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Class II. (AGE 10.)

1. A. W. Perry, Sir W. C. Trevelyan's School, Seaton, Devon.
2. Wm Hardian, Deane School, near Bolton.
3. A. Overall, British School, Beresford.
4. Ben. Grice, St. Cuthbert's V.S., Gateshead.
5. Thos. Hughes, British School, Beresford.
6. Edwd. Stephens, Fawley School.
7. Ben, Gunthorp, St. Leonard's School, Streatham.
8. Charlotte Wheatly, St. Cuthbert's School, Gateshead.
9. William Wadham, St. Cuthbert's School, Gateshead.
10. William Wrightson, Brook's Grammar School, Thorne.

Class III. (AGE 9.)

1. Fred. Perry, Sir W, C. Trevelyan's School, Seaton, Devon.
2. Chester White, Brook's Grammar School, Thorne.
3. R. A. Whitney, St. Leonard's School, Streatham.
4. George Jay, St. Leonard's School, Streatham.
5. Frank Constable, Brook's Grammar School, Thorne,
6. G. H, Atkinson.
7. R. A. Johnston, St. Cuthbert's N.S., Gateshead.
8. J. G. Chambers, St. Cuthbert's N.S., Gateshead.
9. T. E. Alsham, Shepherd's Hill Academy, Penrith.
10. J. Badgett, Shepherd's Hill Academy, Penrith.

Class IV. (AGE 8.)

Donald Fraser, Invergordon F.C. School.

To our Correspondents.


A teacher writes : “Your paper is much appreciated in our school, and we hope it will always have a wide circulation.” We will give our careful consideration to the suggestion of this correspondent.

Another teacher, who has used the Young Scholar in his school from its commencement, writes : “In reviewing the school year in my log-book it was with great pleasure I testified to the good influences exerted by your valuable periodical. Not only baas an increased stimulus to general work been prompted by it, but it has powerfully influenced the order and neatness of paper work, and given a wonderful impetus to intelligent reading and love of wholesome information. Some of my boys who compete I notice to read the · Lay Sermon' or 'Gulliver before looking at the Essay Lists. With joy and gratitude I appreciate its

“' solid, unmistakable religious tone."


NOTICE. *** The Title-page and Index of Vol. I. of the Young SCHOLAR will be issued with the number for January, 1873.

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HIS volume will be found exceedingly useful

in Sunday and day school libraries, and as a suitable book for children to read at home. Books of this kind, which are interesting

without being maudlin and silly, are not at all numerous, and we have no need, therefore, to apologise for adding to the list.

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