Entrepreneurship in a European Perspective: Concepts for the Creation and Growth of New Ventures

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Springer Science & Business Media, 5 нояб. 2010 г. - Всего страниц: 499
Foreword One of the most frequently debated questions in management relates to what the r- sons for success and failure of new companies, corporate initiatives and projects are. Obviously, to increase the rate of young enterprises’ success while reducing the n- ber of their failures would be a win-win situation for everyone. It is therefore vital to possess a “road map” or set of good advice on this never-easy undertaking. This book responds to such a need by presenting, in an accessible way, an overall view of the fundamental, critical areas of management of both the start-up and the continuity of new enterprises. Primarily, this book is addressed to students and teachers of the growing academic field of entrepreneurship studies. However, in my opinion, it also has an appeal to students and academics in any scholarly field, for in our times we can well speak about an organic interdependence between “entrepreneurship” and “higher education and research”. A number of reasons exist for this double-helix arrangement. On the one hand, it can be pointed out that the role and conditions of present-day higher education call for much more open and innovative ways with which to approach core tasks such as teaching, the organization of studies and the undertaking of research, not to mention the whole area of funding.

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1 Basic Principles of Entrepreneurship
2 Processes Entrepreneurial Opportunity Innovation
3 The Business Plan and Formation of the Enterprise
4 Marketing
5 Organization and Personnel
6 Startup and Growth Financing
7 Growth and Growth Management
Reference Literature
Subject Index
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Prof. Dr. Christine K. Volkmann holds the UNESCO Chair of Entrepreneurship and Intercultural Management at the Schumpeter School of Business and Economics at Wuppertal University and is director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovations Research.
Prof. Dr. Kim Oliver Tokarski is Professor of Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the Bern University of Applied Sciences.
Dr. Marc Grünhagen is Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Schumpeter School of Business and Economics at Wuppertal University.

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