In Defense of the Faith: the Truth about Seventh-day Adventists

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Review and Herald Publishing Association, 1933 - Всего страниц: 398
Introduction. I. What Did Mr. Canright Renounce?. II. The Law of God. III. Objections Raised to the Moral Law. IV. The Two Laws. V. When and to Whom Was the Sabbath Given?. VI. Has the Sabbath Been Lost?. VII. The Nature of the Sabbath Commandment. VIII. The Sabbath of the New Testament. IX. Who Changed the Sabbath?. X. The Sabbath on a Round World. XI. Doing or Believing. XII. The Two Covenants. XIII. The Nature of Man. XIV. The Cleansing of the Sanctuary and the Day of Atonement. XV. Who Are the Seventh-day Adventists?. XVI. The Work of Mrs. E.G. White. XVII. Mr. Canright's Remarkable Admission. XVIII. Let in the Light

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Chapter Page Introduction
What Did Mr Canright Renounce?
The Law of God
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