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Order of Matthew's Narration to that of Luke, chis, fince no publick Sayings of Fohn follow as you may find by the numbers of the Verses, And therefore I have drawn back the Narrabecause presently after the Temprarion Jefus tion of Lake to this place, tho otherwise went to John, by which it is credible that the have always preserved his Order.' last Temptation happened in a Mountain of CHAP. XIII. p. 69. There being no other Peret, nor far from the place fohn was in, living Water in all this Country. There words Such a Mountain was that from which Mofes are necessarily to be underftood, that there beheld Canaan.

may be a convenient meaning in the question CHAP. IX. p. 44. Some, &c. I have of the Samaritan. The Reader may sarher accounted for this Paraphrafe of the begin from this and Fuch like places, how useful a ning of St: Fohn's Gospel in a Dillertation in continued Paraphrase of the History of the my Supplement, which fome have carp'd at. Gospel is. I have not as yet defended it, because whac .P. 73. 'Tis but four months between fogpina I have there faid I think fufficient, if compa- end reaping.] See what I have laid of this red with whar they have objected, to satisfy place in Differt. 1. qum. IV. the imparcial and learned Reader on what CHAP. XIV. p. 77. Take notice tbat no side the truth is, or at least a real endeavour Prophet has ever, &c. 7 Unless you fupply our after it. I am not ambitious of being count- of Luke what is here deficient in Fon the ed a skilful Disputant; and if I labour'd under 44th Verse of Chap. 4. of Johan will here seem Har Vice. I would nor chufe to contend with to be as it were intruded without any occa. chem who have provoked me by railing, and fion. Buc John, who knew that the Relacion assaulted me with the invenom'd Darts of might be read entire in Luke, thought it Envy. Ler them look for Antagonists among sufficient to touch upon it in one word. such as love the arts of derracting and re- This and other like places teach us char we viling as well as themfelves.

must nut argue roo nicely from the mere silence CHAP. X. p. $4. By which he might per- of the Evangelists, as if they recounted all ceive that Jefus, &c.] What follows, and the Words of Jesus, or all the Circumstances what goes before, thew chat chis must nécessa- of his Discourtes. . rily be inferred. See Can.V. and VI. Differt. 2. CHA P. XV. p. 81. Having agair left Na

Pos3. Who at other times had seen her Son zareth, doc.) If we read only Matthew, we perform Miracles.] See what is written, fhall not mind what I have interposed besween Can. V, Dissert. 2.

12 and 13 vèr. Chap. 4. But it is plain from *Ibid. Alore than seven handied Roman other Evangelists that this was Christ's second Rounds, &c.] According to the Calculation of going out of his own Ccuntry. But when Ed. Bernard, in his Book of Weights and any thing is omicted, remore times are not Measures.

lels joined together than if they were near. CHAP, XI. p. 57. According to the Cycle See what I have wricten upon this point at the Jews make use of, &c.] See Differ. I, to. Can. XV. Diff. 2. wards the end.

P. 85. Early the next morning before break P. 59. Having premis'd this, &c.] See what of day] So I have expressed the post cryone's I have laid at Can. VI. in Disser. 2.

alay of St. Mark, and 3419uévus fiuéens in · P. 61. And Nould hefitate about them] The St. Luke, viz. Jesus arofe before the morning. following words require this Addition, other but the morning broke forth as he was in his wife they would feem to be unreasonable journy. So that ocher place is to be under

CHA P. XII. p. 60. The Baptism? That stood of the time chat che Women went to was ufed by John and Christ, as appears froni Chri's Supulchre. . . . what follows.

in P. 87. And were washing their Nets by the P. 66. When John was in that part of the Sea-side. Which expreffes the meaning of Country which was ander the Government of all the Evangelifts. Herod, doc.] There is no place of the History CHAP. XVI. p. 92. Bywhich means Jefus the imprisoning of 7obn can be pluc'd ing bus avoided the envy of the Priests. This indeed is

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