The Works of Cornelius Tacitus: With an Essay on His Life and Genius, Notes, Supplements, &c, Том 1

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Wells & Lilly, Richardson & Lord, Munroe & Francis, Lincoln & Edmands, Oliver Everett, Cummings & Hilliard, Charles Ewer, Timothy Bedlington, 1822

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Стр. 355 - Conditione super communi ; quin etiam lex Poenaque lata malo quae nollet carmine quemquam Describi ; vertere modum, formidine fustis Ad bene dicendum delectandumque redacti.
Стр. 101 - The great-grandson of Augustus, and the daughter-in-law of Tiberius, need not be left to fill the measure of your iniquity. Without that horrible catastrophe the scene of guilt may end. But let me ask you, in these last few days what have you not attempted? What have you left unviolated? By what name shall I now address you ? Shall I call you soldiers ? Soldiers ! who have dared to besiege the son...
Стр. 375 - For as old Memnon's image, long renown'd By fabling Nilus, to the quivering touch Of Titan's ray, with each repulsive string Consenting, sounded through the warbling air Unbidden strains, even so did Nature's hand...
Стр. xvii - October, in the forty-fifth year of his age, and the fifteenth of his reign. His corpse was carried out upon a common bier by the public bearers, and buried by his nurse Phyllis, at his suburban villa on the Latin Way.
Стр. 125 - In the adjacent woods stood the savage altars where the tribunes and principal centurions were offered up a sacrifice with barbarous rites. Some of the soldiers who survived that dreadful day, and afterwards broke their chains, related circumstantially several particulars. " Here the commanders of the legions were put to the sword : on that spot the eagles were seized. There Varus received his first wound ; and this the place where he gave himself the mortal stab, and died by his own sword.
Стр. 218 - It was seen that whoever made himself master of Alexandria, with the strongholds which by sea and land were the keys of the whole province, might with a small force, make head against the power of Rome, and, by blocking up the plentiful corn country, reduce all Italy to a famine...
Стр. 269 - Antony, who appeared in arms against his country, as well as that of Julius Antonius, who by his intrigues dishonoured the house of Augustus, subsisted still, and figured in the Roman annals. Marcus Piso was left in possession of his civil dignities and his father's fortune. Avarice, as has been already observed, was not the passion of Tiberius. On this occasion, the disgrace incurred by the partiality shown to Plancina, softened his temper, and made him the more willing to extend his mercy to the...
Стр. 379 - Quae sit enim culti facundia sensimus oris, Civica pro trepidis cum tulit arma reis. Scimus et, ad nostras cum se tulit impetus artes, Ingenii currant flumina quanta tui.
Стр. xxix - Rerum ratio ordinem temporum desiderat, regionum descriptionem ; vult etiam, quoniam in rebus magnis memoriaque dignis consilia primum, deinde acta, postea eventus expectentur, et de consiliis significari quid scriptor probet, et in rebus gestis declarari, non solum quid actum aut dictum sit, sed etiam quomodo ; et cum de eventu dicatur, ut causae explicentur omnes, vel casus, vel sapientiae, vel temeritatis, hominumque ipsorum non solum res gestae, sed etiam, qui fama ac nomine excellant, de cuiusque...
Стр. 111 - Barbarians were sunk in sleep and wine, some stretched on their beds, others at full length under the tables ; all in full security, without a guard, without posts, and without a sentinel on duty. No appearance of war was seen ; nor could that be called a peace which was only the effect of savage riot, the languor of a debauch. LI. Germanicus, to spread the slaughter as wide as possible, divided his men into four battalions. The country, fifty miles round, was laid waste with fire and sword ; no...

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