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FRONTISPIECE : A Tale of Love on Tweed, by George Hope Tait.


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Balfour, C. B., Esq., of Newton Don, to face page 41

Lady Nina,
Douglas, Sir George, Bart., of Spring-

wood Park,
“Effie," a Border Poetess,
Lang, Andrew, M.A., LL.D.,
Minto, Right Hon. the Earl of,

161 Countess of, Robertson, Wm., Esq., Glasgow Border Counties Association,

11 Telfer, John, Esq., Edinburgh Borderers' Union,

122 Tennant, Sir Charles, Bart., of the Glen,

IOI Tweedmouth, the Right Hon. Lord,

Lady, Usher, Thomas, Esų., Edinburgh Border Counties Association,

, 61 Wilson, Rev. J. H., D.D., Barclay Church, Edinburgh,

, 210

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Flodden, Field of, 178
, Plans of Battle, 194

Sybil's Well, 206
Fox, Tom, Portrait of, 47
Gattonside, 20
Glen, The, 102

, the Valley, 103
Hawick and the Moat, 208
Heathlie, Wm., Portrait of, 53
Homildon Hill, 154
Innerleithen, Coat of Arms, 60
Jedburgh, 124

» Abbey, 127
Kelso, Bridge and Town, 145
, Abbey, 174

Free Church, 142
Lauder Church, 197
Manor Water, 75
David Ritchie's Cottage, 76
Mathison, Robert, 88
Mellerstane, Cottage at, 54
Melrose, Abbey from the South, 117

, South-west, 57
• Market Place, 56
Minto House from the West, 162

Lake, 163
Newark and Braes o’ Yarrow, 6
Newlands Kirk and Bridge, 182

, Manse and Kirkyaird, 183
Newton Don, Kelso, 42
Ninewells House, 22
Otterburn, Battlefield of, 80
Park, Mungo, Birthplace of, 94

, Monument in Selkirk, 95
Penielheugh, 122
Percy Cross, 107
Polwarth Church, 80
Redesdale, View looking up, 67
Rhymer's Tower at Earlston, 58
Ritchie's, David, Cottage, 76
Selkirk, from the North-west, 82

Market-place, 83

Mungo Park's Monument, 95 Springwood Park, 3

the Gardens, i

with Ruins of Roxburgh Castle, 2
Sybil's Well, 206
Thirlestane Castle, 196
Tweed, on the corrected title), 144

, and the Eildons, 168
, with Melrose and the Eildons, 33

,, Old Bridge at Tweedsmuir, 159 Veitch, Professor, Portrait of, 199 Yarrow Kirk and Manse, 214

Abbotsford in 1812, 18

from the Tweed, 19

Entrance Hall, 20 Ashestiel, 176 Barclay Church, 203 Berwick-on-Tweed with Halidon Hillin distance, 25

y from the South, 115 Branksome, 35 Cavers, Old Church, 149 Clyde, On the, (corrected title) 143 Chiefswood, 213 Denholm, Leyden's Birthplace, 123 »

» Monument, 135

, Tree, 134 Dryburgh Abbey, from the South, 157

Wallace Statue at, 187 Duddingston, Sycamore Bank, 62

Village from the Park, 63

Church, 64
Duns, Market Place, 202
Earlston, Rhymer's Tower at, 58
Eildons, from St. Boswells, 34
Eyemouih Harbour, 189
Fernieherst Castle, 216

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sir George Douglas, Bart.,


BY THE Rev. W. W. TULLOCH, D.D. BOUT twenty years ago, it was my duty to princes of the Royal blood have worshipped with

conduct divine service regularly in a Parish us. Down below at my left sat my dear old

Church with as ugly an exterior as you friend Thomas Tod Stoddart, skilful angler, apt could possibly imagine. Inside things were rather poet, racy reciter, a humble-minded but Godbetter, though the

inspired man. And pews were very un

above his seat in the comfortable. Stout

gallery, in a large pew, ladies had consider

there sat on chairs a able difficulty in

father and two sons. getting in to them,

The father was the and if their limbs

member for the were somewhat short

County—Sir George they got no rest for

Douglas of Springthe soles of their feet.

wood Park—an able But the great thing

and delightful man about the inside of a

who dearly loved the church is the congre

Border Country, and gation, and it was a

had its best interests very large, hearty, and

at heart. His eldest I think I may add

son was a young a distinguished one.

military officer of the Opposite the pulpit

highest promise. On was a very large pew

the outbreak of the in which sat their Photo by Mackintosh and Co., SPRINGWOOD PARK GARDENS.

Kelso. Zulu War, his regiGraces the Duke and

ment—the 21st Royal Duchess of Roxburghe of their day, the Scots Fusiliers—was sent to the Cape, and Marquis and Marchioness of Bowmont—the there Lieutenant Scott-Douglas was placed in present Duchess and their children, one of charge of the signalling department—a very whom is the present Duke. At certain seasons responsible position. Signalling was conducted of the year they had often illustrious visitors, and by means of the heliograph, which on the eve of

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