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MATTHEW. MAR K. Luka.. Jonn.

17 For verily I say unto you, that many prophets and righteous men have defired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them: and to hear chose things which ye hear, and have not heard thein.

of 13 And he said un- ..

to them, Know ye
not this parable ? and
how chen: will you

know all parables ?
18 Hear ye there. .


Now the parafore the parable of the

ble is this : Tower.

The feed is

the word of God. 14 The lower sow- o

eth the word. 19 When any one 15 And these are: 12 Those by the heareth the word of they by the way-side way-side are they che kingdom, and un- where the word is chat hear : then comderstandeth it not, sown; but when they eth the devil, and then cometh the wick: have heard, Satan rakech away the word ed one, and catcheth cometh immediacely, out of their hearts, away that which was and takech away the sown in his heart: word that was sown in this is he which re. their hearts. ceived feed by the way-side.

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s . left they

should believe, and be

saved. 20 But he that re- 16 And these are 12 They on the ceived the feed into they likewise which rock are they, which fiony places, the fame are fown on stony when they hear, reis he that heareth the ground, who when ceive the word with word, and anon with they have heard the joy ;. joy receiveth it. word, immediately re

ceive it with glad.

ness :21 Yer hath he nor. 17 And have no and thefe have root in himself, but root in themselves, no root, which for a durech for a while: and so endure but for while believe, and in for when tribulation a time : afrerward time of temptation fall or persecution ariseth when affliction or por. away, because of the word, , fecution ariseth for by and by he is offend the word's fake, im

mediately they are

offended. 22 He also that re- 18° And there are 14 And that which ceived seed among the they which are fown fell among thorns, are thorns, is he that among thorns : such as they, which when heareth the word : hear the word, they have heard, and the care 29 And the cares

go forth of this world, and the of chis world, and the and are choked with deceitfulness of riches deceitfulness of riches, cares and riches,

and the and pleasures : lufts of other things of this life,

entring in, choke the word, and choke the word, and

and he becometh unfruit-, it becometh unfruit, bring no fruit to ferful ful.


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of it, and thereby hinder them from making'a right judgment concerning it; and fo deprive them of the means of obtaining Salvation. The ftony Ground reprefents thofe who willingly embrace the Gofpel at the first Offer of it, but are not deeply affected with it, and fo in time of Persecution upon the account of it are ready to: abandon it, rather than to endure the least Calamity. The Ground overrun with Briars is a Designation of those who at first willingly receive tlie Gospel, and for a while are mindful of it, but afterwards are diverted by anxious Cares after the Conveniences of Life, and the earnest purtuit of Riches; and thus neglecting to conform their lives answerable to the Divine Prefcript of it, render tbe Revelation ef is wholly usefefs to 'em. Lastly, the good Soil represents those who receive it

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Several other Parables Jefus fpoke to the Multitude. In the treavenly King. dom of the Mefiah there shall happen something like the Accident that befel that man, who haying fowed his Fields with good.Wheat, an Enemy came privately

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