Commended and dispraised 121. Val.
Pro Froward and dissembling 125, 6. Jul. Expels all other
passions, ii, 109. Por. Its orijinal 271 Rosa. Its several offices
280. Syl. All other passions loft in it, iii. 8s. Duke Ar brit
fight 99. Oli. In man and woman, compared 110. Duke. Vio.
Concealed, beantifully painted 110 Vio. Expreßed by a soldier, iv.
327 K Hen. Virtuous, v. 136,7, War. Protested by Richard
III. 251 The first mo:ions expressed by Henry VIII. 291. In a
young brave general, vii. 265, 6 Tro Conancy in it protilled
310, 11. Tro, and Creft. Quitted by a folder 317. Pat Its qua-
lities, viii 9. Rom. Impatient of delay 37. Jul. 39. Fri. 45. 46.

jul Impatient of absence 258. Eian.
Lust, i, 250 Song. In a grave minister of late 280, 2, Ang.
Madness, real in Lear, counterfeit in Fdgar, vi. K Lear
Melancholy, iii. 193. Abb. Several kinds of it, ii. 206. Jaques
Mother, lamenting her funs, v. 204. Duch, 241. Queen

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