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and Jembiacamben. Eminences : Pigeon-house, Currockbilly, Womballay, Jillamatong, and Budawang. Population, 2,572.

South, and south-west, of St. Vincent's County are the recently proclaimed counties of Dampier, Auckland, Beresford, Wellesley, Wallace, Cowley, and Buccleuch. Of these the most important is Auckland County, which contains Twofold Bay, a secure and commodious haven, forming a key to the famous squatting district known as the Maneero Plains, or Brisbane Downs, now divided into the several counties above-named. Boydtown, on the south shore of Twofold Bay, contains a pretty gothic church, ranges of commodious brick-built stores and houses, and a substantial jetty. A stone light house has been erected at the entrance of the bay, near which there is a whaling station, and boiling down and meat preserving establishments, &c.

Government, however, has not permitted the light-house to be used, and the town itself is in not in the most flourishing condition. The other towns are Eden, and 1..

bula. Rivers : Morumbal, Bemboka, Bomballa, Towaca, Towamba, and Bega. Eminences : Mount Imlay, and the Wanderer’s Range. The Maneroo Downs is an undulating lightly timbered district, with a rich soil, well-suited for the growth of grain and culinary vegetables, and well-watered by the Shovelhaven, Deuna, MittaMitta, Queanbeyan, Murrumbidgee, and Murray rivers. Gold and other minerals are in the Maneroo district abundant.

Murray County lies immediately to the west of St. Vincent, and contains extensive tracts of fertile land. In it is situated Lake George, a sheet of good, but slightly brackish water, about 17 miles in length, and 7 in breadth. Towns : Yass, Queanbeyan, Larbert, and Bungendore. Rivers : Yass, Molongo, and Jingery. Creeks : Gundaroo, Jerrabombera, Croonmier, Modbury, Morumbateman, Jinglernony, Torallo, Batmaroo, and Majura. Elevations: Bywong, Mount Ainslie, the Twins, Gourock Pic, Balcome Hill, Cockatoo Hill, and One Tree Hill. Population, 3,886.

King County is bounded by Bathurst, Georgiana, Argyle, Murray, and Lachlan. It contains numerous fine grassy, thinly, wooded hills, and highly fertile vales, clear of timber. That portion of the Yass plains, or downs, within the limits of this county is a very favourite residence for squatters: indeed the country is covered with flocks and herds that thrive amazingly on the rich herbage of this favoured district. Gunning, the only town in the county, is 125 miles from Sydney, and nearly midway between Goulburn and Yass. Rivers : Lachlan, Yass, Narrawa, Wecho, Crookwell, and Boorowa. Creeks: Hovell's, Broman, Dearingullen, Bango, Cullaba, Gundaroo, Diamond, Pudman, Cartwright, and Lambton. Eminences : Mount Darling, Dixon, Chaton, Narrawa and Mundoonen. Population, 2,505.

Georgiana County is bounded by Westmoreland, Argyle, King and Bathurst; and contains much excellent grazing ground. The surface is varied, but mostly hilly, and cultivation could only be carried on successfully on the banks of

the water-courses.

The available country is occupied as cattle pastures. That portion of the country bordering on Argyle contains gold. There are no towns; the chief place, a sort of scattered village, is Bingham. Rivers : The Abercrombie, Campbell, Crookwell, Bolong, and Isabella. Creeks: Tuena, Glengarry, Julong, Phills, Muligonnia, Pepper, Carrawa, Copperhaunia, Kangaloolah, Mulgowrie, Kangaroo, and Rocky Bridge. Eminences : Mount Lawson and Werong

Population, 1525. Westmoreland County lies immediately to the north-west of Camden county. It is, perhaps, the most mountainous and the least fertile county of New South Wales. The extensive flat, called Emu plains, affords good grazingground, but the general character of the country is unfavourable to the agriculturist. One portion of the Blue Mountains in this county near Swashfield, is 4,000 feet above the level of the sea. Mobine, near the river Fish, is 3,275 feet high, and Mounts Murrum, and Collong, and Snake's Hill, are lofty peaks. The Emu

valley is an extensive swampy tract, 90 miles from Sydney on the road to Bathurst. The chief settlement is O'Connell Town, a small village near the Fish river, on O'Connell Plains, 115 miles from Sydney. Rivers: Wollondilly, Fish, Cox, Guinecor, Campbell and Kowmung. Creeks : Lacy, Antonio's, Tonatti, Jouriland, Lowther, Wiseman, Stoney, King, and Native Dog. Population, 1541.

Cook's county is bounded by Cumberland, Camden, Westmoreland, Roxburgh, and Hunter. It is occupied to a great extent by the Blue Mountain range, across which lies the fine road from Sydney to Bathurst, in the vicinity of the Ophir and the Turon gold-fields. Although containing much rocky soil, and wild mountain scenery, some of its valleys are celebrated for their beauty and fertility. The Emu plains, and the Vale of Clywd, are lovely spots; the latter is 2,496 feet above the sea, and runs along the foot of Mount York, an eminence 3,440 feet in height, and from whose summit the view is magnificent; stupendous rocky

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