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is studied with the same care that was evidently bestowed upon it by

the Greek masters,—then will the art become more dignified, and as a natural consequence receive fuller recognition from competent critics, the metroplitan press, lovers of American literature and art, and from the masses generally. At all events it is to be hoped that the time is not far distant when Americans will more fully appreciate and pay tribute at the shrine of Poetry and Song as the equal and twin-sister of Music. Indeed, the alliance between Poetry and Music, says a writer in the British Britannica, is of very ancient date, and appears originally to have been constant. The praises of gods and heroes, the triumphal strains of happiness and victory, and the lamentations of amiction and defeat, were sung in measure to the sound of the rude instruments which art had invented in almost every country of which there is any historical record. In process of time, however, as Poetry became the vehicle of a wider range of sentiment, the accompaniment of music was often found inconvenient, and a recitation more approaching to common speech was then substituted.

The Britannica concisely defines absolute Poetry as the concrete and artistic expression of the human mind in emotional and rhythmical language. No literary expression can, properly speaking, be called Poetry that is not in a deep sense emotional (whatever may be its subject matter), concrete in its method and its diction, rhythmical in movement, and artistic in form. The saying of Wordsworth, “That which comes from the heart goes to the heart," applies very closely indeed to modern Poetry, and when any writer's verse embodies a message, true, direct and pathetic, the degree of artistic perfection with which it is delivered has generally been silently passed over. We listen to the poet --we allow him to address us in rhythm or rhyme - we allow him to sing to us while other men are only allowed to talk, not because the poet argues more logically than they, but because he feels more deeply and perhaps more truly. Hence the great difference between Poetry and Prose is that the one comes from the heart, while the other is a product of the mind.

Anyone who derides the local press and its bevy of embryo writers and poets, whether they be deserving of censure or not, at once stamps himself to be a narrow-minded person with a brain of rather small calibre. The local papers are to a great extent entitled to the credit of producing, either directly or indirectly, nearly all of our prominent poets and writers as well as the humbler ones. Their columns are generally opened to any local effort that is of passable quality, and the interest and ambition thus engendered and fostered have caused new and special endeavors to be taken by these literary aspirants. Therefore, the importance of the local press and its writers must not be lost sight of, for without them it is not at all improbable that America could not now boast of such men as Whittier, Emerson, et. al., whose poems and writings first appeared almost exclusively in the local press.

In the compilation of LOCAL AND NATIONAL POETS OF AMERICA, the principal object has been to present the best poems of each writer and on as different topics as possible, and the work consequently includes many varieties of Poetry clothed in numerous forms. Brief as are the biographical sketches, they serve somewhat as a medium of introduction to the reader; and especially is this apparent when the sketch is accompanied with a portrait. Poets of local fame, together with those of a more national reputation, have been given a place in LOCAL AND NATIONAL POETS OF AMERICA, but no claims whatever are made for the superiority of its contents; to winnow the chaff from the wheat, and to judge of the merits of these poems, is left entirely to the reader-a task that will undoubtedly prove a source of both profit and pleasure. Many of the names and faces here presented will be recognized by readers as familiar acquaintances, while those of others are known only in their own locality. The work itself will be both a surprise and a delight to the world of literature a surprise to learn that America is so rich in Poets and Poesy, and a delight in being thus afforded an opportunity of making a study of such a large and varied collection of gems from living

writers of America.

LOCAL AND NATONAL POETS OF AMERICA has been prepared under great difficulties, and nearly a year has passed away since the work was first taken in hand. To the local press of the country and the publishing fraternity in general, a great indebtedness is acknowledged for material and aid in the compilation of this work. To contributors and their friends who have so kindly furnished bound volumes of poetical works, copies of poems cut from magazines and newspapers, manuscripts and other material, the compiler is also under great obligations, for without such co-operation LOCAL AND NATIONAL POETS OF AMERICA could scarcely have assumed the magnitude befitting a work of such national importance





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Bailey, Mrs. M. L., Baldwin, Kan. 77
Baker, Harriet S., Norridgewock, Me. 628
Ballard, Minnie C.,

Troy, Pa. 153

Banta, Mrs. M. E.,

Franklin, Ind. 451

Banvard, John Watertown, S. Dak, 280

Bartow, A. A.

