Some Reminiscences of William Michael Rossetti ...

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Стр. 401 - All the authors of revolutions in opinion are not only necessarily poets as they are inventors, nor even as their words unveil the permanent analogy of things by images which participate in the life of truth; but as their periods are harmonious and rhythmical, and contain in themselves the elements of verse, being the echo of the eternal music.
Стр. 517 - Within a sword-sweep — pshaw ! — but since he had The genius to be loved, why let him have The justice to be honoured in his grave.
Стр. 401 - Plato was essentially a poet — the truth and splendour of his imagery, and the melody of his language, are the most intense that it is possible to conceive. He rejected the measure of the epic, dramatic, and lyrical forms, because he sought to kindle a harmony in thoughts divested of shape and action, and he forbore to invent any regular plan of rhythm which would include, under determinate forms, the varied pauses of his style.
Стр. 402 - The parts of a composition may be poetical, without the composition as a whole being a poem. A single sentence may be considered as a whole, though it may be found in the midst of a series of unassimilated portions; a single word even may be a spark of inextinguishable thought.
Стр. 481 - Therefore, in our approach to the poetry, we necessarily approach the personality of the poet; in apprehending it we apprehend him, and certainly we cannot love it without loving him. Both for love's and for understanding's sake we desire to know him, and as readers of his poetry must be readers of his biography also.
Стр. 303 - A Treatise on Zodiacal Physiognomy, illustrated by engravings of heads and features, and accompanied by tables of the times of the rising of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and containing also new astrological explanations of some remarkable portions of ancient mythological history.
Стр. 419 - Maria ; and all the members of my household continued to regard her with marked predilection. Her opinions on religious and other matters had become, as mine were, of a very independent cast. As I have before stated, she joined in May 1873 the travelling-party to Italy formed by Bell Scott and his wife and Miss Boyd along with myself. During that journey I decided that I would not again part with Lucy, if I could help. I proposed marriage to her, and was accepted.
Стр. 509 - Moines. I saw him in two instances when he visited England, and I keep up to this day a correspondence with him; and it is no more than justice to say that I never met a man to whom the duties of citizenship seem to come more natural — he appears constantly to merge his personal interests in those of his Institution, his State, and ultimately the American Union. At an advanced age he continues to work hard, and always with a public end in view. On one of his visits to Europe he was accompanied...
Стр. 314 - I shall not easily forget the look of her face, and the strain of self-command in her voice; she did not break down.
Стр. 400 - While William Michael gladly accepted credit for the first English edition of Whitman, he pointed out that others had preceded him in sympathetic reviews, in particular George Henry Lewes, as early as 1856. But he himself had known the Leaves of Grass "almost as soon as it was published." He had read it "with great delight: not supposing that it is impeccable in taste, or unassailable in poetic or literary form, but finding in it a majestic and all-brotherly spirit, an untrammelled outlook on the...

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