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UPON the second day after Flo “ Your business with me, sir ? " rinda's elopement with her worthless said the old man quickly.

" Whom suitor, the large coffee-room of the have I the honour to address ? " Hotel de France, at Montauban, was “I am an old acquaintance, Mr deserted, save by two guests, One Anthony Noell,” said the traveller, in of these was a man of about fifty-five, a sharp ironical tone, as he turned but older in appearance, whose thin down his collar and displayed a pale gray hair and stooping figure, as well countenance, distorted by a malignant as the deep, anxious wrinkles and smile. " An old debtor come to dismournful expression of his counte- charge the balance due. My errand nance, told a tale of cares and trou- to-day is to tell you that you are bles, borne with a rebellious rather childless. Your daughter Florinda, than with a resigned spirit. The other your last remaining darling, has fled occupant of the apartment, who sat to Italy with a nameless vagabond at its opposite extremity, and was and stroller." concealed, except upon near approach, At the very first word uttered by by a sort of high projecting counter, that voice, Noell had started and was much younger, for his age could shuddered, as at the sudden pang of hardly exceed thirty years. A certain exquisite torture. Then his glassy sober reserved expression, (hardly eyes were horribly distended, his amounting to_austerity,) frequently mouth opened, bis whole face was observable in Roman Catholic priests, convulsed, and with a yell like that of and which sat becomingly enough some savage denizen of the forest upon his open intelligent countenance, suddenly despoiled of its young, he betrayed his profession as surely as sprang upon his enemy and seized some slight clerical peculiarities of him by the throat. costume.

* Murderer !” he cried. “ Help! Suddenly a waiter entered the room, help!” and approaching the old man with an The waiters rushed into the room, air of great respect, informed him and with difficulty freed the stranger that a gentleman, seemingly just come from the vice-like grasp of the old off a journey, desired particularly to man, to whose feeble hands frenzy speak with him. The person address- gave strength. When at last they ed raised his eyes, whose melancholy were separated, Noell uttered one expression corresponded with the shriek of impotent fury and despair, furrows of his cheek, from the Paris and fell back senseless in the servants' newspaper he was reading, and, in a

The stranger, who himself voice at once harsh and feeble, desired seemed weak and ailing, and who the stranger should be shown in. The had sunk upon a chair, looked curiorder was obeyed ; and a person en- ously into his antagonist's face. tered, wrapped in a cloak, whose col “He is mad," said he, with horlar was turned up, concealing great rible composure and complacency; part of his face. His countenance “quite mad. Take him to his bed." was further obscured by the vizard of The waiters lifted up the insensible a travelling-cap, from beneath which body, and carried it away.

The his long hair hung in disorder. stranger leaned his elbows upon a Splashed and unshaven, he had all table, and, covering his face with his the appearance of having travelled far hands, remained for some minutes aband fast. The gentleman whom he sorbed in thought. A slight noise had asked to see rose from his seat made him look up. The priest stood on his approach, and looked at him opposite to him, and uttered his name. keenly, even uneasily, but evidently “ Dominique Lafon," he said, without recognition. The waiter left calmly but severely,

" what is this the room. The stranger advanced to thing you have done? But you need within three paces of bim he sought, not tell me. I know much, and can and stood still and silent, his features conjecture the rest. Wretched man, still masked by his cloak collar. know you not the word of God, to



whom is all vengeance, and who And the good priest drew his friend's repayeth in his own good time?" arm through his, and led him from the

Dominique seemed surprised at hearing his name pronounced by a Dominique's exclamation was prostranger. He looked hard at the phetic. When Anthony Noell rose priest. And presently a name con from the bed of sickness to which grief nected with days of happiness and consigned him, his intellects were innocence broke from the lips of the gone. He never recovered them, but vindictive and pitiless man.

passed the rest of his life in helpless “ Henry la Chapelle!”

