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Oliver, J. H.,

Granbury, Tex, 1247 O'Connell, D. J., Owatonna, Minn. 1183 O'Riordan, James, Stony Hollow, N.Y. 1114 Ostrom, Ernest R., Danbury, la. 1256 Peay. Rev. J. H., Trenton, Tenn. 1248 Patten, William G,, Manchester, N. H. 1248 Page, Mrs. E., San Francisco, Cal. 1140 Pangborn, F.W., Jersey City, N.J. 1:220 Park, W. G., Mystic Bridge, Conn. 1204 Pendell, James F.,

Athol, N.Y. 1143 Phelps, Mrs. N., Mountain Home, Idaho 1:338 Pickering, Grace E., Portsmouth, N.H. 1282 Pinkley, Prof. V. A., Cincinnati, O. 1236 Preston, Rev. J. P.. Creighton, Neb. 1136 Priestley, Mrs. K. E., San Jose, Cal. 1:215 Poole, Belle,

Covington, La. 1276 Pennock, M. C.,

Alliance, 0. 1313

Stanton, Henry T., Franklin, Ky. 1151 Stapley, Mrs. L.,

Belmond, Ia. 1188 Stewart, Mrs. E. W., Altona, Colo. 1112 Stouffer, S. J.,

Benevola, Md. 1136 Street, Thos.,

Vineland, N. J. 1165 Street, Ida M.,

Ann Arbor, Mich. 1245 Spurlock, Mrs. Phæbe A., Geneseo, III. 1265 Shuey, Mrs. Lillian II., Lorin, (al. 1289 Skeats, Wilfred S., Toronto, Can. 1273 Samuel, Selma,

Gretna, La. 1270 Secor, Eugene,

Forest City, la. 1301 Smith, Mrs. Eva M., Springfield, III. 1331 Schaeggs, Mrs. Amy E., San Diego, Cal. 1155

Tanner, A. A.,

Oakley, Id, 1169 Thaxter, Mrs. C., Portsmouth, N. H. 1140 Tillotson, Mrs. M. E., Vineland, N. J. 1171 Thomas, F. L.,

Lafayette, Ind. 1198 'Thomas, John,

Skyanon, Ore. 1094 Thorpe, Mrs. Rose, Pacific Beach, (al. 1192 Torrey, H. D.,

S. Bridgeton, Me. 1091 Torrey, Amoret D., S. Bridgeton, Me. 1092 Truman, Stella,

Opelouta, La. 1081 Tripp, Howard C.,

Kingsley, la. 1297 Thomas, Dr. W. D., Grand Rapids, Mich. 1266 Thornhill, Commodore P., Columbia, La. 13:27 Tillson, E. C.,

Deer Park, Md. 1344 Tilley, Lucy E.,

Medina, 0, 1:250 Toland, Mrs. M. B., San Francisco, Cal. 1387

Ranney, Fletcher, Boston, Mass. 1244 Ray, Mrs. R. B., Eureka Springs, Ark. 1225 Reed, Mrs. Anna, Laytonville, Cal. 1109 Richards, L. G., Salt Lake City, Utah, 1193 Rolie, Rev. T. S.,

Truro, Mass. 1154 Ruffin, Mrs. M. E.,

Mobile, Ala, 1244 Rhoads, Dr. Thomas, Boyertown, Pa. 1355 ReQua, Mrs. H.W..

Batavia, Ill. 1347 Rude, Mrs. B. C.. St. Augustine, Fla. 1319 Russ, William C.,

Omaha, Neb. 1362 Ryan, Mary C.,

Obrine, Florida. 1372 Reed, Mrs. E. A.,

Chicago, Il. 1249

Upton, Charles Elmer, Placerville, Cal. 1247 Urich, Mrs. H. L.,

Wilmot, Dak. 1159

Van Tuyl, R.,

Prattsburg, N.Y. 1210 Vaughan, J. B.,

Atlanta, Ga. 1179 Venable, W, H.,

Cincinnati, O. 1106 Votow, Rev. E. H.,

Geneva, 0. 1236 Vittum, Edmun: March,


Sayford, Marion W.. Harrisburg, Pa. 1156 Stout, Adelaide,

Buffalo, N.Y. 1311 Shoemaker, Mrs., Morgan Springs, Tenn. 1280 Swink, Mollie,

Minier, M. 1305 Sladen, Douglas, New York City. 1306 Srnith, Mrs. Annie H., Atlanta, Ga. 1338 Suow, Mrs. Sophie, South Meriden, Ct. 1334 Stewart, Alexander, E. Toronto, Can. 1313 Stuntz, Mrs. Laura, Alhambra, Cal. 1:389 Stone, Mrs. Virginia P.,

1300 Shammo, Rosabel,

Halifax, Pa. 1300 Seelye, Mrs. L. L.,

Geneva, O. 1362 Stanley, Mrs. Ada,

Leicester, Vt. 1364 Swaine, Mrs. C. Jennie,

. 1857 Smith, Mrs. M. J., Longwood, III. 1383 Sageser, Mrs Mary B., Stuart, Neb. 1120 Scanlon, Anna C.,