Sandusky, Ohio. 339

Barnes, Edwin H., Marathon, N.Y. 749

Barnhart, Jacob S., - Charles City, Iowa. 703

Barnard, O. W.

Manteno, Ills, 151

Bayly, Obadiah, Walnut Grove, Kan, 517

Beach, Abel,

Iowa City, Iowa. 120

Beach, Levi,

Paola, Kan. 148

Beech, Mary T.,

Stanton, Mich. 85

Bedford, Mrs. Lou S.. Dallas, Texas. 39
Bellamy, Orlando, R. Independence, Kan. 667
Bennett, Mrs. Sarah, Wilson's Mills, Me. 625
Bennett, Mrs. A.G., Pipestone City, Minn. 519
Bentley, Mrs. Ella D., Donaldsville, La. 491
Bergen, Nellie C., E. Saginaw, Mich. 143
Bethel, Mrs. L. R., - Leavenworth, Kan. 199
Bevan, Trevor G.. Martinsburg, Ind. 664
Bevis, Mrs. S.C. H.. Cincinnati, Ohio. 403
Binkley, Lillie,

Atchison, Kan. 469

Blanchard, Mary E., Milltown, Me. 310

Blount, Mrs. Sarah J. - Tonquish, Mich. 389

Boling, Mrs. Mollie A., West Baden, Ind. 606

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Clark, John L.,

Lancaster, Mass. 107 Clarke, James Freeman,

200 Cleaveland, Charles L., - Millbury, Mass. 496 Cleveland, Rose E.,

609 Clifford, May,

Santa Rosa, Cal. 443 Clifgard, Iver, Blue Mounds, Wis. 632 Clodfelter, N. S., Crawfordsville, Ind. 361 Clymer, Albert

Morley, lowa. 67 Cobb, Isaac,

Portland, Me. 668 Cocke, Zitella,

Baltimore, Md. 407 Colburn, Mrs. M. K., Waterford, Pa. 726 Colcord, Martha 0., Portland, Me. 647 Colcord, Edward J., Columbia City, S. C. 707 Cole, Jessie A.,

Horace, Kan. 251 Colesworthy, D, C., Boston, Mass. 548 Collier, Dr. Abner A., Trenton, Mo. 588 Collins, Mrs. B. A., Livingston, Tenn. 718 Comstock, Mrs, Helen M., Rochelle, Ills. 373 Conklin, Mrs. H. M., St. Charles, Mich. 568 Conners, Mrs. H., Stanwood, Wash. 350 Converse, Mrs. Sarah S.. Lyme, N. H. 580 Converse, Mrs. H. M., New York City. 644 Cooke, Mrs. D. F.,

Oconto, Wis. 572 Cooley, E. W., Marshalltown, Iowa. 267 Copp, Z. H.,

Kernstown, Va. 465 Corbett, Mrs. E. S. B., St. Paul, Minn. 296 Cornaby, Mrs. H., Spanish Fork, Utah. 323 Couchman, Wesley, Richmondville, N.Y. 278 Coxe, Arthur Cleveland,

514 Coxe, W. Beaumont, Prescott, Ariz. 713 Crall, Christian, Cranch, Christopher P.,

354 Craig, J. T.,

Hunnewell, Mo. 180 Crill, Louis N.,

Richland, S. D. 91 Crocheron, Mrs. A, J., Bountiful, Utah. 507 Crockett, Mrs. Vesta A. R., Portland, Me. 425 Cronise, Mabel,

Toledo, Ohio. 159 Crowl, Mrs. M. A., Merriam Park, Minn. 166 Crozier, Mrs. M. P. A., Ann Arbor, Mich, 344 Crump, Mrs. J. B., Harrison, Ark. 378 Cummins, Mrs.Anna, South Haven, Mich. 686 Cundill, William, Maquoketa, Iowa. 227 Cudmore, P.,

Faribault, Minn. 420 Currey, Augustus, Detroit, Mich. 701 Currier, Moody, Manchester, N. H. 366 Curtis, George William,

