Encyclopaedia Perthensis; or, Universal dictionary of Knowledge, Том 15

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Стр. 355 - You may as well go stand upon the beach, And bid the main flood bate his usual height ; You may as well use question with the wolf, Why he hath made the ewe bleat for the lamb ; You may as well forbid the mountain pines To wag their high tops, and to make no noise, When they are fretted with the gusts of heaven...
Стр. 388 - What hands are here? ha! they pluck out mine eyes! Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? No; this my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red.
Стр. 398 - ... without any warrant or authority from any power either divine or human, but in direct contradiction to the laws both of God and man : and therefore the law has justly fixed the crime and punishment of murder on them and on their seconds also.
Стр. 133 - We do it wrong, being so majestical, To offer it the show of violence ; For it is, as the air, invulnerable, And our vain blows malicious mockery.
Стр. 109 - Biron they call him ; but a merrier man, Within the limit of becoming mirth, I never spent an hour's talk withal : His eye begets occasion for his wit ; For every object that the one doth catch The other turns to a mirth-moving jest...
Стр. 373 - Sometime like apes that mow and chatter at me And after bite me, then like hedgehogs which Lie tumbling in my barefoot way and mount Their pricks at my footfall. Sometime am I All wound with adders who with cloven tongues Do hiss me into madness.
Стр. 106 - And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child : and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.
Стр. 311 - ... in case of non-payment at the time limited, for ever dead and gone from the mortgagor ; and the mortgagee's estate in the lands is then no longer conditional, but absolute. But, so long as it continues conditional, that is, between the time of lending the money, and the time allotted for payment, the mortgagee is called tenant in mortgage...
Стр. 170 - ... be reckoned thirty times cheaper than it is now. In the reign of William the Conqueror commodities were ten times cheaper than they are at prefent ; from which we cannot help forming a very high idea of the wealth and power of that king. For...
Стр. 257 - Laws, or from thofe who are intruded with the Execution of them. In fine, the Commercial Virtues and Duties require that we not only do not invade, but maintain the Rights of others ; that we be fair and impartial in transferring, bartering, or exchanging Property, whether in Goods or Service; and be inviolably faithful to our Word and our Engagements where the Matter of them is not criminal, and where they are not extorted by Force.

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