Mt. Ida, Wis. 1080 Scholes, Adam,

Detroit, Mich. 1237 Slater, Kate N., Springfield, Mo, 1123 Sleeper, Rer.W.T., Worcester, Mass. 1232 Slocum, Grace L., Pawtucket, R. I. 1214 Smith, Mrs. J. L.,

Hudson, N.Y. 1230 Smythe, Mary E., Columbia, Ky. 1241 Snow, Mrs. Effie G., Schell City, Mo. 1132 Spake, Mrs. M. J.,

Edon, O. 1093

Waite, H.C.,

St. Cloud, Minn. 1247 Wallace, Martin, Huntsville, Tex. 1126 Warner, Dr. A., Ainsworth, Neb. 1076 Weed, Mrs. Annie W.,

Rose, N.Y. 1097 Wetmore, Hugh A., West Superior, Wis. 1141 White, Jas. T,

New York, N.Y. 1233 White, Mrs. Emma, Onset Bay, Mass. 1191 Wicksteed, G. W.,

Ottawa, Can. 1130 Wilcox, C. W.,

Somerset, N.Y. 1107 Wiley, Hon. W. L.,

Galva, Ill. 122 Wilkes, Rev. W., Syllacauga, Ala. 1203 Williams, Maggie D., Livermore, Ky. 1036 Woodard, Rev. L., Oskaloosa, la. 1175 Wright, Edward D., Danville, Ind. 1117 Wyman, Mrs. Sarah, Weston, Mich. 1042 Wall, Mrs. Annie,

Pueblo, Colo. 1377 Wetherbee, Emily G, Lawrence, Mass. 1324 Waters, Mrs. Elizabeth,

1392 Witham, Samuel M., Haverhill, Mass, 1333 Ware, William Hibbert, Trenton, N. J. 1176 Whitaker, Rev, R.,

Salem, Ore. 1361




BORN: RICHMOND, Mo. WHEN but a boy in years Mr Warder taught school, studied law, and was a practicing attorney at Chillicothe, Mo. He is a lawyer, a business man, a financier, a scholar, and a

Methinks, o'er all the realms of space,

Creative hand ne'er meant to trace
A nobler form, or fairer face,

With brighter charm, or sweeter grace, Than woman, who was sent to cheer

Man in his lonely, hapless fate,
With kindness and affection's tear,

And lead him to a higher state.
Her charming face and trusting heart

Wakes in bis breast heroic flame;
For her he toils by strength and art,

To carve his way to wealth and fame. He tills the soil, and sails the fleet,

Subdues the earth, explores its wilds, To lay his treasures at her feet,

For her approving love and smiles.
In every land where women stand

In loving beauty by man's side,
His rudeness turns to manners bland,

And truth and honor in bis pride.
First at the cradle and the grave,

With swelling heart and anxious breath, She ope's the eyes of great and brave,

And shuts them in the glare of death. Then lordly man, that scoffs at fear,

At your own bearth, or where ye roam, Strive with true love to bless and cheer

This angel of our earthly home.


COLONEL GEO. W. WARDER. poet. Mr. Warder has issued three volumes of verse, wbich have attracted considerable attention, and established for the author an enviable reputation; in 1873 appeared Poetic Writings or College Poems; in 1874 Eden Dell or Love's Wanderings; and his third volume, a collection of his finest poems, entitled Utopian Dreams and Lotus Leaves, was issued from the London press in 1885. Since his residence in Kansas City, Col. Warder has attained a position of prominence and influence in the community. He is president of the Mining Exchange, a director in the Exposition Association, the Warder Grand Opera House, Newsboys Home, and is connected with many enterprises and charitable institutions.

MEMORY AND IMAGINATION. There's a world within as a world without, And the mighty depths of the human soul Is a boundless sea where the billows roll To the zephyr's sigh, and the thunder's shout; Where voices come from the sobbing years Like watching stars in their dreamy spheres, And the soul, like earth in its mystic flight, Is hall in shadow and half in light. Thou mighty magicians to stir the heart To its silent depths with thy voice of tears, Pouring its pathos of tremulous fears, Till the troubled sea of the soul will start, And feeling and passion like billows roll From the sighing heart to the sobbing soul; Eyes dreamy and blue as the tranquil sea; Face beaming and changeful, pleasing and




Voice sad and sweet as a Magdalen's prayer To a pardoning Christ when He set her free. Thy genius, purpose and mission grand Teaches men to feel and their souls expand, That mercy may blend with her loving eyes, The joys of earth with the dreams of the


And in angelic livery stand,
Like sunlit isles in summer land.
Thou standest proudly and alone

In art, expression, form and grace,

And changing beauties of thy face, And sweetness of thy voice and tone, Like sceptred genius on a throne. Then fair as love and sweet as bliss,

Press on and win the world's applause,

Nor in thy charming splendor pause Till deathless fame thy brow shall kiss, And heaven shall bring eternal bliss.