481 Curtis, Rose E. V., New London, Conn. 651 Curtis, Mrs. M. S.,

Newark, N. J. 623

Davis, James,

Gloucester, Mass. 626 Davis, T. G. C.,

Denton, Texas, 709 Davis, Parker B.,

Lee, Me. 458 Davis, Clarence L., New York City. 570 Davis, Ida May, Terre Haute, Ind. 62 Delany. Mrs. E. B. Bisant, - Zanesville, O. 88 DeWitt, Charles A.,

Lanark, Ill. 415 Dickson, John J., West Grove, Iowa 69 Dilley, Mrs. May J.,

Mora, N. M. 472 Diltz, Mrs. Matilda, Covington, O. 356 Drew, C.,

Jacksonville, Fla. 427 Dwyer, Mrs. Anselina E., Lynn, Mass. 436 Dockendorff, Jacob B., Southport, P. E. I. 297 Dodge, George D., Hampton Falls, N. H. 184 Dodge, Mary Mapes,

222 Dodge, Robert D.,

Adel, Iowa 160 Dole, Mrs. Caroline F., Norridgewock, Me. 650 Donnan, James S., Central Islip, L. I. 410 Dorman, Allen,'

Clinton, Mo. 423 Dorr, Julia Caroline R.

578 Douglas, Mrs. Myra, St. Louis, Mo. 37 Dowling, Lee H., North Topeka, Kan. 284 Downer, William B., Cazenovia, N.Y. 386 Downing, H.M., Savin Hill, Boston, Mass. 438 Downing, Edward C., Toulon, . 338 Duncan, Mrs. Mary C., Hanford, Cal. 559 Durand, Isaac,

Verdon, Neb. 525 Durant, Horace B., Philadelphia, Pa. 409 Dution, J. D.,

Oakland, Cal. 589

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Early, Lewis J.,

Hawesville, Ky. 735 Eastland, Mrs. Clara F., - Muscoda, Wis. 219 Eberhart, Gilbert L., - Beaver Falls, Pa. 753 Edgerton, James A.,

Marietta, 0. 108 Edwards, Rev. J. H., Mechanicsburg, Ill. 367 Efnor, Mrs. Lottie C., Hempstead, Texas 195 Eidson, Dr. A. J., Coatesville, Mo. 272 Emerson, Mrs. Martha L., Boxford, Mass. 468 England, Oliver S.,

Salem, Ore. 352 English, Josiah G.,

Xenia, O. 727 English, Thomas Dunn,

213 Ethridge, Annie S.,

Convers, Ga, 553 Evans, John Wesley, Lonaconing, Md. 622 Evans, Francis Anson, Tell City, Ind. 688 Eve, Maria L.,

Augusta, Ga. 212 Everett, J. W.,

Lake Charles, La. 87 Ewing, Elmore E.. Portsmouth, Ohio 475

Dana, Charles Anderson,

577 Dandridge, Danske,

370 Danehy, Mrs. Maggie M., Lancaster, Ohio. 533 Dannelly, Mrs. E. O., Waxahatchi, Texas. 133 Darnell, Rev. Henry F., Avon, N.Y. 264 Darrow, Allen R.,

Buffalo, N. Y. 679 Davenport, W.J.,

Bethany, La. 224 Davidson, Gaylord, Carthage, III. 512 Davidson, Clara D., Ottumwa, Iowa. 124 Davis, Walter I.,

Berlin, N. H. 627

Fancher, Mrs. F. L., Dodge Center, Minn. 444 Farrow, Alexander J., Portland Mills, Ind. 116 Faulk, Margaret,

Beaver, Pa. 390 Fauntleroy, Henry,

Chicago, Ill. 327 Fawcett, Mrs. Mary H., Plantsville, Ohio 665 Felcb, Will Farrand, Hartford, Conn. 299 Felton, Mrs. Mary, Belmond, Iowa 557 Fenton, Robert H.,

Nyack, N.Y. 573 Ferris, Rev. Walter L., Cherokee, Iowa 766 Finch, Mrs. Mary B., Frenchtown, Neb. 309

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