idiocy at his country-house, near It was indeed his former fellow- Marseilles. There he was sedulously student, whom circumstances and dis- and tenderly watched by the unhappy position had induced to abandon the Florinda, who, after a few miserable study of the law and enter the church. months passed with her reprobate They had not met since Dominique seducer, was released from further illdeparted from Paris to receive the last usage by the death of Vicenzo, stabbed sigh of his dying mother.

in Italy in a gambling brawl. Who shall trace the secret springs Not long after 1830, there died in a whence flow the fountains of the Sardinian convent, noted for its ascetic heart? For seven years Dominique observances and for the piety of its Lafon had not wept. His captivity inmates, a French monk, who went and many sufferings, his father's death, by the name of brother Ambrose. His all had been borne with a bitter heart, death was considered to be accelerated but with dry eyes. But now, at sight by the strictness with which he folof the comrade of his youth, some lowed the rigid rules of the order, hidden chord, long entombed, sud- from some of which his failing health denly vibrated. A sob burst from his would have justified deviation, and bosom, and was succeeded by a gush by the frequency and severity of his of tears.

self-imposed penances.

His body, Henry la Chapelle looked sadly feeble when first he entered the conand kindly at his boyhood's friend. vent, was no match for his courageous

“He who trusteth in himself,” he spirit. In accordance with his dying said in low and gentle tones, “let request, his beads and breviary were him take heed, lest his feet fall into sent to a vicar named la Chapelle, the snares they despise. Alas! Do then resident at Lyons. When that minique, that you so soon forgot our excellent priest opened the book, he last conversation ! Alas! that you found the following words inscribed have laid this sin to your soul ! But upon a blank page : those tears give me hope : they are “Blessed be the Lord, for in Him the early dew of penitence. Come, have I peace and hope ! ” my friend, and seek comfort where And Henry la Chapelle kneeled alone it may be found. Verily there down, and breathed a prayer for the is joy in heaven over one repentant soul of his departed friend, Dominique sinner, more than over many just men.” Lafon.


“ Etiam illud adjungo, sæpius ad laudem atque virtutem naturam sine doctrina, quam sine naturâ valuisse doctrinam.”—Cicero, pro. Arch., 7.

“Que vous ai-je donc fait, O mes jeunes années !
Pour m'avoir fui si vite, me croyant satisfait ?"

Victor Hugo, Odes.

For the abnormal, and, we must from these institutions-was not quite think, somewhat faulty education of barren of results. It was so far sucour later boyhood—a few random re cessful, at least, as completely to uncollections of which we here purpose settle for a time the minds of not a to lay before the reader-our obliga- few over-anxious parents, who, taught tions, quantulæcunque sint, are cer to regard with suspicion the credentainly due to prejudices which, though tials of every schoolmaster “at home,” they have now become antiquated and were beginning to make diligent inobsolete, were in full force some thirty quiries for his successor among their years ago, against the existing mode neighbours" abroad.” To all who of education in England. Not that were in this frame of mind, the first the public-quâ public-were ever very couleur de rose announcements of Pesfar misled by the noisy declamations talozzi's establishment at Yverdun of the Whigs on this their favourite were news indeed ! offering as they theme : people for the most part paid did—or at least seeming to offer-the very little attention to the inuendoes complete solution of a problem which of the peripatetic schoolmaster, so could scarcely have been entertained carefully primed and sent “ abroad " without much painful solicitude and to disabuse them ; while not a few anxiety. “ Here, then,” for so ran smiled to recognise under that impos- the accounts of several trustworthy ing misnomer a small self-opinionated eyewitnesses, educational amateurs, clique-free traders in everything else, who had devoted a whole morning to but absolute monopolists here-who a most prying and probing dissection sought by its aid to palm off on society of the system within the walls of the the jocosa imago of their own crotchets, chateau itself, and putting down all as though in sympathetic response to the results of their carefully conducted a sentiment wholly proceeding from autopsy, “here was a school composed itself. When much inflammatory of boys gathered from all parts of the “stuff" had been discharged against habitable globe, where each, by simply the walls of our venerable institutions, carrying over a little of his mother not only without setting Isis or Cam tongue, might, in a short time, become on fire, but plainly with some discom a youthful Mezzofante, and take his fitures to the belligerents engaged, from choice of many in return; a school which, the opposite party, who returned the wisely eschewing the routine service salute, John Bull began to open his of books, suffered neither dictionary, eyes a little, and, as he opened them, gradus, grammar, nor spelling-book to to doubt whether, after all, the pro- be even seen on the premises ; a school mises and programmes he had been for morals, where, in educating the reading of a spic-and-span new order head, the right training of the heart of everything, particularly of educa was never for a moment neglected; a tion, might not turn out a flam ; and school for the progress of the mind, the authors of them, who certainly where much discernment, blending itself showed off to most advantage on with kindness, fostered the first dawnEdinburgh Review days, prove any- ings of the intellect, and carefully prothing but the best qualified persons to tected the feeble powers of memory make good their own vaticinations, or from being overtaxed—where delightto bring in the new golden age they ed Alma, in the progress of her dehad announced. Still, the crusade velopment, might securely enjoy many against English public seminaries, privileges and immunities wholly though abortive in its principal design denied to her at home—where even - that of exciting a general defection philosophy, stooping to conquer, had

