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(13) On this side Tiber:J The Scene is here in the Forum near the Capitol, and in the most frequented Part of the City; but Cesar's Gardens were very remote from that Quarter. Trans Tiberim long? cubat is, prope Caesaris hortos. fays Horace : And both the Naumachia and Gardens of Caesar were separated from the main City by the River; and lay out wide, on a Line with Mount j'aniculum. Our Author therefore certainly wrote ; on that side Tiber; – And Plutareb, whom Shakespeare very diligently studied, in the Life of Marcus Brutus, speaking of Caesar's Will, expresly says, That he left to the Publick his Gardens, and Walks beyond

the Tiber. C4 Now

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S C E N E before Brutus's Tent, in the camp near Sardis.

Drum. Enter Brutus, Lucilius, and soldiers : Titinius and Pindarus meeting them.

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*Tis hard to conceive, why He should be call'd a barren-spirited Fellow, that could feed either on Objetts, or Arts : that is, as I. presume, form his Ideas and Judgment upon them : sale and obsolete Imitation, indeed, fixes such a Character. I am per. fuaded, to make the Poet consonant to himself, we must read, as I have restored the Text. On abjećt Orts, i.e. on the Scraps and Fragments of Things rojosed, and doses...i.

by others, • . I.

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