Thy face is fair and lovely,

Thine eyes are softly blue,
And who could help but love thee,

Who knows thy heart so true.
Who knows the wealth and depth of love

That in thy bosom glows, The purity like heaven above,

That from thy spirit flows. Thy soul looks through the doors of sight,

And beams from out thine eye
With golden light, both pure and bright,

As angels passing by.
And once I gazed into those eyes

That beam with heavenly thought,
And felt the ties of love I prize,

Still nearer to me brought. That hour I never shall forget,

But memory will retain it,
And time will only deeper set

That diamond gem within it.
Then fleeting time did plume her wing,

And dip her feet in pleasure,
And from the streams of bliss did bring

Us gladness without measure. The zephyrs sang unto the sea.

The golden stars were beaming, While hope, like bird on pinions free,

Her sweetest dream was dreaming. Endymion on the moonlit bills

Ne'er bathed in Cynthia's smiling, And felt the sweet en rapturing thrills,

As in that bour's beguiling.


When the twilight shades are falling

And the even-lide is near,
Comes the voice of memory calling,

Soft as falling of a tear;
And from shadows dim and fleeting

Come the saddest songs and greeting;
Yet the sweetest that I hear.
And I dream the olden dreaming

In the gloaming by the way,
And life's rosy-tinted gleaming

Seems to crown the closing day; And my heart and brain and being Wrapt in visions I am seeing,

Sad, yet brightest that I may! 0! our saddest thoughts are sweetest!

For they span a broader sea, Soaring eagle-winged and fleetest

O'er the world of memory.
Hope crowned, heavenward and untiring,
To the good and loved aspiring,

They are calling unto thee.
Like the murmur of bright rivers

In the Islands of the Blest,
Where the solemn music quivers

Like a birdling in its nest,
Come the smiles of those who love us
From the far-off heavens above us,

And our saddest songs are best.

MARY ANDERSON. Interpreter of truth and art,

With regal form and queenly grace?

A matchless poem is thy face,
Where glowing thoughts of beauty start
Like heart that speaketh unto heart.
What majesty of gentle truth

Is thy sweet charm of womanhood;

So winning, fair, and nobly good,
Like genius in its mystic youth,
A peerless thing of joy and truth.
Bright empress of a fairer land

Than czar, or king, or magnates rule,
Where beauiy, heart and truth's at school,


Dead! Our darling is dead, dear wife,
His angel spirit has heavenward fled;
His little feet will no longer tread
The rugged paths of this sorrowing life.

Kiss his forebead of marble clay,

Kiss our darling and come away. Fair was his lovely form, dear wife, Bright and sunny his cherub face; See what a dimple the angels did trace, When they kissed him first on the shores of

life. Kiss him again, for only to-day Can you kiss our darling, and come away.




BORN: LEMPSTER, N. H. AFTER receiving her education at the Tilden Female Seminary of West Lebanon, Miss Perley became a school teacher. Her puems have received extensive publication in the periodi

Child of mine look up above you,

Up into the starry skies,
To those myriad worlds of glory

Raise your timid dazzled eyes;
Think you of their awful wonder,

of the race they each must run, On for aye, sometimes in darkness,

'Round and 'round the shining sun. Think you of the years that wait them,

Changeless years of night and day, Think you of the hand that guides them,

For they cannot lose their way. Thus whatever may betide you,

There is One that knoweth best, So lay down your head a moment,

Know that it is time for rest.

[graphic][merged small]

AFTER DARK. Come now, imp of night, with your mirror

For this is the true witching hour; I'll look, if 'tis only to please you,

So come in your magical power.
O, fie! 'tis unjust, it is cruel

To show me the picture I shun!
The weakness, the folly and blindness,

The deeds that I wish were undone.
I'll shut my eyes tight, little wizard,

l'll stop my ears, close as I can, I'll hide my head under the pillow

Before I will see it again.
Your magic can show me another -

Yes many, with skies bright and fair-
Each life has one fertile oasis,

And mine has a bountiful share.
The sound of the bellowing tempest -

The sweetest of music to me,
The brook, as it laughed in its gladness,

And rushed to the wide rolling sea.
The great silent gloom of the forest,

The vast, changeless blue all above, The words that from dear lips have fallen,

The smiles on the faces I love. Then, too, is the mystical future

So full of its untasted bliss, 0, say! little wizard, I know it, I feel it,

'Tis better than this. It must be, each year brings the harvest,

The harvest of pleasure and pain, But wisdom a recompeuse gives us,

Though blighted and worthless the grain. No sound through the hush of the darkness

That down to my heart seems to sink 'Tis sweet, but 'tis dreadful to lie here

With nothing to do but think.

THE VOICE OF NATURE. Child of mine look all around you,

See the brook runs at your feet,
Laughing, playing, leaping ever

On its destiny to meet.
With a voice of wondrous sweetness

Singing through the heat of day,
Fearless, undismayed, it glideth

Though it knoweth not the way. Child of mine go to the forest

Where the oak lifts up its head; Grand in solemn strength it standeth

Heeding not thy timid tread;
See its mighty arms outstretching,

Shield the tender violet blue,
Know you not the great All-Father

Spreads his sheltering arms o'er you?

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