become sportive the better to persuade; another a peg-top for B; and then where the poet's vow was actually there was a hocky-stick for M, and a realised—the bodily health being as red leathern satchel, with book-strap, diligently looked after as that of the for N, and three books a-piece to two mind or the affections ; lastly, where class-chums, who ended with a toss-up they found no fighting nor bullying, as for Virgil. And now, being fairly at home, but agriculture and gymnas- cleaned out, after reiterated good-bys tics instituted in their stead.” To such and shakes of the hand given and taken encomiums on the school were added, at the shop door, we parted, (many of and with more justice and truth, a us never to meet again,) they to enjoy commendation on old Pestalozzi him- the remainder of a half-holiday in the self, the real liberality of whose senti- hocky-court, while we walked home ments, and the overflowings of whose through the park, stopping in the midst paternal love, could not, it was argued, of its ruminating cows, ourself to rumiand did not, fail to prove beneficial to nate a little upon the future, and to all within the sphere of their influence. wonder, unheard, what sort of a place The weight of such supposed advan- Switzerland might be, and what sort tages turned the scale for not a fewjust of a man Pestalozzi! entering into the pupillary state, and These adieus to old Westminster settled their future destination. Our took place on a Saturday; and the own training, hitherto auspiciously following Monday found us already enough carried on under the birchen en route with our excellent father for discipline of Westminster, was sud- the new settlement at Yverdun. The denly stopt; the last silver prize-penny school to which we were then trahad crossed our palm ; the last quar- velling, and the venerable man who terly half-crown tax for birch had been presided over it, have both been long paid into the treasury of the school ;. since defunct - de mortuis nil nisi we were called on to say an abrupt bonum; and gratitude itself forbids good-by to our friends, and to take a that we should speak either of one or formal leave of Dr P- That cere of the other with harshness or dismony was not a pleasing one; and had respect; of a place where we certainly the choice of a visit to Polyphemus in spent some very happy, if not the his cave, or to Dr P in his study, happiest, days of life ; of him whobeen offered to us, the first would cer- rightly named the father of the estabtainly have had the preference; but lishment-ever treated us, and all as the case admitted neither evasion with whom he had to do, with a uninor compromise, necessity gave us form gentleness and impartiality. To courage to bolt into the august pre- tell ill-natured tales out of school-of sence of the formidable head-master, such a school, and after so long a after lessons; and finding presently period too-would indeed argue ill for that we had somehow managed to any one's charity, and accordingly we emerge again safe from the dreaded do not intend to try it. But though interview, we invited several class the feeling of the alumnus may not fellows to celebrate so remarkable a permit us to think unfavourably of the day at a tuck-shop in the vicinity Pensionat Pestalozzi, we shall not, on of Dean's Yard. There, in unre that account, suppress the mention of stricted indulgence, did the party get some occasional hardships and inconthrough, there was no telling how veniences experienced there, much many lady's-fingers," tarts, and less allow a word of reproach to escape cheese-cakes, and drank—there was our pen. The reader, with no such no counting the corks of empty ginger- sympathies to restrain his curiosity, beer bottles. When these delicacies will no doubt expect, if not a dehad lost their relish-kai és épov évto— tailed account, some outline or general the time was come for making a dis- ground-plan of the system, which, tribution of our personal effects. First alas! we cannot give him ; our endeawent our bag of " taws” and “alleys,” vour to comprehend it as a digested pro bono publico, in a general scramble, whole--proceeding on certain data, and then a Jewis-harp for whoever aiming at certain ends, and pursuing could twang it; and out or one pocket them by certain means—has been en*me a cricket-ball for A, and out of tirely unsuccessful ; and therefore, if

