Digby: The Gunpowder Plotter's Legacy

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Janus, 2001 - Всего страниц: 297
The son of the disgraced gunpowder plotter of the 17th century and a brilliant scholar who spoke seven languages, Kenelm Digby eventually restored his family's honor and established himself in the English court. This biography is compiled from family papers unknown to historians at the time of his last biography. Digby was a founding member of the Royal Society and was a prominent scientist during this explosive scientific period, contributing to medicine, physics, mathematics, and botany.

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Early Days
Growing Up
An Education
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Desmond M. Clarke
Ограниченный просмотр - 2006
Desmond M. Clarke
Ограниченный просмотр - 2006
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Thomas is a descendant of Digby.

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