pressed for more than we can tell, panions had had the full benefit of it, our answer must be, in the words of with much that was irrelevant besides. Cicero, Deprecor ne me tanquam phi- The mischiefs which, it would occur losophum putet scholam sibi istam ex to anyone's mind, were likely to plicaturum.* But though unable to result in after life from such desultory make out--if, indeed, there were any habits of application in boyhood, acspirit of unity to be made out—in tually did result to many of us a few Pestalozzi's scheme, there were cer years later at college. It was at once tain manifest imperfections in the painful and difficult to indoctrinate composition of his plan of education indocile minds like ours into the accu

-improprieties to which the longest rate and severe habits of university familiarity could scarcely reconcile, discipline. On entering the lists for nor the warmest partiality blind even honours with other young aspirants, the most determined partisan. In the educated in the usual way at home, first place—to state them at once, and we were as a herd of unbroken colts have done with the unpleasing office pitted against well-trained racers : of finding fault-it always struck us neither had yet run for the prize-in as a capital error, in a school where that single particular the cases were books were not allowed, to suffer the same; but when degree and race almost the whole teaching of the day came, on whose side lay the odds ? classes to devolve upon some leading On theirs who had been left to try an member of each; for what, in fact, untutored strength in scampering over could self-taught lads be expected to a wild common, at will, for years, or teach, unless it were to make a ring with those who, by daily exercise in or a row-to fish, to whistle, or to the manège of a public school, had skate? Of course, any graver kind been trained to bear harness, and of information, conveyed by an infant were, besides, well acquainted with prodigy to his gaping pupils, must the ground? Another unquestionable have lacked the necessary precision error in the system was the absence to make it available to them: first, of emulation, which, from some strange because he would very seldom be misconception and worse application sufficiently possessed of it himself; of a text in St Paul, was proscribed and secondly, because a boy's imper- as an unchristian principle; in lieu of fect vocabulary and inexperience ren which, we were to be brought—though der him at all times a decidedly bad we never were brought, but that was interpreter even of what he may really the object aimed at—to love learning know. In place of proving real lights, for its own sake, and to prove ourthese little Jack-o'-Lanterns of ours selves anxious of excelling without a tended rather to perplex the path of motive, or to be good for nothing, as the inquiring, and to impede their Hood has somewhere phrased it. progress; and when an appeal was made to the master, as was sometimes

“ Nunquam præponens se aliis, ita facillime

Sine invidia invenias laudem," done, the master-brought up in the same vague, bookless manner, and says Terence, and it will be so where knowing nothing more accurately, envy and conceit have supplanted emuthough he might know more than his lation: yet are the feelings perfectly puzzle-pated pupils—was very seldom distinct; and we think it behoves all able to give them a lift out of the those who contend that every striving quagmire, where they accordingly for the mastery is prohibited by the would stick, and flounder away till gospel, to show how communism in the end of the lesson. It was amusing inferiority, or socialism in dulness, to see how a boy, so soon as he got are likely to improve morals or mend but a glimpse of a subject before the society. Take from a schoolboy the class, and could give but the ghost of motive of rewards and punishments, a reason for what he was eager to and you deprive him of that incentive prelect upon, became incontinent of by which your own conduct through the bright discovery, till all his com life is regulated, and that by which

* CICERO, De Fin., ii. 1.

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